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As previously reported by NIO, Double T Farm has been confirmed as a supplier of pigeon to the University of Florida vivisection.

Ted T. Golka, Owner
Phone: (712) 366-3526

by Peter Young (Animal Liberation Frontline)

In rural western Iowa, Ted Golka operates Double T Farms, which breeds birds for vivisection labs (and other purposes). Hundreds of pigeons were liberated in two separate raids at this farm in 2001 and 2002. Both actions were claimed by the Animal Liberation Front.

This week it was confirmed Double T Farms is still in business, and supplying the University of Florida.

Very little follow up is done on ALF targets – whether or not they return to “business as usual”, and to what extent (if any) the actions disrupted or stopped the targeted operation. This is especially true of more rural ALF targets, such as fur farms, where the status of such operations is harder to confirm.

This week, those involved in the campaign against the University of Florida obtained information that 8 pigeons from Ted Golka and Double T Farms were delivered to UF’s Animal Care Services.

The website for Double T Farms makes no mention of any animals being sold to research labs.

Double T Farms also breeds geese, swans, and ducks.

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On October 1, 2012, the “NIO laws” went into effect in Florida. Under these amendments to current stalking laws, it is now officially a crime for us to publish public-domain information about University of Florida vivisectors that is protected by the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States everywhere else said information appears. Violation of this statute can result in criminal prosecution for felony stalking.

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by Nathan Crabbe (Gainesville Sun)

A half-dozen University of Florida employees have been harassed or threatened as a result of their home addresses and other contact information being posted on an animal-rights website, according to university officials, who hope that changes to the state’s stalking law will help address these kind of threats.

Animal rights activist Camille Marino of Wildwood founded the group Negotiation is Over and has used its website in a campaign against researchers who she claims experiment on animals. Marino was arrested at a Gainesville protest in February and extradited to Michigan for violating a court order to remove from the website the personal information of a researcher from that state.

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