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by NIO Florida

Vet records for Monkey 95D (Harry) may be viewed HERE.

On December 2, 1998, ten macaques were shipped to the University of Florida from the Caribbean Primate Research Center at the University of Puerto Rico. One of those monkeys was a 3-year old male called “95-D,” later named “Harry” by his new captors. After enduring 11 years of misery and terror at the hands of sadistic vivisector Dennis Brooks, Harry was murdered in UF’s dungeons on September 1, 2009. His broken body was promptly incinerated.

As with all of UF’s prisoners, Harry’s vet records indicate that he was turned into a drug addict by the sickening frequency with which he was extracted from his cage in terror, forceably restrained, and injected with increasingly-larger doses of ketamine and other drugs used to “knock him down” and render him helpless. Like his sister, Little Girl, his eyes would then be pried open with devices, electrodes woud be attached to his eyeballs, and Brooks would then flood Harry’s little body with unknown amounts of voltage. Harry also had dyes injected into his eyes repeatedly and, of course, eye scans were regularly taken to document the effects of these atrocities.

After more than a decade of living in unimaginable terror and pain, Harry was executed by Brooks with his eyes intact. A source inside UF’s labs explains the murder as follows:

“…he was killed because the study ended. Housing and maintaining animals is expensive, especially monkeys. There was no funding for further research, so Harry needed to be eliminated. They don’t like to release animals to sanctuaries because of the exposure. They don’t want the public to know that they do in any of these studies and a sanctuary may not be as discreet about the sources.

“Harry went immediately to the animal facility’s incineration room where he was later burned with all the other animals that are regularly burned several times a week. It would be nice if they went to introductory biology labs on campus for dissection (at least SOMETHING else could have been gained from their lives) but again, that lifts the veil of secrecy.”

by Camille Marino

On Tuesday, February 28, while I was being extradited to Michigan, my civil lawyer in Gainesville, Marcy LaHart, went back to court on my behalf and sued UF to disclose the addresses of their monkey prisons. We hold that since this information is not specifically exempted under Florida statutes, redactions on the vet records we won on Dec. 30, 2011 are illegal.

I just learned that the Honorable Judge Martha Lott ruled against us.

Ms. LaHart advises that in filing our appeal, we now have an opportunity to make “good law.”

We are trying to push forward and open up new fronts. If we prevail, this will provide a heretofore untapped level of exposure that UF is fighting vehemently to prevent.

Will update this situation as we progress…

The names of the donors that specifically fund drug research on imprisoned animals at UF was leaked to us recently. Last night, the first person we chose to expose was published on NIO. This afternoon, the private and secure areas of UF’s College of Pharmacology databases have been corrupted and all compromising information deleted. Fortunately, their benefactors’ details are still accessible on our databases. Meet Paul Aliu…

Paul Aliu is seated at the far left

Paul Aliu’s personal email is:

This email address is registered to:
Island Pharmacies
122 Pleasant Street
Nantucket, MA 02554
(508) 228-6400

This is rather odd because…

by NIO Florida

Dr. Paul Aliu is the Global Program Director at Novartis Pharma in Basel Area, Switzerland. He is a regular at World Health Organization conferences.

Paul not only advances Novartis’ mercenary agenda professionally, he also personally funds the holocaust at the University of Florida.

Does anyone find it interesting that the first of UF’s benefactors we exposed last night is employed by Pfizer while Aliu is with Novartis? Don’t be! It appears that every one of the animal torture donors is so deeply entrenched in the vivisection complex that Big Pharma is represented across the board. We even have the names of individuals at the FDA that contribute to UF.

by NIO Florida

I. Summary of today’s activities

In our continuing efforts to squash applications to UF in the fall, the implementation of this campaign got off to a modest but strong start today. Activists in a number of states met with high school students who were on spring break this week. One of our members is working with a high school art teacher as well. The students were given a supply of flyers to distribute within their schools starting next week. We were given the personal email addresses for members of student body groups such as student governments and year book committees.

