22 comments on “Action Alert: Email Blast Needed to Demand Answers from UF

    • Start a petition, get signatures, and I will sign it. Also, give the petition to our Congressmen,Senators and President, and I will speak to move the mountains and stop this action, in Jesus’ Name!!!


  1. UF has an established pattern of applying for and receiving federal grants to conduct torturous experiments on animals while SIMULTANEOUSLY denying any involvement in such research. it is enough that our gov. lies about killing our horses now the Universities lie. America needs to ban together and stop the lies!!!!

  2. I believe that using animals for any kinds of experiments is wrong. Even worse is lying about this and saying that the UF isn’t doing this whereas in fact they are!
    There are other ways of doing experiments but NOT on animals. They have feelings too, just like us and I beg of you to admit to you doing it and please seize this as forth with.
    Thank you.

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  4. I have tried to email Janine Sykes but I found the email address is totally blocked for access from my mac computer. Has anyone else had this problem I wonder? I will send a letter. Experimenting on animals is the most heinous crime and I am saddened and amazed that it is till happening in 2011. I thought that humanity was supposed to be evolving!!!

    • hi lyndel,

      i’m sorry your email was returned. that’s odd that you are blocked.

      thank you very much for sending a letter.

      i have not heard of anyone else having this problem.

      • It’s telephone access that they have restricted. I’ve called a few times over the last couple of weeks and they will hang up on you the moment you inquire about this matter. I’m not certain if it is Sikes I’ve spoken to or not. It is important to keep this pressure up.

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  6. This is Blatant, Sadistic, Disgusting, Despicable, Inhumane CRUELTY to Animals !!!

    STOP IT NOW.!!!

    Where Has Your Humanity Gone???

    Maybe you Were Born Without A Heart !!!

  7. I wonder if the tables were turned and u had these experiments done on your butts. STOP WHAT U ARE DOING AND THINK about it. You are very inhuman people in my book and charges should be brought against u all.

  8. Animal Activists all around the world, in every country will ban together and we will continue to put pressure on people like you until you stop these sick experiments which in 95% of cases are useless to humans health.

  9. what is this crap? so many cowards submitting money for animal experimentation. why dont they experiment on cretins in jail. they live off taxpayers money. make them useful, experiment on them. they deserve it. good riddance to bad rubbish. leave the animals alone. they are innocent and experiments are futile. they are not like us. any excuse to torture them.

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