Month: May 2018

Negotiation is Over - Florida

Eleventh Hour: Online Help Wanted to Shut Down Animal Labs

A horse hung upside down inside UF: his leg being broken in an experiment benefiting the racing industry.

by Camille Marino
Eleventh Hour for Animals

If you want your time online to count, if you want to make a real difference in furthering Animal Liberation, then this may be the opportunity you’ve been looking for. Eleventh Hour for Animals has led the way in galvanizing activists and focusing our energy to accomplish very specific goals. And we’ve enjoyed tremendous success while figuring out how to optimize our limited resources. I am currently re-organizing this group in an effort to launch a renewed effective, targeted, and time-specific campaign aimed at dog & horse experimentation inside the University of Florida.

Success – UF’s monkey labs appear to have shut down

Camille A. Marino
May 2, 2018

As the above image demonstrates, according to the USDA, as of July 2017, there appear to be no monkeys left inside UF’s vivisection labs. I’m not convinced of this since they are still getting NIH funding for some hideous and cruel primate experiments. Yet, for now, it looks like we were successful in contributing to destabilizing that segment of their industry. But this is not a “victory” post. It’s an update at best. My vision was always to hack away at this insidious business piece by piece and the post I wish I was writing is that we stopped the monkey torture and now we’re moving on to dogs. Not so for the moment…


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