Month: May 2012

Negotiation is Over - Florida

Bucky’s “strictly regulated” hellish existence inside the University of Florida

an enslaved capuchin

Bucky’s Story

Bucky is a capuchin monkey who has remained a captive Vivisector Raymond J. Bergeron since 1999. As the records attached below demonstrate, Bucky’s existence is now one of nightmarish deprivation, self-mutilation, misery and pain. Blood is repeatedly found in his cage, he is self-mutilating, vocalizing, and his hair pulling leaves bald spots. He is agitated and aggressive, exhibiting “stereotypical” pacing, biting of bars, tail holding, as well as scratching around his face and eyes. As of December 31, 2011, it appears that Bucky was still actively being driven insane. read more

New law criminlizes NIO’s anti-vivisection campaign tactics at the University of Florida

Florida law has just been redefined to prohibit me from posting public domain information about vivisectors on NIO. Clearly, this is yet another assault on our Amendment freedoms and demands a concerted response from this community. I just received UF’s most recent vet records through December 31, 2011 and will begin publishing in the coming weeks. However, since I am in no position to take on any more legal battles at the moment, I am asking all of my comrades to close ranks and disseminate the info about my vivisectors throughout our extended networks. And, well, if it’s harassment and intimidation they’re worried about, that is not our problem. Perhaps they should find a less violent, bloody, and parasitic profession! -Camille read more


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