Activists United: In the Eleventh Hour, UF under fire for Monkey Torture

Negotiation is Over - Florida

jacksonville demo - 2/15/14

jacksonville demo – 2/15/14

by Camille Marino

It was a tremendous week for the monkeys being tortured inside UF. And, working together, it’ll be a day to celebrate when they’re finally released!

-We ran our first expose of 2014 on Tuesday;

-We filed our second federal complaint against UF for corruption & incompetence on Friday;

-Today, a global team of activists took a bold stand against UF as a unit. From 12 to 1:30 this afternoon, activists gathered in Gainesville and Jacksonville to protest UF while our online community simultaneously confronted the Michael J. Fox Foundation;

-And, tomorrow, I’ll be speaking about this campaign and our actions on The Kevin Storm Show.


gainesville demo – 2/15/14

The Jacksonville protest got media coverage today that I’m looking forward to posting. At the same time, led by Karen Kline, a global network of activists voiced their outrage to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for funding a junk science study at UF in which 6 innocent monkeys were tortured to death. If you do business with UF, we will expose you.

At our demo in Gainesville, we spoke to students, passersby, cars honked, and we picked up a new phrase, “Free the Monkeys” that people in cars and walking by repeated with enthusiasm. The UF campaign now belongs to all of us. And the monkeys are our responsibility. We look forward to more coordinated actions in 2 weeks as this campaign escalates. Until the monkeys are free…







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