Month: February 2012

Negotiation is Over - Florida

On the Road to Another Victory: NIO Continues on to the Appeal Against the University of Florida

by Lisa Grossman Camille Marino: “The University of Florida refused to disclose public records documenting their experiments on primates since our request was initiated in October 2010. NIO brought a formal lawsuit against UF in 2011. On December 30, 2011, the Court ruled that the university must hand over the records to us by 4:22…
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NIO CyberAction Monday: Stop the Flow of Money to UF- Week 11

by NIO Florida ATTENTION NIO ACTIVISTS AND SUPPORTERS: This week’s target is the business community in Gainesville, FL- home of the University of Florida. They are constantly trying to jail Camille and I since NIO prevailed in court against them because they want to stop us from making their horrific experiments public. As you know,…
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The University of Florida’s Dennis E. Brooks order’s the murder of monkey 44D

Prof. Dennis E Brooks took his cue from the Nazis’ Dr. Mengele when he came up with the idea to laser 44D’s eye for an experiment. He insiststhat boiling the fluid in 44D’s eye then measuring how long it takes to cool is science and not sadism. The University of Florida, made sure Professor Brooks…
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NIO Cyber Action Monday: Stop the Flow of Money to UF – Week 10

by NIO Florida ATTENTION NIO ACTIVISTS AND SUPPORTERS PLEASE HELP BY INVITING OTHERS: This week’s targets are the Gator Clubs of the Southwest and their supporters. Each brags on their club sites about how much money they raise for UF. … Camille Marino wants us to put the animals trapped in the UF prisons first…
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Support Camille by boycotting the University of Florida

by NIO Florida On February 4th 2012, the University of Florida orchestrated the arrests of Lisa Grossman and Camille Marino during an energetic protest at their formal alumni celebration, Gator Gala. It is important to note that none of the other 30 activists present were isolated by police. This is because since winning our lawsuit…
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Houdini couldn’t escape torture or blindness before being murdered

His tormenters taunted him after failed attempts at freedom, calling him Houdini. Monkey 44D was one of 10 in another barbaric experiment at the University of Florida. By shining a laser into an eye to temporarily invoke the higher pressure with heat, they then measured the eye’s recovery over time. It eventually blinded little 44D…
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Boycott the University of Florida

We are confident that, working together as a coordinated international community, we can force the University of Florida to shut down their primate experimentation program. Animal torture is entrenched at almost every university worldwide. We can set the precedent at UF and, in the process, begin to take a sledgehammer to the University Vivisection Complex.…
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