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Negotiation is Over - Florida

Free the University of Florida (UF) Monkeys Protest 1-25-14


Saturday was a great protest in Gainesville because we received a lot of support from people passing by —  even rolling down windows to ask questions. Student pedestrians stopped to talk as well! Would have been a good day for leaflets… next time! We had 7 awesome ARAs from Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Melrose and of course Gainesville! In 2014, it’s very difficult to see and hear people’s incredulous reactions when they find out there are primates being tortured right there in their own city and school.

Free the Monkeys at UF! Cyber Action 4: Contact Florida Senator Charlie Dean Today


In their ongoing efforts to hide their crimes against animals from the taxpaying public, the University of Florida has enlisted Republican Charles S. Dean of  Florida Senate to lobby for their corrupt interests before the Florida Senate. And the Florida Legislature is scheduled to rewrite the laws to accommodate UF early this summer. Activists have successfully sued the university twice to disclose public information about their taxpayer funded experiments. Based upon those documents, Eleventh Hour filed a federal complaint against UF and principle investigator Stephen Roberts for incompetence and negligence. Now UF wants the Florida Legislature to exempt the names of researchers from public records so that taxpayers will have no way of determining who is abusing our tax dollars and we will, therefore, have no recourse going forward. We must raise our voices and leverage our votes against the culture of corruption inside the University of Florida and contact Senator Charles S. Dean TODAY!

Protest UF on Jan. 25: No More Primate Testing/Release the Monkeys to Sanctuaries


Saturday Jan 25th
at the corner of University Blvd and 13th St. (the hotel corner)

Signs and literature provided, but feel free to make your own!

Join us for another peaceful protest to tell the University of Florida and taxpayers to stop archaic primate testing and send all monkeys to sanctuaries. Sure, we all love the UF Gators! But while the rest of the world continues to ban many or all forms of animal testing, UF continues to torture the innocent. Please lend your voice and tell UF free the monkeys, get them to sanctuaries and insist they end primate testing!

Kevin Storm Show Video: Dr. Barry D. Friedman Speaks Out About UF

If you missed the Kevin Storm Show on Sunday, please take some time to enjoy the video from that taping. Dr. Barry Friedman, president of the International Honor Society of Political Science & distinguished professor of political science at the University of North Georgia, speaks out about the corruption at UF which allows the atrocities they commit against animals for profit to continue. Dr. Friedman offers suggestions for everyone to get involved — UF faculty, alumni, and taxpayers — and pressure the university to release the last 25 monkeys in their labs to sanctuaries. Eleventh Hour associates, Lisa Grossman and Camille Marino, call in to speak with Kevin and Dr. Friedman.

Gainesville activists fight for monkeys’ rights

As we watch the tide turn, UF’s own student newpaper reports on the culture of incompetence and animal abuse inside the university.


Shayna Posses
Alligator Staff Writer

When it comes to the treatment of UF laboratory animals, a local organization isn’t monkeying around.

Karen Kline, senior laboratory investigator for animal-rights group Eleventh Hour for Animals, filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Agriculture last month, detailing a “culture of negligence” toward animals used in UF research.

Public Backlash Against UF Over Animals Begins

Over the past three years, the University of Florida has used every underhanded tactic available to keep their brutalized nonhuman prisoners hidden away from public scrutiny. And irrespective of arrests & incarcerations of activists and long drawn-out lawsuits against the university, everyone involved in this campaign has steadfastly refused to abandon the animals. Tonight we are officially marking a turning point. Re-published below is an editorial that appeared in the Gainesville Sun today that gives us a snapshot into the sentiments of the community. TAXPAYERS WANT TO KNOW WHAT UF IS HIDING!

The lesson for all of us is that when we work together and stand in solidarity, we can and will win liberation for the animals. Eleventh Hour extends its since appreciation to everyone who continues to participate in cyber actions and uses social media to give UF’s prisoners a voice. Our progress and success is a reflection of all of your hard work.

