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by Lisa Grossman

Camille Marino: “The University of Florida refused to disclose public records documenting their experiments on primates since our request was initiated in October 2010. NIO brought a formal lawsuit against UF in 2011. On December 30, 2011, the Court ruled that the university must hand over the records to us by 4:22 pm on January 3, 2012. No other information was offered and the location of the monkeys was redacted. We maintain that this redaction was illegal under Florida statues.”

Today, our lawyer Marcy I. LaHart appealed this claim in a hearing regarding whether the documents indicating the physical location of the primates is exempt from the public records law based on an exemption that applies to security system plans. A final order from the judge is still needed.

Although Camille Marino, Founder and CEO of Negotiation Is Over, has been imprisoned for almost a month in Florida with no charges and no bond, the appeal to further expose the vivisection complex moves forward. It seems that UF has orchestrated fictitious complaints about Marino and Grossman, trying to neutralize NIO’s campaign against them by abusing the legal system and jailing both, with even more charges coming, for as long as possible. As the University of Florida has shown in court already, they believe that they are above the law and will use it to cover the primate torture happening in their labs- spitting in the face of Gainesville’s judicial system.

Note: At this time, Camille Marino is unable to be located and is said to be on her way to be extradited to Michigan from the Alachua County Jail, but is being held at “an undisclosed location in the US for an undetermined amount of time.”

We are now in receipt of a document from UF since December 2010, which confirms the names of 33 primates enslaved in their labs. (NIO activists around the world continue to upload and expose the vivisecters and their tormented primates online at

In 2011, UF argued that the redaction falls under “security systems” exemptions. Their legal counsel Courtney Grimm went further to explain how animal rights activists around the country could use this information to “harm children” and bomb things. The logic truly confounds! Apparently the Honorable Judge Martha Lott was a bit perplexed as well. She queried Ms. Grimm:
“So if activists know the location of the monkeys, you think they’re going to go blow them up?”

Also in 2011, our attorney, Marcy I. LaHart, had submitted a cohesive argument citing the Florida statutes in which “public records” and exemptions are defined as well as presenting case law and precedents supporting our position. Having failed to comply with “sunshine laws” governing our request for over a year, counsel representing UF, Courtney Grimm was unable to offer any relevant defense of the university’s noncompliance. Rather, she attempted to put NIO Florida activists on trial. She cited injunctions against Camille Marino, trespass violations against Lisa Grossman, threats that were never made, arrests that never happened…. She continued to build her case by offering that activists peacefully protest (yes, protest) and, quite interestingly, she even noted a news story from India published earlier that day in which university police were concerned. The Honorable Judge Martha Lott’s ruling demonstrates that everything the esteemed
Ms. Grimm argued was gibberish: “Even if Ms. Marino is intent upon engaging in criminal activity, the University of Florida still must turn over the public records.”

Today, February 28 2012, NIO returns to court to continue their appeal.

This decision needs to be understood by the timid and fearful in our community. We have proven that we will never know how far we can go unless we actively push even the legal boundary until it breaks. Activists who adopt the language of the enemy and label their peers “terrorists” and “criminals” are holding us all back. We will be going back to court and hope to secure a definitive win for the animals.

Grossman: “Although the University of Florida has purposely caused a frenzy bordering on panic among its community and young students by calling activists terrorists, no one has been harmed nor has there ever been any danger- except to those of us who would expose their archaic primate experiments, call for investigations of misappropriated funds, and UF’s choice to cause harm to the innocent when non-animal alternatives are available.”

by NIO Florida


This week’s target is the business community in Gainesville, FL- home of the University of Florida. They are constantly trying to jail Camille and I since NIO prevailed in court against them because they want to stop us from making their horrific experiments public. As you know, UF refused to give-paid for public records to us and then they lost in court against us having to give the records. Ironically, for all the time UF spent scaring their own college kids and community by saying we are terrorists so no one would ask about the monkeys, they are the ones proven to be law breakers in court! I and others have gone through these horrific experiments. Camille, others around the globe and myself will continue to share them with the community and alumni to show that I have always spoken the truth about this. In the interim I and others have received anonymous letters, also sent to our neighbors that we are terrorists. UF has used the media and school wide memos and media reporters to continue calling us bad people when virtually nothing harmful or dangerous has ever happened. We haven’t caused any harm to anyone- unlike the people who are charging us with a crime to keep people from hearing about their own. TELL UF TO BAN PRIMATE TESTING AND USE ONLY NON-ANIMAL ALTERNATIVES.

The University of Florida Gators Clubs, Alumni, and the local community support and fund animal torture at UF, even though non-animal alternatives are available and used worldwide. Primates are imprisoned in their labs, routinely terrorized, poisoned, sickened, and killed. Because of these available alternatives, the University of Florida CHOOSES to continue this atrocity that is sadism not science.


