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The University of Florida Gators Clubs around the world support and fund animal torture at UF, even though non-animal alternatives are available and used world wide. After winning our lawsuit on Dec. 30, 2011, we arfe now in receipt of thousands of records documenting the torture to which monkeys are subjected in their labs. We must stop their money flow NOW to save lives! Sponsoring a sports team is fine, but until UF ends primate experimentation, gator club members are sponsoring the heinous suffering in UF labs. Alternatives are available! The world needs to know the truth!

by NIO Florida


The Deep South clubs are saturated with donors, alumni who pay dues, and upscale game-watching venues- all are responsible for blood money going to the UF dungeons. Urge them to withhold their support and pressure the university to end primate experimentation.

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SAMPLE LETTER (key words in this letter will be continually altered to avoid spam filters that have been put in place.)

Dear Gator,

Anim*l rights act*vists in Gainesville have won their case against UF and are now in receipt of thousands of records documenting the egregious suffering that m*nkeys endure in their l*bs.

The first records for M*nkey 2A4 are available HERE. All documents published will be available HERE.

Many people are unaware of the h*rrific experim*nts to which the University of Florida subjects s*ntient prim*tes. It is the responsibility of every person who supports UF to hold this institution accountable.

There are non-anim*l altern*tives available, but they make it much more difficult to secure millions of dollars in taxpayer-funded grants that are specifically earmarked for “inv*sive” and “p*inful” anim*l tests. Negoti*tion Is Over and other anim*l rights activists have been working for over a year to expose the truth.

Testing on innocent restr*ined anim*ls is scientific fraud!

Here’s an example of the myriad of technologically-advanced altern*tives from the Oxford Journal:

“In 2007 researchers developed an in silico model of tuberculosis to aid in drug discovery with a prime benefit cited as being faster than real time simulated growth rates allowing phenomena of interest to be observed in minutes rather than months, injuring no anim*ls. Explorative modeling has proven to be a viable approach for the development of new hypotheses and has aided the prediction of previously undiscovered mechanisms.”

I strongly urge you to consider withdrawing your support until UF chooses to adopt a policy consistent with a commitment to progressive science and respect for all anim*ls. Please persuade UF to operate with integrity and formally ban prim*te testing.


The University of Florida fought for 14 months to keep these and thousands of other documents out of the hands of the public. Subsequent to winning our lawsuit, they were delivered to us on January 4, 2012. Please note that all of the cruelty and torture documented below is in full compliance with the “strict guidelines” with which animal abuse is enforced and regulated by the Animal Welfare Act. Following are the secrets they don’t want you to know…

cover page - click to enlarge

by NIO Florida

Complete Veterinary Records for Monkey 2A4 (1992 – 2009)

Bergeron – Monkey 2A4 -Part I

Bergeron – Monkey 2A4 -Part II

Bergeron – Monkey 2A4 -Part III

The Tragic & Horrifying Life of Monkey 2A4

The initial record confirms that 2A4 and nine other male monkeys were trapped in the jungles of Guyana in 1992, probably as babies (their mothers most likely murdered in front of them), and ripped from their homes and families. Terrified, bewildered, and disoriented, they were shipped to the US. We were unable to confirm which airline was responsible. The tragic fate of little 2A4 was then sealed when he, along with his nine comrades, were sold by Charles River to Vivisector Raymond J. Bergeron at the University of Florida.

veterinary records indicate "subject is in good condition."

A UF lab insider describes how these monkeys are then driven insane:

[The monkeys are imprisoned in individual] cages as males would kill each other if housed together. Removed from their normal very social dynamic, the isolation makes them insane. I mean that literally. They are no longer normal monkeys as found in the wild. Most of these animals have been bred for this purpose (it’s cheaper), although some of the older ones were wild caught. I’m not sure which is worse. They’re given mirrors on the walls so they can see each other and dog toys to play with. This species (Cebus apella) is about the size of a skinny cat. It’s the “organ grinder” monkey, also called the capuchin monkey. The cages are about 2.5′ square. They have a false back in them that are attached to handles on the front. The researcher pulls the handles forcefully towards them, squeezing the monkey up against the front of the cage so that the anesthesia can be given. Monkeys are smart. They know how to evade all attempts to force them to do anything, especially after years of the same treatment. They learn how to fight back. That’s why this method of restraint is so stressful. They fight back so well, that you have to try again and again to get them pinned just right so you can get the needle into the thigh quickly. It’s always a two person job and never easy or unstressful.

