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Negotiation is Over - Florida

Bucky’s “strictly regulated” torment inside the University of Florida

Bucky’s Story

Bucky is a capuchin monkey who has remained a captive Vivisector Raymond J. Bergeron since 1999. As the records attached below demonstrate, Bucky’s existence is now one of nightmarish deprivation, self-mutilation, misery and pain. Blood is repeatedly found in his cage, he is self-mutilating, vocalizing, and his hair pulling leaves bald spots. He is agitated and aggressive, exhibiting “stereotypical” pacing, biting of bars, tail holding, as well as scratching around his face and eyes. As of December 31, 2011, it appears that Bucky was still actively being driven insane.

Among the injuries documented are a gash on his left big toe, his left inner thigh was excoriated and bleeding was noted, moist wounds were observed on both knees with significant swelling, and his tail was also found lacerated. The most severe injury Bucky sustained thus far was a deep cut on his leg and knee which required surgery, after which he would open his wounds. Another laceration by his left eye is documented as either another self-mutilation or as being sustained from lab equipment, which would indicate neglect.

Our UF whistleblower offers :

“I’m sure all those injuries were due to thrashing about in his cage – exhibiting rage and hostility. These guys are in prison…”

Florida activist subject of continued campaign of harassment by police and University of Florida

Update (April 19, 2013): There is indeed a VOP Warrant out of Wayne County. It was issued on Tuesday at the behest of the University of Florida. Apparently, they had their detective subpoena Youtube about a dormant account that has not been used in almost a year. On that page appeared the banned and censored “Defiance is a Virtue” video. This should add credence to our assertions that my and my colleague’s arrests at an anti-vivisection protest last February 4 — as well as my extradition and prosecution in Michigan — were orchestrated by UF to shut down our campaign.

by Camille Marino

On December 30, 2011, I won my first lawsuit against the University of Florida in which the courts, after 14 months, compelled them to disclose their public records documenting two decades of taxpayer-funded primate experiments. On February 4, 2012, after I began to publish said information into the public domain, I was arrested along with another activist at an anti-vivisection demonstration at UF in a blatant attempt to shut down this campaign. My colleague was released the next morning after her arrest for standing on a Florida street with a suspended drivers license. I was extradited to Michigan on contempt of court charges re


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