$5,000 REWARD for videotape of Marco Salemi’s Monkey Torture Sessions at UF

Negotiation is Over - Florida

All of our new flyers will contain our new “Schedule of Rewards” printed below

"Giant Salemi" accompanied NIO Florida as we leafleted Mercenary Marco's neighbors door-to-door in Gainesville.

by NIO Florida

Students and teachers need money. And we need concrete evidence of the murder and crimes taking place inside the University of Florida. So we are proposing a mutually beneficial relationship.

We want animal abusers to live in fear — not of activists or the ALF…. IT’S TIME TO START LIVING IN FEAR OF YOUR ACCOMPLICES.

You know how the Hillside Stranglers were caught? Kenny Bianchi got himself and his cousin Angelo Bueno lifetime reservations in Maximum Security.

Remember John Gotti? Does the name Sammy Gravano ring a bell??? haha

Let’s see who emerges from the pits of degeneracy, depravity, and violence at UF to bury the guilty.

Vivisection is about MONEY, not science. And NIO Florida is raising the stakes…

Lisa Grossman stands beside Marco Salemi's car parked in front of his house at 2721 NW 10th Court, Apartment 2, Gainesville, FL 32606-5161


$5,000 – Videotape of Marco Salemi’s sessions infecting and torturing monkeys with “neuro AIDS” or in any capacity

$5,000 – Videotape of Mingzhou Ding torturing monkeys in any capacity

$5,000 – Videotape from inside the Primate Quarantine

$2,500 – Videotape of animal torture from inside the biomed department, including the criminals names and details of experiments

$1,000 – Videotape of any and all animal abuse taking place in the Veterinary School, Racing Labs, or any other torture facility on campus

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  1. Marco Salemi says:

    Monkeys suck. Kill them all

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