This records confirm that 2A4 was the subject of an iron chelation study: he was injected with an overload of iron that would compromise him for the duration of his life in order to test “chelating agents” or drugs that are intended to remove excess iron in humans. As we noted previously, a major Health Science Center’s benefactor suffered and died from Hemochromatosis, a disease where too much iron is absorbed. It is reasonable, therefore, to conclude that the human symptoms of this disease were perpetually induced in 2A4 throughout his terrifying imprisonment: abdominal pain, fatigue, joint pain, lack of energy, loss of body hair, weight loss, and weakness.

imprisoned primate endures tuberculin test

The vet records also reveal that, after 24A was wrenched from his squeeze cage, he was subjected to regular tuberculin tests that were injected into his eyelids. This is normal procedure to ensure that tuberculosis isn’t present. That disease will decimate an entire primate facility very quickly.

The legally-required documentation of the controlled substances used (Ketamine, Telazol) and other vet procedures illustrates the horryifying regimens to which 2A4 was subjected for 17 years. He was routinely “knocked down,” dragged from his cage, experimented on, thrown back in his cage, and left alone to languish until his tormentors returned. When moved within the Communicore Building, his tiny body would probably have been carried by hand from room to room to conduct invasive assaults on his fragile body because they are basically taking them down the hall to different rooms. This is generally done by holding their biceps behind their backs with both hands and holding the monkeys well away form the body in case they start to wake up. These leaked floor plans will allow one to chart how he was (and other nonhuman inmates are) transported unconscious through the underground animal prison labyrinths.

Finally, after 17 years of torment, 2A4 died at the gloved hands of one of his terrorists in 2009. There are two likely reasons for his death.

gloved hands torture capuchin

One reason may be that while he was fighting to escape his attackers, the anesthesia may have been injected into a vein, artery, or lung. Our UF insider explains:

“The anesthesia drugs are supposed to be delivered IM (intra-muscular) and an accidental IV injection would be fatal because it would go immediately to the brain and stop the heart instead of slowly being released over time from the muscle tissue. In normal injections, one pulls back on the syringe plunger a little first and if you see blood, you know you hit a vein and you would then withdraw and restick to be sure you hit muscle. Unfortunately, the monkeys are struggling against the restraint and squirming so much that you take your chances and go ahead and inject quickly if you are in the muscle area – and hope you don’t hit a vein. This also means you frequently hit bone (VERY painful) and nerves by accident too.”

The second possibility relates to the fact that 2A4 was made into a drug addict. Because these monkeys are “knocked down” so frequently, they become drug addicts and develop a resistance to the drugs used to subdue them:

“The larger and larger doses become more and more dangerous as the window between effective sedation and overdose becomes more and more narrow. This also lends itself to causing impatience in the technician who goes a bit overboard in trying to get the job done and the animal is continuing to fight to maintain consciousness. The monkeys must be drugged because they are extremely dangerous if handled any other way. Despite their small size, they can easily bite your finger off and cause sever damage to any other part of your body they get hold of (they will often go for your face).”

Again, the 17-year long incarceration of 2A4, his life of torture and murder at the hands of his tormentors, was regulated by and in full compliance with the strict guidelines of the Animal Welfare Act.

Victim of the University Industrial Complex (picture leaked 2011)

Saturday, February 4 (5:30 – 7:30 pm)
Emerson Alumni Hall
1938 West University Hall
Gainesville, Florida

by NIO Florida

The University of Florida fought to keep their monkey experiment records secret for 14 months. On Dec. 30, 2011, we won our lawsuit and are now in possession of thousands of documents confirming daily torment and murder in their underground monkey prison.

Alumni and benefactors not only fund these crimes, but can significantly influence University policy. Therefore, we must continue to exert pressure if we are to win the monkeys’ release  and get their life sentences commuted.

Please join us for this peaceful and strategic demonstration.