II. Success depends on the continue recruitment of high school students

Every activist with teenagers has the access that we need. We urge you to enlist your children’s help. We further urge you to secure contact information for the student body in the form of school directories, online forums, or by any means your local school may offer. Members involved in today’s action will be sending the following letter to their student list. We encourage everyone to use this recruitment tool freely:

Dear Prospective College Student:

As you look toward applying to universities this fall and taking the first step toward an exciting future, you need to be aware that there is currently a global boycott of applications to the University of Florida. Please consider how this issue may impact your future and commit to a personal boycott of UF.

For 14 months, the University of Florida fought to keep public records out of the hands of the community. In October of 2010, a duly-registered Freedom of Information Act request was delivered to them and they declined to satisfy their legal obligation. They remained in noncompliance with Florida state law until activists won a lawsuit against them on December 30, 2011 and the Honorable Judge Martha Ann Lott ordered them to hand over the records.

The public soon learned why UF fought disclosure so vehemently. The records revealed that they are engaged in conducting barbaric experiments on monkeys for political purposes, to secure funding from benefactors, to satisfy contracts, and a host of other economic reasons. The simple fact, however, is that monkeys are imprisoned for up to two decades, terrorized daily, and the experiments serve no scientific purpose whatsoever. The records may all be examined here as they are made available for scrutiny.

Alumni have begun to issue public denouncements of their alma mater. Activists went back to court on February 27, 2012 to petition the Court to compel disclosure of further information that UF is withholding. An institution of higher learning with an aversion to transparency promises to be mired in lawsuits and controversy for the duration of your college career.

Please consider joining the global boycott of applications, and, thus, admissions, to UF until they permanently shut down their primate experimentation program.

Additionally, please consider promoting this initiative within your own school.

We look forward to talking with you further and wish you success in all of your future endeavors.


III. Success will depend on how much we want it

To the best of our knowledge, no university has ever had to contend with activists attacking and eroding their tuition revenue. Until UF liberates the monkeys, we can and will mar their once-pristine reputation, but that’s not enough. We must learn to efficiently reach into their wallet. This will take focus, determination, and consistency. But this is not something we can do alone.

Leafleting strangers will never change minds and behaviors. We need to penetrate schools and cultivate networks such as activists were able to do today. We need students to pick up the mantle for us and run with it. This means that we need to identify those who can be groomed into activists. The only way to promote our agenda in from the inside of high schools. Fortunately, many in our circle have children through whom we are implementing this campaign. But we need to recruit more students and we need to get our young NIO activists as much support as possible.

Our petition has nearly 20,000 people around the globe that have committed to the Boycott.

And today we got off to an extremely promising start in our communities.

Thank you to everyone who’s been working around the clock to get the foundations of this initiative in place.

Animal liberation will be achieved when the detriments of animal abuse outweigh the benefits!

The list of the University of Florida’s private benefactors has been leaked to NIO Florida. These donors live in the U.S. and abroad and many have direct ties to big pharma. These are the people that directly support animal torture at UF. To facilitate a more personal outreach experience, the worst offenders along with their contact information will be published individually. Tonight we meet Anup Zutshi.

Anup Zutshi Ph.D.
Pfizer Inc
700 Chesterfield Parkway (W)
Chesterfield, MO 63017

Dr. Zutshi explains how he tortures dogs:

It appears that the emesis that you are seeing is following oral dosing to dogs?? Tween does not cause emesis in dogs when used at levels of 1-2% of the total formulation if administered orally. The question to ask is when is the emesis occurring?? If it is at time periods less than Tmax, local GI irritation by the compound seems to be the problem. If it is much later than Tmax, a systemic effect (probably CNS related) is the more likely cause.

Last year, along with his wife Reeta, 53-year old Anup sold his mansion in Wildwood, Missouri for $410,000.

