Month: October 2018

Negotiation is Over - Florida

Animal Lovers Unite! In response to former Lieutenant Gov. Jeff Kottcamp

This OpEd was submitted to Florida News Online on October 4. As it’s unlikely to be published in their forum, I am publishing it here in the hope of reaching voters. -Camille Simulposted with This opinion is in response to former Lieutenant Governor Jeff Kottcamp’s opinion entitled “Voters Beware! Extreme Animal Rights Groups are…
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Greyhound Abuse: Industry Group Actively Sabotaging Amend 13 in Florida

On November 6, 2018, Florida residents will vote on Amendment 13, which, if passed, will phase out commercial dog racing in Florida by 2020. Over 40 states and territories have already banned greyhound racing . In Florida, Republican senator Tom Lee argues that this is an issue of “humanity,” not economics: “These animals are kept…
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