An Eleventh Hour Exclusive: Images of Horses Tortured Inside UF

Negotiation is Over - Florida

UPDATE, October 27, 2014: Since there is renewed interest in this post among horse lovers, please be advised that this are not images of horses undergoing surgery to help them. These were healthy horses that were being gratuitously maimed inside the University of Florida. You can read their own records from inside UF HERE.

horse 2

Entirely funded through the NIH by unwitting taxpayers, healthy horses are forced to endure agonizing pain inside the University of Florida with absolutely no pain relief. In a grueling regimen to create osteoarthritis in these victims, sadists inside UF open up the horses’ leg, chip away at their bones, and leave the shards inside the animal. Then these horses are forced to run on treadmills day after day while they measure the increasing pain and lameness in the debilitated individual.

horse 1

Interestingly, the governing protocol demands that the progression of the horses’ nightmare be recorded digitally. Yet, no videos were forthcoming with this latest batch of records — only these very poor images which document the incontrovertible horror. After about ten days, many of these victims are then murdered.

Eleventh Hour is filing a follow up request for the digital images that we now know exist.

An irrelevant side note: they’re allegedly doing gene therapy because it is too “expensive” to experiment on people.

Much more to come…

horse 7

horse 3

horse 4

horse 5

horse 8

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  1. […] "cull" list. One of the vets that works there has rescued beagles from them as well. An Eleventh Hour Exclusive: Images of Horses Tortured Inside UF | Eleventh Hour for Animals The above group does have extremists but given my experience with UF, what they have published is […]

  2. Morgan Griffith says:

    Are these gruesome and completely unnecessary “experiments” still going on? Who can we contact to express our intent that this STOP. I’ve only just today become aware of your page through someone else putting up a link. I wish I had heard of you sooner. I posted on FB and immediately got questioned about contacts info.

  3. Vanah.Horses says:

    Here in the UK we have published foals being released from Manchester laboratories, aged 6 – 8 months of age.
    They are bred in Wales, and sent to the lab to be tested on aged 3 months, thats 3 months too young to be weaned from the dams.
    They are tested for all types of unnecessary chemicals, such as BOTOX.
    They are very shell shocked when released to the safety of a rescue, they have not seen the outdoor life or felt grass, they are prisoners and abused for no genuine welfare purpose.
    This must be stopped.
    We have shared this on our facebook group: Voices Against Neglect & Abuse of all Horses (VANAH)

    Please keep us posted with any developments

  4. Barbara Warner says:

    How much money is being paid for this torture and by what drug companies?

    • i haven’t published the specifics of the horse experiments yet, but i can tell you that it is funded 100% by unwitting taxpayers who would likely be outraged if they knew. at least that’s what i’m counting on

  5. Susan says:

    I have shared this my friends, can you let me know where the petition is, if there is one of course. Some people believe these pics are just of a horse coming out of surgery, Can you give me more info to share and raise awareness. Thank you Susan.

    • hi susan – your friends are correct. these are pics of horses coming out of surgery

      however, they were healthy horses before they were gratuitously mutilated inside the university of florida. the surgery is to chip the bones in these horses’ legs, the shards and fragments are left floating around inside the wounded leg and they are stitched up. this is to induce osteoarthritis. then the horses are forced to run on treadmills to exacerbate the injuries

      the horses are given no pain relief whatsoever. and the protocol governing these experiments — wholly funded by unwitting taxpayers — explicitly states that they are victimizing horses because these experiments have proved useless in rodents and would be too “expensive” to conduct in humans where they would have some value

      this is purely about profits

      most of these tortured will then be murdered and incinerated inside uf. eleventh hour will be releasing more info about the horses shortly

      the only petition we have circulating at the moment was published about 6 months ago. as far as i’m concerned, it is merely and instrument to advertise and reach a larger audience:

      the person who handled petitions is no longer associated with this campaign

  6. Rosemary Tejeda says:

    How do we get more information about this horrific torturous act. Is there a petition to sign to expose these bastards.

  7. Laura S. Klutey says:

    I will certainly share this, as I have a lot of FB horse rescue friends in Florida. Is there no legal way to get this stopped?

    • Thank you so much, Laura. I encourage you to give my contact information to any of your colleagues in Florida who are interested in getting behind our efforts to expose and end these atrocities. The most potent weapons we have are exposure and unity. We must organize ourselves to fight for them.

      cell: 352-396-4767

  8. Mark says:

    Simple; Get the phone numbers of all the faculty involved at this institution and POST THEM so we can call them and bombard the fucktards with calls to stop this nonsense. They all look like a bunch of Nazis executing the jews in those pics…..disgusting, and they call this research?