Dear Gators and Gainesville Business Community,

Animal rights activists in Gainesville have won their case against UF and are now in receipt of thousands of records documenting the egregious suffering that monkeys endure in their labs. Although UF is constantly lying to law enforcement in an attempt to keep YOU from seeing what they do to innocent animals with our tax money, these records have been copied to activists around the world and will continue to be made public. This site will be updated weekly with definitive proof that UF CHOOSES archaic primate testing instead of using 1000’s of modern, high tech non-alternatives.

In the interim, activists have also discovered what we believe to be millions in misappropriated funds. UF has lied to you, scared all of their young students, and embarrassed local law enforcement by claiming the US government is unable to catch terrorists running loose in Gainesville! When in truth, they lie to make sure that you don’t focus on the monkeys and money. It’s time to realize that in almost 2 years, no one has been harmed and nothing dangerous has happened. Anything else is a LIE. Ironically, for all the time UF spent lying about those who want to help animals so no one would ask about the monkeys, they are the ones proven to be law breakers in court!

Many people are unaware of the horrific experiments to which the University of Florida subjects sentient primates. It is the responsibility of every person who supports UF to hold this institution accountable and stop paying for anything associated with UF until they ban primate testing. You will see records showing experiments like boiling a monkey’s eye fluid to measure the cooling time, and force feeding monkeys sludge from contaminated real estate sites testing for heavy metals.

There are non-animal alternatives available, but they make it much more difficult to secure millions of dollars in taxpayer-funded grants that are specifically earmarked for invasive and painful animal tests.

Testing on innocent animals is scientific fraud!


Dennis E. Brooks 352-294-44552015 SW 16TH AVE GAINESVILLE FL ,

Prof. Dennis E Brooks took his cue from the Nazis’ Dr. Mengele when he came up with the idea to laser 44D’s eye for an experiment. He insiststhat boiling the fluid in 44D’s eye then measuring how long it takes to cool is science and not sadism.

The University of Florida, made sure Professor Brooks had enough money to blind and murder poor 44D, while likely lining their own pockets with some of that money.

You can call and write Professor Brooks and tell him that what he does is criminal!

by NIO Florida


This week’s targets are the Gator Clubs of the Southwest and their supporters. Each brags on their club sites about how much money they raise for UF.

… Camille Marino wants us to put the animals trapped in the UF prisons first and fight hard through these cyber actions to let the UF alumni know we’ll continue to bring the truth to them until UF bans animal testing. But let’s do this for her and in the name of her freedom this week as they try to neutralize this fight by keeping her imprisoned. THESE PEOPLE NEED TO BE TOLD THE TRUTH BY ALL OF US!

The University of Florida Gators Clubs around the world support and fund animal torture at UF, even though non-animal alternatives are available and used worldwide. Primates are imprisoned in their labs, routinely terrorized, poisoned, sickened, and killed. Because of these available alternatives, the University of Florida CHOOSES to continue this atrocity that is sadism not science. Tell UF’s alumni, donators and supporters to stop giving their money until UF bans animal testing!


Dear Gator and Gator Supporters,

Anim*l rights act*vists in Gainesville have won their case against UF and are now in receipt of thousands of records documenting the egregious suffering that m*nkeys endure in their l*bs- funded by your money.

The first records for M*nkey 2A4 are available online.

Many people are unaware of the h*rrific experim*nts to which the University of Florida subjects s*ntient prim*tes. It is the responsibility of every person who supports UF to hold this institution accountable and stop paying dues until UF bans animal testing.

There are non-anim*l altern*tives available, but they make it much more difficult to secure millions of dollars in taxpayer-funded grants that are specifically earmarked for â inv*siveâ and â p*infulâ anim*l tests. Negate*ton Is Over and other anim*l rights activists have been working for over a year to expose the truth.

Testing on innocent rest*inked anim*less is scientific fraud!

Here’s an example of the myriad of technologically-advanced altern*tives from the Oxford Journal:

â In 2007 researchers developed an in silico model of tuberculosis to aid in drug discovery with a prime benefit cited as being faster than real time simulated growth rates allowing phenomena of interest to be observed in minutes rather than months, injuring no anim*ls. Explorative modeling has proven to be a viable approach for the development of new hypotheses and has aided the prediction of previously undiscovered mechanisms.
I strongly urge you to consider withdrawing your support until UF chooses to adopt a policy consistent with a commitment to progressive science and respect for all anim*ls. Please persuade UF to operate with integrity and formally ban prim*te testing.


by NIO Florida

On February 4th 2012, the University of Florida orchestrated the arrests of Lisa Grossman and Camille Marino during an energetic protest at their formal alumni celebration, Gator Gala. It is important to note that none of the other 30 activists present were isolated by police. This is because since winning our lawsuit on December 30th 2011, we have systematically exposed the horrors to which they subject innocent monkeys. Throughout January 2012 we realized quantifiable gains weekly, initiated a global campaign against UF, damaging their reputation and funding on countless fronts. Our staged arrests were a blatant attempt to shut down NIO Florida and stop the bleeding.

