A tortured UF monkey named “BOOGER” by his tormentors

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a monkey named "crap"

a monkey named “crap”

Thanks to an ALF raid in the 1970s, this image of a monkey inside a UK lab was made public. The name “CRAP” tattooed on his forehead epitomized the indignities and degradation to which vivisectors gleefully subject their victims… And now in a throwback to this pitiful little primate, meet “BOOGER” courtesy of the University of Florida…

On January 10, 2002, capuchin monkey 120V (along with his four brothers) was sold into slavery at the University of Florida from the now-defunct Primate Products Inc. in Miami. Documents indicate that UF determined that all but one of these individuals arrived inside their labs already compromised and infected with rubella (German measles). Monkeys living in the wild do not contract measles. This infection is exclusive to nonhuman primates forced to live in captivity and is sometimes fatal. However, left wholly untreated inside UF, little 120V and his 3 brothers are regularly documented as still living with this infection over a decade later. Sometime after his enslavement, sick little 120V was light-heartedly baptized “BOOGER” by vivisector Raymond Joseph Bergeron who continues to get rich from his victims’ misery and blood.

Background – Vivisector Raymond J. Bergeron

For 21 years, Bergeron has been conducting iron chelation “studies” (i.e., he poisons monkeys with heavy metals and then force feeds them chemicals to try to resolve the condition he created). One of UF’s largest benefactors is said to have succumbed to hemochromatosis, an iron-overloading disease and so this “research” is clearly politically- and economically-motivated. Yet Bergeron received close to $700,000 from the NIH (that means from taxpayers) in 2013 alone.

And it is interesting to note the words of one of his anonymous colleagues:

…he’s a bastard. Bergeron himself barely ever even looks at the poor creatures, much less ever touches them. He keeps his distance at all times. He hates the animal facilities.”


inside uf's dungeon, an imprisoned monkey is drugged to endure a routine tuberculosis test

inside uf’s dungeon, an imprisoned monkey is drugged to endure a routine tuberculosis test

Booger’s Life inside UF

Immediately upon finding himself inside UF’s dungeons, Booger began a grueling routine of being knocked down, dragged from his cell, restrained, prodded, poked, drugged, poisoned, anesthetized, undergoing gratuitous operations, and being thrown back in his cell. Perhaps the best part of his life is when he peers out of his cage, momentarily unmolested, to await the next indignities to be visited upon his deteriorated little body. We know that by 2004, little Booger was already a bonafide drug addict due to the relentless administration of increasingly-larger doses of ketamine and other tranquilizing agents.

While there are no lab charts, daily logs, or veterinary records for a 9-month period between 2004 and 2005, Booger’s documentation indicates that he had developed alopecia by March of 2005. This is a common condition in lab monkeys that is caused by stress and self-mutilation, indicative of  the individual’s deteriorating mental health as they are driven insane from their confinement.

While a formal federal complaint will be filed with the USDA next week for a number of unconscionable and lengthy gaps in which veterinary care appears to have been withheld, the missing records could simply be yet another symptom of the culture of corruption running rampant inside UF to hide the atrocities committed in their labs. Not wanting anymore images of their victims to reach the public, UF has steadfastly maintained that “no images exist” since 2011. We are working diligently to disprove that statement and, thus, prove what we believe is yet another willful exercise to actively defy and remain in noncompliance with Florida state disclosure laws. So willfully withheld pages would be wholly consistent within this paradigm.

Beginning in 2005 and continuing through 2013, he is repeatedly found with vomit in his cell, his body obviously attempting to reject the poisons that he is relentlessly being forcefed. Over years, he is repeatedly reported for having a swollen tongue, hands, and feet and  is noted to be salivating excessively. Eventually, by 2010, he has lost control of his lower lip conjuring images of a stroke victim, unable to control their muscles that simply sits and drools. There is no escape for little Booger. He is found with significant amounts of blood in his cage from the increasingly-worse self-inflicted injuries. By 2011, he begins throwing his feces at his tormentors. He cannot escape his torment. Perhaps he is escaping into inevitable madness.


Despite the fact that Bergeron has discovered absolutely nothing of relevance in over 2 decades, Booger, who has already withstood over a decade of terror at his direction, was just re-approved and re-funded in January for another three years in hell. At the end of this study, he may be sold or be allowed to be adopted by Jungle Friends, a nonhuman primate sanctuary in Gainesville. We will do everything in our power to see that “Booger” and his fellow prisoners are released.

But it is of the utmost importance that we stop this concentration camp and never again allow them to replace any monkey with new and terrified victims.



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