3 comments on “A Win to End 2013: UF Concedes to Activists

  1. … ok i am gonna get this goin’ here. it is now officially 2014 here in north central floreyeda. if the monkeys th@ remain are being “maintained” today, well, whatever. maintained – ok feed ’em ’cause “we” want them alive. not dead yet. i “wish” either i lived in gainesville or had a friend in said town – so i could find the exact go in & come out of th@ underground “crime”lab. i would start my protest right now. the techs & so called medical scientist physician (do no harm : you assholes) th@ is your oath – ok U S D A where the heck are you – ok N I H account for your reason(s) to fund these viviterrorists ! for what – for fuckin nothing. point proven beyond a doubt th@ there is no point aside from accumulating a Pile of Money ! a name for yourself (elves). which by the way you have – a name, names on the “chart” @ the gates (for there need to be more than one) of hell. oh but was not it research On Animals th@ brought us – penicillin or a cure for polio ? is th@ / really / a question ? the answer is No ! in this brave new world – there is no place for antiquated, dopey, money hungry experiments which are not even experiments – ’cause they provide no answers other than Death – Torture – Deprivation ! the caption reads – Stolen Money / Stolen Lives. big deal it is 2014 – the monkeys th@ remain either alive or barely alive could not know the – would not know the frivolous insignificance of Happy New Year. Go to SAEN.com to observe the listings of most all the thousands of “labs” within this u s of a. the U S D A forms denoting the loopholed – bent by greed & crony(ism). the types of animals used abused – Read – Dominion by matt scully. animals used abused – pain relief unused for scientific (discretionary – diabolical – Oh ! we must know, see how it “looks”) reasons. pseudo not even – not even fake science. ask mengele – or … well on second thought – he died on his own. let us call it viviterror(ism). let us call them workers / employees @ an abattoir – let us bathe them in the purpley*red blood of their victims – Oh, i digress, i was wishing i could begin the protest right now @ the door to the underground prison of torture & despair. it is 2014 – long overdue (like since the 1920’s) – Shut Down the viviterrorists. you think i exaggerate : sign in, then.

  2. Dear animal friends

    Thanks for those BEAUTIFUL VICTORIES !!! BRAVO THOUSAND TIMES, i’ll ALLWAYS be with u to help as far as i can, i ware u deep i my heart, thank u 4 this magnificent letter (tears), but each year my heart is crying for all animals who r suffering alone in a cage or in a corner, on this earth . . .
    Best regards

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