Month: January 2014

Negotiation is Over - Florida

Free the University of Florida (UF) Monkeys Protest 1-25-14

Saturday was a great protest in Gainesville because we received a lot of support from people passing by —  even rolling down windows to ask questions. Student pedestrians stopped to talk as well! Would have been a good day for leaflets… next time! We had 7 awesome ARAs from Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Melrose and of…
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Free the Monkeys at UF! Cyber Action 4: Contact Florida Senator Charlie Dean Today

In their ongoing efforts to hide their crimes against animals from the taxpaying public, the University of Florida has enlisted Republican Charles S. Dean of  Florida Senate to lobby for their corrupt interests before the Florida Senate. And the Florida Legislature is scheduled to rewrite the laws to accommodate UF early this summer. Activists have…
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Protest UF on Jan. 25: No More Primate Testing/Release the Monkeys to Sanctuaries

Saturday Jan 25th 12pm at the corner of University Blvd and 13th St. (the hotel corner) Signs and literature provided, but feel free to make your own! Join us for another peaceful protest to tell the University of Florida and taxpayers to stop archaic primate testing and send all monkeys to sanctuaries. Sure, we all…
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Kevin Storm Show Video: Dr. Barry D. Friedman Speaks Out About UF

If you missed the Kevin Storm Show on Sunday, please take some time to enjoy the video from that taping. Dr. Barry Friedman, president of the International Honor Society of Political Science & distinguished professor of political science at the University of North Georgia, speaks out about the corruption at UF which allows the atrocities…
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Gainesville activists fight for monkeys’ rights

As we watch the tide turn, UF’s own student newpaper reports on the culture of incompetence and animal abuse inside the university. Shayna Posses Alligator Staff Writer When it comes to the treatment of UF laboratory animals, a local organization isn’t monkeying around. Karen Kline, senior laboratory investigator for animal-rights group Eleventh Hour for Animals,…
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Public Backlash Against UF Over Animals Begins

Over the past three years, the University of Florida has used every underhanded tactic available to keep their brutalized nonhuman prisoners hidden away from public scrutiny. And irrespective of arrests & incarcerations of activists and long drawn-out lawsuits against the university, everyone involved in this campaign has steadfastly refused to abandon the animals. Tonight we…
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Dr. Barry D. Friedman to speak on Kevin Storm Show on Sunday

This Sunday, January 12 at 12 p.m., Barry D. Friedman will be the featured guest on The Kevin Storm Show. Dr. Friedman is a distinguished professor of political science at the University of North Georgia and President of Pi Gamma Mu, the International Honor Society of Political Science. He is expected to speak about his…
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Univ. of N. Georgia documents Janine Sike’s Lies & UF’s Culture of Corruption

In order to keep their $400 million annual taxpayer-funded animal torture industry generating profits, UF has demonstrated that there are no depths to which they will not sink to keep their atrocities hidden from the public. Source: Dr. Barry D. Friedman, University of North Georgia Original Title: “University of Florida: Criminalizing Transparency” (Compiled from news…
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Eleventh Hour successfully puts UF on the defensive to ring in 2014!

Karen Kline, Senior Lab Investigator for Eleventh Hour has been talking to the media all day about the systemic culture of corruption and incompetence inside UF behind which their animal torture industry is hidden from the public. Please read this interview in the Gainesville Sun; all comments appreciated: Animal Rights group files complaint against UF.…
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