    • i like the way you think, mark

      i posted a link to the protocol (ie, the business plan) governing these experiments above. student names and contact info has been redacted. but you will find all the info there about exactly whom is responsible and profiting from horse torture

  9. Don Fewox says:

    ..I was horrified to learn this..I am so sick of sadistic people!..

    • thank you, don —

      uf basically controls the media which functions as a propaganda network to frame this animal torture industry in a way that promotes their interests. and i am currently experiencing a wholesale media blackout. they absolutely want to keep the details of their unconscionable horse and dog experiments away from the public.

      that is even more of a reason why we all need to be vocal and repost this info all over the net.

      and i am counting on establishing a base of community support that will stand with eleventh hour and protest aggressively in gainesville

  10. Debbie Stevens says:

    I’m in Florida, and with a rescue. This was posted to my wall by a friend & I am not only beyond words, I am angered!!! We been trying to get more inside information on these testing & the massive amounts of horses needed to do so. We have stumbled into some things & collectively need to talk. We have had our own nightmares with UF , the vets & law enforcement who support them recently & this just connects on so many different levels. For this reason, I don’t want to post the name of our rescue. We’re the hell do we sign up to fight? !!!!!!

    • well, debbie, you sound like a person who completely understands the system that we are up against and i suspect you’ve had some first-hand experience inside the repression apparatus. i just wrote my first book about the depths to which uf has gone to silence me and shut down this campaign

      i would love for us to be able to talk and maybe get together so we may compare notes.

      please write me at


      • Debbie Stevens says:

        Camille, I will write to you. I have reached out to those within our organization who’ve been keeping timelines, journals, photos, names, etc. We have been absolutely crucified for reasons we do not know. We believe it’s because we stumbled into some things we weren’t supposed to know….. So we started poking around, asking questions & making a few contacts. We believe we may have uncovered some information, but just couldn’t make a connection, until I saw this. Now we need hard evidence to support it all. This is not about just testing to find treatments, this is about absolute domination, control & monopolization of a bursting industry & pipeline. UF has unlimited resources & support. A multitude of staff, students, medical equipment & facilities. This is what I know. What I don’t know is what’s bothering me.

        • debbie, all i can say is that i find it very reassuring that you are as sophisticated and experienced as you are. after i won my first lawsuit against them, uf had me arrested for the first time in my life and extradited out of the state. after i won my second lawsuit in march of 2013, they did the same thing.

          although my entire life of crime amounts to one act of nonviolent civil disobedience and violating a couple of unconsitutional court orders, uf has gone to extraordinary lengths to silence me, frame me as a terrorist, imprison me, and scare others away.

          and so i totally understand why your anonymity is paramount. and i will never again underestimate the depths to which this federally-funded institutional abuser will sink to crush dissent.

          i look forward to speaking further privately

  11. Long Time Horse Person says:

    Any sources to back up your claims?

    These pictures just look like some horses in surgery for colic or OCD (the joint disease not the behavioral OCD). Any university that has a vet school will have these facilities, and just about anyone can take the exact same pictures. And while universities do get money from tax payers, if you use their veterinary services, you still have to pay money out of pocket.

    Why would a university inflict this on horses? It seems rather expensive since there’s a plethora of horses left untouched that develop arthritis by age three. My two year old filly developed arthritis out of nowhwere–from just being in the pasture. So why spend the money and the resources to inflict arthritis when any veterinarian or lab researcher would know that there are plenty of lame horses already out there–bone chips and all?

    The amount of drugs required to put a horse under is waaaaayyyy more than any other animal. My horse is insured under a $10,000 major medical policy, and that won’t even cover everything if he ever needed surgery. So why choose a horse? It’s not the cheaper option. On top of that, putting a horse under anesthesia is risky. Most die. If you want to study the effects of drugs on lame horses, then why not go for an already lame horse?

    Using horses to experiment on for human medicine? I don’t think so. Horses are just too different anatomically speaking. Any researcher would know that’s a bad idea. If we take ethics and animal rights out of the picture for just a moment, a horse is just too costly to experiment on. So are they using them for equine medicine? Maybe. But then again, we can reverse arthritis in horses with stem cell therapy. We can get rid of OCD’s. Adequan replaces synovial fluid in their joints. We already have a ton of research on equine arthritis, so again, inflicting injury and then running tests only to euthanize the horse 10 days later makes no sense at all.

