Month: March 2013

Negotiation is Over - Florida

Louis: his agonizing life & death inside the University of Florida

In August of 2010, we learned about a monkey named Louis. A lab tech pleaded with UF to release him to a sanctuary and stop his suffering. While the lab tech was on vacation, Louis was murdered and incinerated on July 9, 2010. UF wanted to ensure that the world would never see his deteriorated…
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“Little Girl”: Tortured to death by Dennis E. Brooks Inside UF

by NIO Florida Monkey 55D was named Little Girl by those responsible for her ten years of agony. Girl monkeys are rarely used and 55D suffered from the pain and misery that only a female being could. For the last three of her ten years at the hands of the evil Dennis Brooks, 55D was…
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The End

The Prisoner Project is about incarcerated humans, through their experience, giving a voice to our entombed nonhuman cousins. Danielle Wolfe has been locked in a concrete box for over 2 years with no end in sight. She has not breathed fresh air, has had no physical contact with her loved ones, and knows what it’s…
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Marino to speak about recent UF victory on The Kevin Storm Show

To listen live at WNJC13, please click HERE. Sunday, March 31, 2013 12:00 pm – 12:30 pm On March 31, Camille Marino will be a guest on the Kevin Storm Show to discuss her recent precedent-setting win against the University of Florida and what the court’s decision means for activists and the animals. Marino will talk…
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