An Open Letter to Harvey Levin/TMZ Regarding Janine Sikes

Negotiation is Over - Florida

Janine Sikes Public Relations Director, UF

Dear Harvey Levin:

We’ve been watching the celebrity scandal unfold with the University of Florida Director of Public Relations, Janine Sikes, and we could not be more amused by her stellar display of national buffoonery… wait, no, actually we could be more amused… that’s why we’re writing to you… We’d like share our gossip where we know it will be appreciated! 😀

Allow us first to introduce ourselves. We are NIO Florida and we are “animal right extremists.” We need to get this out of the way because that word “extremists” is generally tossed around to discredit activists. However, we are extremely opposed to rape, we are extremely opposed to child slavery, we are extremely opposed to any number of things, among them, we are EXTREMELY opposed to animal abuse. So we are proud and admitted extremists.

Now allow us to introduce you to the Janine Sikes that we know and love. We think every taxpayer needs to understand that we are funding research at the University of Florida. Yet, you may be interested to know that Janine Sikes is on public record denying UF’s invovlement in said research. And, much to our surprise, after Sike’s public denouncement of taxpayer-funded experiments taking place at UF, they yet applied for and received MORE taxpayer money for the experiments in question. Now, we need not be lawyers or scientists to know that Janine Sikes is a liar and UF is covering up what appears to be taxpayer fraud.

We wonder what you and your audience think about these facts:

Last year, we reported that Dr. Mingzhou Ding, a researcher employed by the University of Florida, applied for and received $260,070 in federal grants to do barbaric brain-mapping experiments in monkeys.

Janine Sikes denounced these facts in various media including the Gainesville Sun. Her position was documented by another news source on October 12, 2010 as follows:

“But according to UF Public Affairs director Janine Sikes, the experiments were not done at UF and the data were public domain.

‘Organizations such as this [Negotiation Is Over] use mischaracterizations and inaccuracies to make an argument, and they falsely alleged things about this individual who just analyzed the data,’ Sikes said.”

Yet again, in 2010, Dr. Ding applied for and received another $259,528 to conduct the exact same experiments in which Sikes denied his involvement. Why is he applying for money to assess information that the Public Relations Director alleges is available in the public domain? This sounds less-than-ethical to us.

According to data available through the NIH, we can glean a fair amount of information about Dr. Ding’s agenda. The abstract doesn’t go into the specifics since he is focusing on establishing a way to measure monkeys’ brainwave output and analyze it. But the procedure is the same as before and, based on his proposal, what is physically done to the monkeys — brain-mapping “research” — is implicit in his grant request. He makes no reference to the data being provided by a third party. The proposal implies that his project will generate the output data that he will then analyze. Perhaps Dr. Ding is unaware that this data is already publicly available.

Sikes is apparently a huge embarrassment for UF and they would rather these facts fade away into obscurity. We would rather see them broadcast on TMZ!

Dr. Ding and UF are receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars annually to conduct brain-mapping experiments when Sikes is on record portraying him as a disinterested third party simply availing himself of public data.

You’re a lawyer, Harvey! What do you think about these facts?

Best regards,

Your friends at NIO Florida

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