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Negotiation is Over - Florida

Harry: Tortured for 11 years until funding ran out

by NIO Florida

Vet records for Monkey 95D (Harry) may be viewed HERE.

On December 2, 1998, ten macaques were shipped to the University of Florida from the Caribbean Primate Research Center at the University of Puerto Rico. One of those monkeys was a 3-year old male called “95-D,” later named “Harry” by his new captors. After enduring 11 years of misery and terror at the hands of sadistic vivisector Dennis Brooks, Harry was murdered in UF’s dungeons on September 1, 2009. His broken body was promptly incinerated. read more

Update on lawsuit against University of Florida

by Camille Marino

On Tuesday, February 28, while I was being extradited to Michigan, my civil lawyer in Gainesville, Marcy LaHart, went back to court on my behalf and sued UF to disclose the addresses of their monkey prisons. We hold that since this information is not specifically exempted under Florida statutes, redactions on the vet records we won on Dec. 30, 2011 are illegal.

I just learned that the Honorable Judge Martha Lott ruled against us.

Ms. LaHart advises that in filing our appeal, we now have an opportunity to make “good law.” read more

Paul Aliu of Novartis personally funds drug experiments on animals at UF

The names of the donors that specifically fund drug research on imprisoned animals at UF was leaked to us recently. Last night, the first person we chose to expose was published on NIO. This afternoon, the private and secure areas of UF’s College of Pharmacology databases have been corrupted and all compromising information deleted. Fortunately, their benefactors’ details are still accessible on our databases. Meet Paul Aliu…

Paul Aliu is seated at the far left

Paul Aliu’s personal email is: read more

Promising beginnings for the Boycott UF Campaign

by NIO Florida

I. Summary of today’s activities

In our continuing efforts to squash applications to UF in the fall, the implementation of this campaign got off to a modest but strong start today. Activists in a number of states met with high school students who were on spring break this week. One of our members is working with a high school art teacher as well. The students were given a supply of flyers to distribute within their schools starting next week. We were given the personal email addresses for members of student body groups such as student governments and year book committees. read more

LEAKED: Names of the University of Florida’s private vivisection benefactors

The list of the University of Florida’s private benefactors has been leaked to NIO Florida. These donors live in the U.S. and abroad and many have direct ties to big pharma. These are the people that directly support animal torture at UF. To facilitate a more personal outreach experience, the worst offenders along with their contact information will be published individually. Tonight we meet Anup Zutshi.

Anup Zutshi Ph.D.
Pfizer Inc
700 Chesterfield Parkway (W)
Chesterfield, MO 63017 read more

Boycott UF – Phase II

by NIO Florida

Over 16,000+ people have signed our Boycott the University of Florida petition, but we are petitioning no one for anything nor will we beg for crumbs. This was simply an instrument to mobilize our community and now we are ready to move to Phase II.

We will practically implement the boycott of applications (and, thus, admissions) to UF within the states and across the pond. Every core member of our global team is prepared to provide you with the material needed to transition from our online initiative to community-based campaigns. read more

More alumni publicly denounce the University of Florida

by NIO Florida

I, Joanie Laskey, publicly denounce the University of Florida and the barbaric primate experiments from which they continue to profit.

I, Sean Maroney, publicly denounce the University of Florida and the barbaric primate experiments from which they continue to profit.

“Little Girl”: Tortured to death by Dennis E. Brooks Inside UF

by NIO Florida

Monkey 55D was named Little Girl by those responsible for her ten years of agony. Girl monkeys are rarely used and 55D suffered from the pain and misery that only a female being could. For the last three of her ten years at the hands of the evil Dennis Brooks, 55D was made to endure horrific “ophthalmology” experiments while Brooks knew she was suffering terribly from the endometriosis progressing through her little body.  The final pathology after 55D’s murder:

HISTORY: Pelvic mass and reproductive abnormalities. read more


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