Month: March 2014

Negotiation is Over - Florida

UF orders a Media Blackout in Gainesville to Cover Up Their Crimes Against Animals

holocaust inside ufby Camille A. Marino

It’s official!

The University of Florida is going for an all-out media blackout to keep their crimes hidden from the community in Gainesville.

March 1 Protest Attracts TV crews, vivisectors, supporters and detractors

With UF’s championship basketball team scheduled to start playing at 4 pm this afternoon, our protestors were strategically placed on four corners of an intersection with very heavy foot and motor vehicle traffic. One newspaper took some pictures and were given a flyer as they were stopped at a light and we had a chance to speak. And WUFT-TV set up cameras and gave Eleventh Hour an opportunity to speak about the monkeys for Gainesville viewers. That interview will air on Monday at 6 pm and we will post the video when it is published.


At one point, the driver of a white Range Rover engaged one of our protestors, Camille Marino. They exchanged a few words and then the driver said that he believes they should “use” monkeys because it would be “unethical” to test on children. These words are verbatim from the protocol governing some of the monkey experiments published earlier this week. So, clearly, he is referring to Roberts’ “research” where he force feeds monkeys arsenic-laced dirt to determine how


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