Since there it is unlikely that we will ever persuade Anup that experimenting on animals is criminal, perhaps we can simply reach out, en masse, and suggest that his life would be more peaceful if he ceases to fund the University of Florida holocaust.

by NIO Florida

Over 16,000+ people have signed our Boycott the University of Florida petition, but we are petitioning no one for anything nor will we beg for crumbs. This was simply an instrument to mobilize our community and now we are ready to move to Phase II.

We will practically implement the boycott of applications (and, thus, admissions) to UF within the states and across the pond. Every core member of our global team is prepared to provide you with the material needed to transition from our online initiative to community-based campaigns.

Please contact us privately at for materials and information.

While we continue to intercede with their benefactors and alumni networks, we must begin to impact their tuition revenue as well.

Together, working as a cohesive coordinated unit, we will win liberation for the monkeys. Until we smash this first brick out of the wall of their complex, it is imperative that we all stay focused and continue to steadily escalate the pressure.

Animal liberation will be achieved when the detriments of animal abuse outweigh the benefits.

by NIO Florida

Monkey 55D was named Little Girl by those responsible for her ten years of agony. Girl monkeys are rarely used and 55D suffered from the pain and misery that only a female being could. For the last three of her ten years at the hands of the evil Dennis Brooks, 55D was made to endure horrific “ophthalmology” experiments while Brooks knew she was suffering terribly from the endometriosis progressing through her little body.  The final pathology after 55D’s murder:

HISTORY: Pelvic mass and reproductive abnormalities.

GROSS: Caudal abdominal adhesions widespread around uterus and urinary bladder.

MICROSCOPIC: Endometriosis, abdomen focally severe

Endometriosis fiber start in the uterus but left untreated can travel the rest of the body abnormally joining organs. During menstruation, endometriosis fibers cause pain wherever they are located.

View her records HERE.

As with other victims languishing in the UF dungeons of Dennis E. Brooks, monkey 55D was tortured daily. Shortly after her arrival from a Puerto Rican “monkey mill,” her left leg and right side of her head were shaved for easy access for injections and eye exams. For one of several studies 55D was used for, her daily routine consisted of being compressed in her tiny cage, injected with Ketamine and transported to another UF building. Sometimes the 3 pound female primate was just “knocked down” with the Ketamine before having her eye sockets forced open with ocular spreaders for study. Many other times she was intubated for anesthesia and put on a respirator. Her day often included being catheterized just to avoid messy urine getting in the way. Prior to examinations, 55D endured humiliating vaginal and rectal swabbing.

Professor Brooks was able to come up with more sadistic tests to perform on primates’ eyes causing severe pain, cataracts and lesions of the eyes.  Poor little 55D, an innocent prisoner and someone’s daughter, suffered through several such experiments all the while suffering through constant pelvic, abdominal and uterine pain that was recorded yet not treated, for the last three years of her life.

HRT: Heidelberg Retina Tomograph. With her eye forced open, a laser beam is used to scan the entire eye.

PERG: Pattern Electroretinogram. 55D, by now a Katamine addict like all of Brooks’ prisoners, had her eyes spread open  while he actually attached several electrodes to her eyeball and surrounding skin- aided by the side of her head being shaved upon arrival. The reason for what transpires next is is known only to the twisted mind of Dennis E Brooks. An unknown amount of voltage is run through the electrodes and into 55D’s eyes while flashes light flood her face.

Fluorescein Angiography: 55D was also injected straight into her eye on many many occasions as this was the main test she was used for. A fluorescent dye, commonly known as D&C Yellow #8, is injected into the retina to examine circulation. With her eyes still spread open, Brooks’ team shines a light in her eyes and takes picture. Each time this is done, 55D is intibated, on a respirator and catheterized.

The University of Florida willingly employs yet another psychopath and serial killer whom they let live out his sadistic fantasies while they all pocket some of the funds. Non-animal skin and eye experiment alternatives are among the most available. Brooks once again declined any treatment for endometriosis for 55d and ordered her murder ten years after her arrival to the UF hellhole.