Month: April 2014

Negotiation is Over - Florida

ICAS: University of Florida is in Top 5 Worst Universities in US for Animals

Source: Institute for Critical Animal Studies While all university “animal care and use programs” are the stuff of nightmares, the following five institutions deserve special mention based on: • Animal Welfare Act (AWA) violations, • numbers of animals killed, • painfulness and invasiveness of experiments, and • unwillingness to make improvements. Please bear in mind…
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On UF Murdering Bucky because of Marino

by Camille Marino The first monkey that I ever knew about that anyone tried to get out of UF and get into a sanctuary was Louis. A lab tech who is no longer at the university tried for months to get Louis released to Jungle Friends in Gainesville. He was murdered in July of 2010,…
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Easter Sunday/Community-Student Demo, April 20

Yesterday’s protest was organized so as not to have any conflicts with all of the Earth Day events on Saturday. Well, who knew it was Easter Sunday!!!! Leave it to an antitheist… We’re going to assume that a lot our support base was otherwise engaged because of the holiday and was unable to make it.

Community-Student Protest to Free the UF Monkeys for World Lab Animal Week

Sunday, April 20 from 12 to 1:30 pm University of Florida 15 NW 13th Street (corner of West University Avenue & NW 13th Street) GAINESVILLE, Florida 32611 ***SIGNS & LITERATURE PROVIDED***

Federal Complaint cites repeated & egregious AWA violations in UF Monkey Labs

by Beatrice Dupuy (Independent Alligator) Their fear has caged them into silence. They have done what they can to hide their identities. But oftentimes, it’s not enough to escape the threats and harassment.

Criminalizing Dissent at the University of Florida (Odyssey of a Political Prisoner)

by Camille A. Marino (simulposted with Dissident Voice) On Friday, July 13, 2012, I looked into the face of evil. It was the third time in 6 months that the vivisection-state complex had ambushed me, slapped handcuffs around my wrists, and threw me into a cell. As I was led from the courtroom after having…
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