AMP Issues Security Alert: If you see NIO, call the Joint Terrorism Task Force immediately!

Negotiation is Over - Florida

Security Advisory

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

TO: AMP Academic, Security and Law Enforcement Contacts

As many of you have heard by now, a few academic institutions in New York City, Florida and Michigan were leafleted over the weekend by a very small, militant animal rights group, Negotiation is Over (NIO). The leaflets sought information and contact details about “biomed students.” A copy is appended below.

This is believed to be the next phase in an NIO campaign to which we alerted the academic community in April. (To receive a copy of our 4-page advisory and guidance, email AMP.)

We at AMP have been tracking NIO for the past two years, and at times have been on the receiving end of its vile tactics. We are sharing what we know of NIO with institutions directly targeted, and with law enforcement.

The resources of NIO are extremely limited, thus we believe that students most likely to be targeted are attending institutions where NIO has activists: Florida, New York and Michigan. However, independent activists in other locales may choose to adopt the tactic, so all institutions should stay alert especially as the fall semester begins, follow our guidelines as per our April advisory, and report any suspicious activity to their local Joint Terrorism Task Force immediately.

We would advise AGAINST visiting the NIO website – already the group’s leader has posted comments expressing delight that the site is getting so many views. For her, publicity is oxygen. Let’s not give more to her. If you need to see a sample of recent posts about the student targeting tactics, again, contact us at AMP.

Please feel free to a/forward this information to colleagues who need to know about this heinous campaign, and b/contact us with any questions, concerns or comments. We’re here to help.

All best,

Jacquie Calnan, MPA

President, Americans for Medical Progress

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