A Win to End 2013: UF Concedes to Activists

Negotiation is Over - Florida

Image from inside UF awarded by court in 2011. The horror they don't want you to see.

Image from inside UF awarded by court after first legal victory on Dec. 30, 2011

Since this campaign re-emerged one week ago, together, we have already scored our first victory. And every activist who has stood with us for the animals, participated in cyber actions, and is helping us get our efforts off the ground is to be congratulated!

It took us three years of legal battles with the University of Florida to gain access to unredacted records documenting their nonhuman primate experiments. All subsequent lawfully-cited demands for current information were ignored. Based upon those records, last week on December 24, a federal complaint was filed citing systemic incompetence and negligence among their vivisectors. Two days later, Karen Kline formally sued the university for these documents on behalf of Eleventh Hour.

While there was no comment from the school and a deafening silence in the media (which has a vested interest in promoting institutionalized animal abuse), our community mobilized and all of you went into action. Yesterday, December 30, within hours of beginning cyber actions to UF’s community relations networks, their Board of Trustees, their administration, faculty, and alumni, UF’s attorney Amy Hoff contacted our attorney at Eleventh Hour for Animals, to tell us they would hand over their records.

Across the country, several mainstream orgs are in the courts right now litigating this very same issue with other universities with no success. Although Eleventh Hour has previously won two legal battles, this victory should be the most vindicating for all of us because we did what others have not: the University of Florida conceded to US! And that is what we need to remember about 2013.

As UF has proven that they will lie as well as  manipulate the law and the media to divert attention away from their animal torture industry, our cyber actions will continue unabated until the records are in our hands. Please join this week’s action HERE.

While we are not in receipt of the documents in question yet, each of you who participated in this campaign should be proud of yourself. And we all need to feel strong and empowered as we go forward together.

We will free the monkeys in 2014.

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  1. otis henry says:

    … ok i am gonna get this goin’ here. it is now officially 2014 here in north central floreyeda. if the monkeys th@ remain are being “maintained” today, well, whatever. maintained – ok feed ’em ’cause “we” want them alive. not dead yet. i “wish” either i lived in gainesville or had a friend in said town – so i could find the exact go in & come out of th@ underground “crime”lab. i would start my protest right now. the techs & so called medical scientist physician (do no harm : you assholes) th@ is your oath – ok U S D A where the heck are you – ok N I H account for your reason(s) to fund these viviterrorists ! for what – for fuckin nothing. point proven beyond a doubt th@ there is no point aside from accumulating a Pile of Money ! a name for yourself (elves). which by the way you have – a name, names on the “chart” @ the gates (for there need to be more than one) of hell. oh but was not it research On Animals th@ brought us – penicillin or a cure for polio ? is th@ / really / a question ? the answer is No ! in this brave new world – there is no place for antiquated, dopey, money hungry experiments which are not even experiments – ’cause they provide no answers other than Death – Torture – Deprivation ! the caption reads – Stolen Money / Stolen Lives. big deal it is 2014 – the monkeys th@ remain either alive or barely alive could not know the – would not know the frivolous insignificance of Happy New Year. Go to SAEN.com to observe the listings of most all the thousands of “labs” within this u s of a. the U S D A forms denoting the loopholed – bent by greed & crony(ism). the types of animals used abused – Read – Dominion by matt scully. animals used abused – pain relief unused for scientific (discretionary – diabolical – Oh ! we must know, see how it “looks”) reasons. pseudo not even – not even fake science. ask mengele – or … well on second thought – he died on his own. let us call it viviterror(ism). let us call them workers / employees @ an abattoir – let us bathe them in the purpley*red blood of their victims – Oh, i digress, i was wishing i could begin the protest right now @ the door to the underground prison of torture & despair. it is 2014 – long overdue (like since the 1920’s) – Shut Down the viviterrorists. you think i exaggerate : sign in, then.

  2. Batselé says:

    Dear animal friends

    Thanks for those BEAUTIFUL VICTORIES !!! BRAVO THOUSAND TIMES, i’ll ALLWAYS be with u to help as far as i can, i ware u deep i my heart, thank u 4 this magnificent letter (tears), but each year my heart is crying for all animals who r suffering alone in a cage or in a corner, on this earth . . .
    Best regards

  3. Eleventh Hour says:

    Thank you for all of your support.

    We’re not giving up the fight until the animals are free.

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