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Negotiation is Over - Florida

A Win to End 2013: UF Concedes to Activists

Since this campaign re-emerged one week ago, together, we have already scored our first victory. And every activist who has stood with us for the animals, participated in cyber actions, and is helping us get our efforts off the ground is to be congratulated!

It took us three years of legal battles with the University of Florida to gain access to unredacted records documenting their nonhuman primate experiments. All subsequent lawfully-cited demands for current information were ignored. Based upon those records, last week on December 24, a federal complaint was filed citing systemic incompetence and negligence among their vivisectors. Two days later, Karen Kline formally sued the university for these documents on behalf of Eleventh Hour.

While there was no comment from the school and a deafening silence in the media (which has a vested interest in promoting institutionalized animal abuse), our community mobilized and all of you went into action. Yesterday, December 30, within hours of beginning cyber actions to UF̵

Breaking: UF hit with third lawsuit from activists

Eleventh Hour  filed a federal complaint citing systemic incompetence among the “medical researchers” abusing primates inside the University of Florida days ago on December 24. On the heels of that indictment from activists, we filed a third lawsuit in the courts against the University of Florida for suppressing public records documenting the extent of their taxpayer-funded atrocities.

On December 26, 2013, attorney Marcy I. LaHart filed the suit on behalf of Eleventh Hour’s Karen Kline. Case No. 2013 CA 005479 has been assigned to Judge Roundtree and we are awaiting a date on the docket. Represented by Ms. LaHart, Camille Marino successfully sued UF twice and took possession of the records that underlie the federal complaint filed earlier this week. Several of our colleagues are expected to be present in Gainesville when this case is heard in 2014.

It took three years of legal battles to secure unredacted records through December 2010 of which we finally took possession in April of 2013. All further requests

Free the Monkeys at UF! Cyber Action 1


Administrators: Karen Kline, Lisa Grossman, Michael Crandall

EASY EMAIL ACTION- FREE THE UF MONKEYS* Just copy/paste a letter and email addresses! While the rest of the world continues to ban many or all forms of animal testing, the University of Florida in Gainesville continues to torture the innocent. The faculty, alumni and supporters of UF must be educated- many have no idea what horrors their money is funding. Activists have fought vivisection at this institute for too long, please take just a minute to lend your voice and help free the UF monkeys!

Federal Complaint Cites Systemic Incompetence inside University of Florida Animal Labs

Press Release
December 24, 2013
For Immediate Release

At 8 am this morning, Eleventh Hour for Animals filed a federal complaint with the USDA citing four counts of violations of the Animal Welfare Act and alleging systemic incompetence and neglect of animals being housed inside the University of Florida. Veterinarians documented a monkey named Louis with a broken hip on July 9, 2009. Rather than address the injury or treat his pain, Louis was left to languish in agony and deteriorate as lab techs, vets, and principle investigator Stephen Roberts spent an entire year testing him for parasites. When the parasite treatments failed to resolve the issue of his broken bones, Louis was incinerated on July 9, 2010. His veterinary records chillingly note that Louis “was unable to be used.”

While this complaint calls for an immediate “high priority” investigation by the USDA, Eleventh Hour does not look to this agency for any remedy. Neither do we wish to quantify the suffering of the victims according to which torture is allowed or disallowed under the Animal Welfare Act. We do, however, wish to demonstrate the unscientific nature and sheer incompetence of those claiming to be “medical researchers” to collect approximately $400 million annually in taxpayer money to brutalize animals.  Our goal is not to appeal to the USDA but to use this federal complaint as a means of reaching the taxpayers that are being kept in the dark and defrauded.

In addition to the culture of incompetence that we have clearly documented, the


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