Month: August 2017

Negotiation is Over - Florida

Let’s help Infectious Disease Enthusiast Drusano celebrate his 68th birthday! :)

Simulposted with Camille Marino Time is running out so let’s put our heads together and come up with something special to help vivisector George Louis Drusano, an infectious disease enthusiast, celebrate his 68th birthday next Tuesday, August 22. 🙂 Although UCF Sergeant Freeman called to assure me that Drusano is not giving monkeys infection diseases…
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This morning’s call from law enforcement proves what I already knew…

Camille Marino August 14, 2017 Five weeks after winning my first lawsuit against the University of Florida, UFPD Sergeant Jeff Moran personally orchestrated my very first arrest at a UF Protest in 2012. Documents obtained through public records requests demonstrate that he also orchestrated two extraditions to get me out of Florida, the first torturous…
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Introducing UF Vivisector Barry J. Byrne’s Pompe Disease & Muscular Dystrophy Experiments

The Mayo Clinic describes muscular dystrophy as “a group of diseases that cause progressive weakness and loss of muscle mass.” And the NIH National Library of Medicine describes infant-onset Pompe Disease (a rare form of muscular dystrophy): “Infants with this disorder typically experience muscle weakness (myopathy), poor muscle tone (hypotonia), an enlarged liver (hepatomegaly), and…
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