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ginger - born into slavery on september 12, 2010

ginger – born into slavery on september 12, 2010

Ginger was of 6 beagle/maltese puppies born into slavery inside the University of Florida’s concentration camp on September 12, 2010. She was murdered on April 3, 2012 at the command of whitecoat terrorist Thomas Conlon who is directly responsible for the unmitigated nightmare of an existence that Ginger was forced to endure.

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UPDATE, October 27, 2014: Since there is renewed interest in this post among horse lovers, please be advised that this are not images of horses undergoing surgery to help them. These were healthy horses that were being gratuitously maimed inside the University of Florida. You can read their own records from inside UF HERE.

horse 2

Entirely funded through the NIH by unwitting taxpayers, healthy horses are forced to endure agonizing pain inside the University of Florida with absolutely no pain relief. In a grueling regimen to create osteoarthritis in these victims, sadists inside UF open up the horses’ leg, chip away at their bones, and leave the shards inside the animal. Then these horses are forced to run on treadmills day after day while they measure the increasing pain and lameness in the debilitated individual.

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banners & bullhorns

Date: May 31 (postponed from the original May 24 date)
Time: 1 – 2:00 pm

Location Undisclosed
(To join us & aggressively exercise our First Amendment rights for the animals, call Camille at (352) 396-4767)

On May 31 at 12 pm, Eleventh Hour returns to Gainesville and resumes our expanding campaign to shut down the lucrative vivisection industry inside the University of Florida.

By the time we re-emerge on the ground, we will have released new information about the unconscionable and horrific pain experiments being conducted on horses and dogs. Our efforts will continue to focus on the monkeys for the immediate future, while we hand out literature about the full scope of atrocities and crimes being committed against animals with taxpayer dollars.

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