NIO/Eleventh Hour celebrates 2014’s victories for Animal Liberation

by Karen Kline
Managing Editor, Negotiation Is Over
Senior Lab Investigator, Eleventh Hour for Animals

During the holiday season, as humans enjoy the luxury of spending time with our loved ones, the only relevant constant for the animals is that they are afforded no relief. They are entombed in cages inside granite bunkers, deprived of every semblance of normality and destined to die in the misery that enriches their tormentors. And as their freedom fighters, the only significance this season should have for us to assess our strategies, our gains and losses over the past 12 months, and figure out how to go forward with greater focus and vehemence as each year unwinds.

The sad truth is that we are at war. And the only way in which to save the animals is to prevent them from ever falling victim to labs, fur farms, circuses, factory farms, and industrial abusers of every stripe. But our forte is the vivisection complex. And contrary to the conventionally-accepted welfare model that dominates this movement and seeks to set the standards for activists, Negotiation Is Over will never grovel for crumbs at the tables of the Nazis who release an occasional victim to sanctuary while ensn