Gainesville Sun Editorial
January 9, 2014
“Animal Wrongs”

If the University of Florida learns any lesson from its ongoing fight with animal-rights activists, it

Dr. Barry D. Friedman to speak on Kevin Storm Show on Sunday

This Sunday, January 12 at 12 p.m., Barry D. Friedman will be the featured guest on The Kevin Storm Show. Dr. Friedman is a distinguished professor of political science at the University of North Georgia and President of Pi Gamma Mu, the International Honor Society of Political Science. He is expected to speak about his own companion animals and how he became involved in the Animal Liberation Movement. Dr. Friedman is also expected to speak about the University of Florida and how he has become
involved in contentious campaign to free the monkeys.

Veteran activists in the UF campaign are expected to make guest appearances.

Kevin Storm is a 12-year old abolitionist who is on the forefront of bringing a young generation of warriors into the movement. In his words, “we have to do more than potlucks and protests.” Kevin is said to be Animal Liberation’s secret weapon.

Listen to the show live on Sunday at noon at WNCH 1360:

All statements made by Dr. Barry Friedman are of his own personal opinion and do not re

Univ. of N. Georgia documents Janine Sike’s Lies & UF’s Culture of Corruption

In order to keep their $400 million annual taxpayer-funded animal torture industry generating profits, UF has demonstrated that there are no depths to which they will not sink to keep their atrocities hidden from the public.

Source: Dr. Barry D. Friedman, University of North Georgia
Original Title: “University of Florida: Criminalizing Transparency”
(Compiled from news sources and government documents — November 15, 2013)

In the summer of 2010, activists discovered that University of Florida researcher Mingzhou Ding was receiving taxpayer-funded annuities totaling millions of dollars from the National Institute of Health (NIH) to perform brain mapping experiments on monkeysi. Brain mapping is a singularly barbaric exercise in which the skull cap is sawed off to expose the brain. The conscious animal is then restrained in a chair, sometimes bolted into place with screws that secure the skull to a metal rod to prevent all movement while pain, blindness, or any of a spectrum of tortures is visited upon the subject. The animal is regularly deprived of food and water because starvation and dehydration induce compliance in the desperate monkey. Electrodes are attached to the brain throughout the animal’s ordeal to measure responses to offending stimuli.

Animal activists initiated a campaign in Florida to protest this heinous form of cruelty and to educate the community about the primate experiment industry that remained hidden from the public. UF spokesperson Janine Sikes immediately lashed back in the media attempting to discredit activists. She is on record noting that the experiments for which taxpayers were financing Ding were not being performed at their institution.ii

But according to UF Public Affairs director Janine Sikes, the experiments were not done at UF and the data were public domain.”iii

The discrepancies between Ding’s NIH grant applications and monies received by UF were never addressed. To this day, it remains unclear how many

Eleventh Hour successfully puts UF on the defensive to ring in 2014!

Karen Kline, Senior Lab Investigator for Eleventh Hour has been talking to the media all day about the systemic culture of corruption and incompetence inside UF behind which their animal torture industry is hidden from the public. Please read this interview in the Gainesville Sun; all comments appreciated: Animal Rights group files complaint against UF. For those of you in Gainesville, be sure to watch her feature on TV20 this evening. And now that we’ve forced the University of Florida to pull out their last defense — federal regulations that insure “humane” vivisection regimens — we are about to divest them of this final instrument of propaganda…

It is worth noting that nowhere in the mainstream media (i.e., UF propaganda networks) has it been mentioned thus far that the university has remained in noncompliance with Florida law since winning our last lawsuit nor have they mentioned that we filed a THIRD LAWSUIT against them days ago. As we expected, however, about two-thirds of the Gainesville Sun article is directed at placating the taxpayers with visions of a USDA fairy that magically sprinkles Animal Welfare Act fairy dust on all the “happy” mutilated, caged, suffering and tormented animals in their labs. Well the fairy godmother of institutionalized animal torture is about to die a public and painful death!

Moments ago, with our attorney Marcy I. LaHart monitoring the situation, we filed for unredacted records documenting the dogs and horses being subj


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