Unfortunately for them, while Marino has remained incarcerated since February 4th, an angry, mobilized community of activists have come together to intensify the pressure on UF. Over the past 2 weeks our Boycott the University of Florida Campaign has gained 12,000 supporters. Please sign the growing petition here.

From jail, Camille is urging everyone to support her by focusing their attention on the monkeys imprisoned at UF. Every activist must commit to stop enrollment at UF until the monkeys are liberated and primate experimentation is banned. We need every activist in the states and abroad to intervene. Explain to prospective college students and their families that if they apply to the University of Florida, they will be complicit in funding heinous monkey torture. We need to understand that if we as a global community focus our energy on boycotting this one university, we can shut them down if they refuse to stop animal experimentation. Our success here will prove to have devastating consequences for the vivisection industry in every university throughout this country.

Animal liberation will be achieved when the detriments of animal abuse outweigh the benefits.

His tormenters taunted him after failed attempts at freedom, calling him Houdini.

Monkey 44D was one of 10 in another barbaric experiment at the University of Florida. By shining a laser into an eye to temporarily invoke the higher pressure with heat, they then measured the eye’s recovery over time. It eventually blinded little 44D and caused cataracts. After almost a decade of painful laser injuries to his eyes, 44D was then murdered and his eyes were extracted for further study.

Monkey 44D was tortured daily. Shortly after his arrival from a Puerto Rican “monkey mill,” his left leg and right side of his head were shaved for easy access for injections and eye exams. For one of several studies 44D was used for, his daily routine consisted of being compressed in his tiny cage, injected with Ketamine and transported to another UF building. Sometimes the 3 pound primate was just “knocked down” with the Ketamine before having his eye sockets forced open with clamps for study. Many other times he was intubated for anesthesia and put on a respirator. His day may also include being catheterized (penis/urethra) just to avoid messy urine getting in the way. Prior to examinations, 44D endured humiliating rectal swabbing.

Then the experiment begins with a laser beam in his eye. After an hour of constantly measuring 44D’s eye to see how long it took to return to “normal”, he was left to recover on the table before transporting back to his box sized cage.

The veterinary records show an inconceivable amount of Ketamine was given to this fragile little being. Its recorded that during each examination 44D was re-dosed with more Ketamine “as needed.” As noted in his records, 44D received a total of more than 2.5 GALLONS of Ketamine in his fourth year of one experiment.

44D wanted a life free of torture and pain. Free of herpes lesions, chronic diarrhea, amputated fingers, broken toes and countless other painful injuries recorded in his records. He risked escape twice by unlocking his own cage and once bit Gary The Tech. Finally, in his seventh year of being used, 44D was pronounced clinically blind with cataracts and lived on another 3 years suffering through random exams, before his death and eye extractions.

Monkey 44D veterinary records:

We are confident that, working together as a coordinated international community, we can force the University of Florida to shut down their primate experimentation program. Animal torture is entrenched at almost every university worldwide. We can set the precedent at UF and, in the process, begin to take a sledgehammer to the University Vivisection Complex.


The University of Florida fought for 14 months to keep the atrocities to which they subject monkeys secret. On December 30, 2011 activists in Florida won a lawsuit and are making their horrific experiments public.

Now we are calling for students worldwide to boycott applying to this institution.

In conjunction with a creative and aggressive grassroots campaign being waged by our comrades on the ground in Florida, we are calling for an international boycott of applications to the University of Florida.

NIO Florida has released three sets of records so far:

*One documents the harrowing ordeal of one Capuchin monkey who was kidnapped from his home in the jungles of Guyana, was terrorized for 17 years in their underground prisons, and finally died in 2009 as his tormenters tried to subdue him for the last time.

*Another documents the short life of a macaque purchased from Alpha Genesis. This monkey, Louis, lived in his cage with a broken hip — his leg was detached from his hip — and received no pain relief whatsoever. He was in so much agony that he suffered from chronic anorexia and vomiting until they murdered him after two years because “he could not be used.”

*Records have been revealed documenting five monkeys that were forcefed toxic dirt gathered from five waste sites around Florida.

*Records will be published shortly documenting monkeys that were poisoned, blinded, and tormented in unspeakable and unconscionable ways for the durations of their lives. Some died after months, some decades. Many are still enduring their despicable and torturous imprisonments.

All records are being maintained and are available for public inspection HERE.

Please sign our Boycott the University of Florida petition HERE. (if you experience difficulty accessing the url, it is a technical issue that will be resolved momentarily)

*Please note: any technical difficulty encountered accessing the petition will be resolved within 24 hours.