Month: March 2014

Negotiation is Over - Florida

UF Monkeys Get National Attn at Veggie Pride Parade in NY & Dual Demos in FL

Sunday, March 30 was a huge day for the monkeys enslaved inside the University of Florida. Two days earlier, Eleventh Hour for Animals filed a third federal complaint, this time for Booger, a sick, infected, and compromised macaque who was just approved for three more years of torture inside UF simply because the funding was…
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Federal Complaint Filed: Shut down UF’s Primate Labs for repeated violations of state & federal law

Last week Eleventh Hour for Animals introduced “Booger,” a victim inside the University of Florida who was contaminated with German Measles from the day he was purchased from the now-defunct Primate Products in Miami. Never treated for this condition, he has steadily deteriorated, exhibiting increasing indications that he is descending into madness, his body compromised…
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Public Denunciations of UF as they appear at the University of North Georgia

The following comments have been compiled by the distinguished professor of political science, Dr. Barry Friedman and appear below as an unaltered snapshot of the denounciations of the University of Florida that appear on the site of the University of North Georgia. UNG has not endorsed any of these statements and they appear solely because…
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A tortured UF monkey named “BOOGER” by his tormentors

Thanks to an ALF raid in the 1970s, this image of a monkey inside a UK lab was made public. The name “CRAP” tattooed on his forehead epitomized the indignities and degradation to which vivisectors gleefully subject their victims… And now in a throwback to this pitiful little primate, meet “BOOGER” courtesy of the University…
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March 30: Simultaneous “Free the UF Monkeys” Protests in Gainesville & Jax

On Sunday, March 30 from 12 to 1:30 pm, join one of our simultaneous protests in 2 convenient locations: University of Florida 15 NW 13th Street (corner of West University Avenue & NW 13th Street) GAINESVILLE, Florida 32611 St. John’s Town Center 4663 River City Drive Suite 119 JACKSONVILLE, Florida 32246

Dr. Barry Friedman’s Plea to Congress: Stop Funding UF Labs with My Taxes

Editorial Note: This afternoon, Dr. Barry Friedman mailed the letter that follows to a significant portion of the Congress of the United States. It is our hope that activists across the country will join this Eleventh Hour for Animals event on Facebook and use a modified version of his communication to send a plea to…
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University Church & Archer Road Protests

March 16, 2014: Our numbers are still small but growing steadily. And it is a great feeling to be surrounded by aggressive and committed activists who are always willing to put their boots on the ground and get the job done.

Marco Salemi – $MILLIONS of Monkeys Unaccounted for Inside University of Florida

by Camille A. Marino Almost every single time I learn something new, it only serves to highlight how much more I still have to learn. This is especially true when it comes to the obscured and intentionally-convoluted animal torture industry inside the University of Florida for which taxpayers award them approximately $400 million annually.

NIO Exposes Ding’s Fraudulent Grants, MILLION$ Cut Off from UF Vivisection Labs

While we are still reconciling everything that has transpired over the past several years, it is clear today that NIO Florida (now Eleventh Hour for Animals) has had a considerable impact on UF’s ability to rape taxpayers and quietly get rich off the blood and screams of their nonhuman victims. And rather than engage any…
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Sunday, March 16: University City Church of Christ – Protest UF’s Monkey Torture Business

Sunday March 16 at 9:30 – 11 am 4626 NW 8th Avenue Gainesville, FL 32605 In the summer of 2012, the University City Church of Christ in Gainseville was given the option of taking an active stand against against taxpayer-funded animal abuse or, by virtue of their silence, giving their tacit approval to UF’s unconscionable…
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