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UF orchestrates Marino’s re-arrest and re-extradition out of state because… she’s bad for business

Earlier today, Camille Marino, director of NIO Florida and the bane of the University of Florida’s  existence, went to pick up the property from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement that was seized during a raid on her home in June.

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In August of 2010, we learned about a monkey named Louis. A lab tech pleaded with UF to release him to a sanctuary and stop his suffering. While the lab tech was on vacation, Louis was murdered and incinerated on July 9, 2010. UF wanted to ensure that the world would never see his deteriorated condition or know his story. In October of 2010, NIO’s campaign against UF commenced. Now we know that Louis was allowed to languish in torment with a broken hip and never given any pain relief. His records document callous neglect, violations of the law, and incompetence. In death, Louis has a voice.

Complete Veterinary Record for “Louis” (2008 – 2010)

Roberts – Primate Louis – Part I

Roberts – Primate Louis – Part II

His Agonizing Incarceration & Death


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