Month: July 2017

Negotiation is Over - Florida

non-combatants are fair game

by Camille Marino In dealing with those who have no moral grounding, no compunction about deliberatly causing nonhuman animals pain, misery, and distress, it is absurd that we would walk some ethical moral tightrope to address individuals who rightly deserve to be strung up by their testicles and set on fire. And I would sit…
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Action Alert: send email to put our own USDA animal abuse database back online

Camille Marino July 28, 2017 We all know the USDA deleted its animal abuse database in February. Last week I published a post about how to bypass this little obstacle. I noticed a lot of traffic on this post from universities, presumably vivisectors who are enjoying remaining anonymous. Following is a Freedom of Information Act…
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Saturday, Aug 5 – Eleventh Hour returns to Gainesville

For more than two years, every single animal inside the University of Florida has been deprived of a voice — suffering and dying in invisible silence. While Eleventh Hour has been on an extended hiatus, only the occasional welfare violation has seen the light of day. If I were a vivisector, I would love nothing…
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