Month: April 2013

Negotiation is Over - Florida

Bucky’s “strictly regulated” torment inside the University of Florida

Bucky’s Story Bucky is a capuchin monkey who has remained a captive Vivisector Raymond J. Bergeron since 1999. As the records attached below demonstrate, Bucky’s existence is now one of nightmarish deprivation, self-mutilation, misery and pain. Blood is repeatedly found in his cage, he is self-mutilating, vocalizing, and his hair pulling leaves bald spots. He…
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Florida activist subject of continued campaign of harassment by police and University of Florida

Update (April 19, 2013): There is indeed a VOP Warrant out of Wayne County. It was issued on Tuesday at the behest of the University of Florida. Apparently, they had their detective subpoena Youtube about a dormant account that has not been used in almost a year. On that page appeared the banned and censored…
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