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Negotiation is Over - Florida

“The Vivisector Next Door” – Nov. 15 Global Action Wrap Up

These are the pictures from some of the simultaneous events around that took place around the world on Saturday, Nov. 15, 2014, as activists stood together in solidarity against vivisectors. If you murder animals from 9 – 5, we will find you where you eat, sleep, and used to relax….


70 – 80 protestors showed up to speak for the Mazur monkeys and against the global slave trade.

Another “Vivisector Next Door” — Irina Kondratieva in Moscow

On Saturday, November 15, activists around the world are rising up in solidarity against the vivisection complex. If you torture animals to death from 9 – 5, we will find you where you live… where you eat, sleep, and raise the kiddies…

Irina Kondratieva
4th Grazhdanskaya Street 43
Housing 6
34 Apartment

More events confirmed for the “Vivisector Next Door” Global Action on Saturday

A few preliminary events were announced last week. Here are some more actions that were made public over the weekend…

vivisector next door 3

Preliminary Events for the Nov. 15 Global Action: “The Vivisector Next Door”

As of this morning, we have about 20 actions scheduled around the world, in 7 countries and on 3 continents, against vivisectors. We are taking our campaigns to their doorsteps. At one time, I would have said I envision anarchy in the streets. These days, I envision the Nov. 15 action being the seed that will grow into dozens of targeted, focused and comprehensive campaigns against vivisectors that make their lives almost as unbearable as their victims!!!

In addition to a number of actions at the homes of vivisectors who will remain unidentified, we expect persons involved with HLS, Charles River, Liberty Research and, possibly, Marshall Farms, to get some friendly visits. The published actions, however, currently include:

PROGRESS FOR SCIENCE: Neighborhood Outreach in the Community of the lovely Dr. Marylin Carroll

marilyn carroll“In conjunction with the global “Vivisector Next Door” Day, organized by


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