April 16: Laboratory Animal Liberation Week – Alpha Genesis & UF War Crimes

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Invoices in our possession document the trail of the slave trade from Alpha Genesis in South Carolina where monkeys are sold to sadists and mercenaries at the University of Florida for $21,000 each. This is where the wholesale torture and mutilation of their newly-acquired prisoners begins in nondescript labs on the Gainesville campus.

On April 16, we are kicking off Laboratory Animal Liberation Week with a demo at Alpha Genesis where activists will publicly find UF guilty of war crimes at ground zero in the holocaust they preside over.

Posted by Protest at Alpha Genesis

April 16th is the first day of World Laboratory Liberation Week. Over 20,000,000 million animals suffer and die in U.S. Laboratories each year. One of our country’s largest primate research and sales facility is located in southeast S.C., less than 45 minutes from Savannah. It’s a shameful and brutal business. Please help these animals! Together we can make a difference! For profit animal torture is taking place literally in our own backyard.

Our goal is to raise public awareness of the existence of this primate prison and the atrocities that are taking place within its walls. Links to some of the research reports will be posted in addition to inspection reports. This information is shocking, disturbing and overwhelming. In laboratories, these innocent victims, including baby chimps, are subjected to addictive drugs, caustic chemicals, ionizing radiation, chemical and biological weapons, electric shock, deprivation of food and/or water, psychological torture and many other horrors.

Alpha Genesis boasts annual profits of between $10 and 20 million according to their website. Every penney of this profit is being made at the expense of thousands of helpless animals. If you believe that it is wrong to treat our closest relative as a mere product for dissection, torture, and ultimate disposal, then please make a decision to do something positive to help these animals.

Please join us and take a stand for these animals. A permit has been obtained from the Mayor of Yemassee and we will be gathering directly in front of Alpha Genesis. Town codes limit rallies to 30 minutes. A fun, social networking vegan potluck picnic is planned afterwards 12:30 to 2:00 at a city owned park just a few minutes away from the Alpha Genesis facility. Animal advocates from across the states of Georgia and South Carolina are being invited.

We have the opportunity to send a message of hope to the animals … social change will occur only if like minded people such as you and me step up and say “this isn’t right and it needs to stop.” If you believe that the cruelty and horrible suffering is wrong, please help to bring what is happening at Alpha Genesis into the public’s eye. We can do it. Together, we can make a difference for the animals!


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