    The last part that makes no sense is that this university is probably the only major equine surgery center for the state. I have to travel to OSU if my horse has surgery. There’s not one in my home state. Now, can you imagine all of the horses around the state of Florida who may need emergency surgery at any given time? There’s probably quite a few. So why tie up students/veterinarians/researchers with all of this equipment just to run some experiments or torture some horses for no reason at all? It’s not very likely.

    These pictures just make my skeptical mind question. It’s as though someone who doesn’t know medicine or equines at all went in and started snapping shots. None of it makes any sense.

    • thank you for your comments and questions, horse person.

      i appreciate the opportunity to address your concerns. while i am unprepared to discuss any horses specifically at the moment, these images were secured through an open records request for a number of horses that are being gratuitously experimented on at taxpayer expense under a usda classification called “column e” — this means that pain relief is intentionally being withheld.

      this is the protocol that governs these experiments:

      this is about nothing but money. animal experimentation is an industry that earns uf approximately $400 million annually in taxpayer-funded grants.

      these horses are having their bones chipped away, the fragments and shards are left inside the leg, they are forced to run on a treadmill, and most of them will then be exterminated. if they had any concern a about horses, they would treat horses that already suffered from osteo arthritis.

  12. Over the time that I have used a PC, I have read aswell as viewed some horrific topics on animal cruelty and the more I see the more shocked I become. The procedures that go on in some universities , on farms and abroad are absolutely dreadful. We are supposed to love our animals and yet we abuse them, torturing them by experimentation and in the end killing them. We are not worthy to live on this wonderful planet and the people that do these things to animals should have a punishment suitable to the crime. These sadistic human beings should be executed.

    • Shirley Jent says:

      I agree with you so much.I have always had animals,ride horses all my life,had wonderful dogs and love my cats.I have had a horse save my life as well as dogs ( BECAUSE THEY LOVED ME)I have cancer now and I have a cat that I raised and she knows just as well when there is something wrong,she licks my face,stays in bed with me all day if I stay.She LOVES me and you tell me animals have no feelings.These are sickos that can only live if they torture.God forbid if they have children.

  13. rob rondanini says:

    this gruesome unneccsary experiments torture must end! does any one have a heart concience there!!!!!!!!!!!!!??

  14. Pablo Zamora says:

    I could severely hurt those people who do this. I am talking about SEVERELY!

  15. gambier says:

    nous en sommes encore a cette époque barbare aux etats unis qui se dit l une des grande nation du monde respectez le monde animal ils ont des droits…..

  16. Lynn Coleman says:

    I had no idea! I can’t believe the cruelty done to our precious equines. My heart is breaking for them.

  17. Gary Iscoe says:

    Also pictures look old in black and white. Are they recent. As a horse lover and concerned Floridian I need reliable current proof on any of this happening currently.

    • These pictures are black and white because the University of Florida refuses to disclose the digital images of their experiments. We fought 8 months to get them. These pictures correspond to experiments that were going on through December 2013. Eleventh Hour does not have any information about the horses for the current calendar year. Your donations to make it possible for us to continue to extract the documents from inside UF that we are entitled to.

  18. Donna Cunliffe says:

    Please stop this senseless cuelty.. i am ashamed to be called human when i see horrors such as this

  19. Meg Miranda says:

    Please cite your sources. These are all pictures of what are most likely routine surgeries. There are plenty of horses to study that have OCD without having to try and “create” it in otherwise healthy horses.

  20. Andrew Thomas says:

    Yea and when a couple thousand horses dying winds up saving thousands of suffering humans from daily pain… no offense as a horse lover I’m fine with it… to all of you against it get in line and volunteer your bodies to science and we can let the animals live in peace. ..

  21. Shirley Jent says:

    This has to stop !!!!!!!!!!!!! I do not understand what type of people or should I say MONSTERS can do this to any animal.This is NOT helping people to get better,it is to give the Monsters that get such a rush out of someone elses paid. they need.Get a Job helping people and animals and you will see just how much these horses love and care for us and you do this ???????????????????????????????

  22. Jennifer Canfield says:

    2016 October 26th
    Does anyone know what the status of this is today? I will post and share if I can have updates.

  23. Hi Jennifer, This campaign is on hiatus while some of our activists are tied up in legal issues. We expect to resume our efforts for the animals early next year.


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