University Of North Georgia Professor Takes Stand Against University of Florida Corruption

The lucrative taxpayer-funded animal torture industry inside the University of Florida must remain hidden from public view in order to continue. Their crimes cannot stand the light of day. But the iron hand of repression with which they have attempted to silence activists, publishing prevarications in the media, infringing on constitutional rights, and wrapping themselves inside a cocoon of police state corruption has not gone unnoticed. Dr. Barry D. Friedman is now committed to exposing the culture of corruption at the University of Florida:


By Dr. Barry D. Friedman
Professor of Political Science
President of the International Honor Society of Political Science


I desperately need your help.  Animals are being tortured and killed in laboratories throughout the United States.  For example, egregious, heinous violations of the natural rights of monkeys are occurring at the University of Florida.  See the Web site at .  I have posted some appalling photographs on the Web page at  Before you click on that link, be aware that these photographs are horrifying to look at–so traumatic that I can’t post them on this page.  If they are horrifying to look at, imagine what it is like to experience such terror.  Please don’t let this continue.  There is no civilized human being who cannot recognize this incomprehensible savagery as being immoral.  Write to me at