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Negotiation is Over - Florida

Calling NY Activists — Liberty Identified as Prime Target for Anti-Viv Assault

Street Address Needs to be Identified by Local Activists

Liberty Research, Inc.
PO Box 107
Waverly, NY 14892
Phone: (607) 565-8131
Fax: (607) 565-7420

Diane Harrison
Sales & Customer Service
(607) 565-8131

Beth Reagan
Research Marketing
(607) 565-8131

Deb Northrup
Business Office
(607) 565-8131

Mike Garrison
General Manager/IACUC
(607) 565-8131

If we want to compromise the vivisection complex infrastructure, two highly-strategic targets are the breeders and transport operators that deliver the nonhuman victims between concentration camps. So if you are in New York and seeking to make a real and substantial difference in ending vivisection, then today is your lucky day.

Liberty Research, Inc. is a huge concentration camp that supplies sadistic vivisectors with dogs and cats. The University of Florida is currently buying their cats from Liberty who, when they arrive in their labs, will have their skull caps sawed off, musculature removed from th

UF under scrutiny for alleged unethical animal treatment since ‘11

flyer pdf - june 16-page-001

by Chabeli Herrera (Independent Alligator)

Twenty-two goats, one rabbit and one puppy have died as a result of negligent care on behalf of UF, according to a complaint issued Monday by animal rights group Stop Animal Exploitation NOW.

In two complaints issued to the U.S. Department of Agriculture since August, Stop Animal Exploitation NOW details several incidents beginning in 2011 that violated the Animal Welfare Act.

“We believe the public has a right to know what goes on in those laboratories,” said executive director Michael Budkie.

The first report, filed by UF in January 2012, involves the death of 22 goats due to severe anemia.In the 2011 incident, staff and graduate students performing studies on the goats failed to treat or euthanize them after the study was completed.

Meet the Vivisectors Who Sew Cats’ Mouths Shut & Put Cement in their Noses

To the best of our knowledge, no anti-vivisection campaign has ever allowed the public to view an unredacted protocol that takes you right into the labs. That changes now. The NIH is awarding Paul W. Davenport $733,292 annually under Project No. 5R01HL109025-03 to torture cats. According to University of Florida lawyers, beginning on page 21 of Protocol 201107179 are the regulations that govern these experiments. Now you can view this unbelievable sadism in its entirety HERE.


Paul W. Davenport (and his wife, Cherith) —

Home Address: 7728 SW 90th Lane, Gainesville, FL 32608

Location of Vacant Property: 8931 SW 78th Court, Gainesville, FL


Department of Physiological Sciences
Box 100144
1333 Center Drive
Gainesville, FL 32610-0144
Office: 352-294-4025
Fax: 352-392-5145
Here you can find some personal info including his Current Phd students


Plant City


MDC Box 8
12901 Bruce B. Downs Blvd.

Breaking: UF Withholds Video of Maimed Horses for 8 Months, Violates Law AGAIN!!!!

horse 4

Eleventh Hour for Animals has sued the University of Florida three times in as many years to compel disclosure of public records documenting their $400-million-a-year, taxpayer-funded vivisection industry. We won twice. In late 2013, they conceded out of court the day after our third suit was filed. And now in 2014, UF is once again thumbing its nose at Florida State laws. Since January, they have intentionally and deliberately withheld video of the horses they maim. By the late spring, we were able to prove that the previously-requested video exists of vivisectors breaking horses’ legs and recording the progression of lameness as their victims are forced to run on treadmills. While discussions with our own lawyer is privileged, we are now disclosing 8 months of private emails that document UF’s flagrant violation of the law.


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