Month: February 2015

Negotiation is Over - Florida

“Face of Innocence”

“Face of Innocence” by Graham McGeorge “Rhesus Macaques have frequented the Silver River since the 1930’s. Brought here against their free will almost ninety years ago, they are still considered an invasive species. At what point do they earn the environmental protective rights of the native animals ? The University of Florida is conducting research…
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Silver River Macaques – Press Release

Silver River Macaques – pr FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Gainsville, Florida Feb 20, 2015 Graham McGeorge has spent the last five years photographing a feral colony of Rhesus Macaques, a type of monkey, along the Silver River in Ocala, Forida. And now he has spent the last few weeks looking for answers. On January 31, 2015…
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Collared Monkey Update w/Action

UF is claiming the collar was removed from the Macaque photographed by the Silver River in FL, but will not provide any proof. Unfortunately their past history does not lead one to believe they are one of a Reputable Organization. 1. They are claiming that only one macaque was collared. 2. They claim the one…
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UF Conducts “Illegal?” Wild Monkey Experiment

The DEP confirmed that UF is experimenting on the Silver Springs Monkeys. It is illegal to experiment on wild monkeys. UF contends that Rhesus Macaques are non-native and therefore the DEP laws do not apply. We will be updating information as our investigation continues. The details of these experiments will be made public as soon…
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