“…he’s a bastard. Bergeron himself barely ever even looks at the poor creatures, much less ever touches them. He keeps his distance at all times. He hates the animal facilities.” -Bergeron’s anonymous colleague

bergeron sign

Office phone is answered by “Miranda”: 352-273-7725

Email is:

Bergeron is a Professor of Drug Development
Department of Medicinal Chemistry
OFFICE: Medical Science Building, P6-04

by NIO Florida

Raymond J. Bergeron has built a career by imprisoning and torturing all kinds of animals. However, since we are determined to shut down primate experimentation in UF, we only intend to focus on his crimes against monkeys. Please note that this arrogant terrorist has partnered with the industrial abusers at Proctor & Gamble to extract the greatest profits for all from the animals to whom he has PERSONALLY sentenced to lives of torment, disease, misery, and death.

While his glowing CV of atrocities will be revealed in staggering detail in the coming days and months, Bergeron’s claim to fame is primarily chelation therapy — the administration of chelating agents to remove heavy metals from the body. Common forms of heavy metal intoxication involve lead, arsenic or mercury. And, while Terrorist Bergeron enjoys variety in his torture regimens, his primary focus has been in the area of iron chelation – the chemical removal of excess iron from people with iron overloading disease (i.e., Hemochromatosis). This is politically important to UF because, interestingly, one of the major Health Science Center’s benefactors suffered and died from this disease. For this reason, it is our opinion that Bergeron will likely have permanent funding to indulge his penchant for monkey torture.

Raymond J. Bergeron and his wife, Kathleen, live in this house at
6220 NW 56TH Lane
Gainesville, FL 32653-3117

Home: (352) 373-8776

There in also vacant property in their name at: 6210 NW 56TH Lane in Gainesville

Essentially, Bergeron is integral in greasing the money flow into UF with monkey blood and tears. The decades of torment to which many of his victims have succumbed have served to keep the UF coffers overflowing with private donations and P&G profits.

His daughters, Emily and Jennifer, must be very proud.

Janine Sykes
Professional Animal Torture Apologist for the University of Florida
Office Phone: 352-846-3903

by Camille Marino

NIO Florida has begun to systematically tear down the wall of secrecy behind which the Vivisectors of UF used to feel safe to commit their unspeakable atrocities against innocent animals. For my deliberate acts of compassion, Janine Sikes yesterday labeled me an “animal terrorist” in the news. Although it’s rather irrelevant to this article, one would expect UF’s public relations shill to have a better command of the English language. But, more to the point, if the animal abusers are beginning to live in fear, then I am doing my job and we’ve only just begun.

The simple fact is that abusers do not fear me! They fear exposure! If they were baking cupcakes, they would thank me for publishing their information so that the public could find them more easily. But I suppose when your career is built on torturing imprisoned monkeys, you might not want your neighbors to know. This information comes from one of their sympathetic colleagues as well as their own veterinary records. It is among the many secrets they wish I didn’t know…

Monkeys are extracted from their “squeeze cages,” screaming, terrified, squirming, and fighting their tormentors trying to escape. They are usually wrenched from their cell by two lab techs for their OWN safety so as not to get bitten. Their victim is then “knocked down” with ketamine and other controlled substances.

The unconscious monkey is put in a box or cage and covered up so no one can see him/her and, silent and still, will attract no attention as s/he is taken to be tortured. The victim is then wheeled through the corridors of the dungeon and sometimes through the university labyrinths undetected by faculty, students, and other passers-by. Clearly they understand what the visceral response and horror such a scene would evoke were it not done covertly.

When they reach their destination, the monkey is deliberately and intentionally harmed by some invasive experiment. Different rooms are used for different kinds of procedures (e.g., injecting chemicals into their eyes, poisoning, injecting, implanting devices in their tired and abused little bodies, gratuitous surgeries, necropsies, etc.). S/he is then wheeled back the way they came and thrown into their dishwasher-sized cage in misery and pain. Of course, this is the best part of their wretched existence as their tormentors leave them to languish alone.

Eventually a vet comes in and writes “subject is in good condition” on the victimized animal’s chart.

Some monkeys go through this horror EVERY OTHER DAY of their miserable lives… for years and years…

Now, tell me, who the fuck are the terrorists?!

Blueprints of UF’s Communicore Animal Lab Facilities Available HERE

by Nathan Crabbe (Gainesville Sun)

An Alachua County Circuit Court judge has ordered the University of Florida to provide an animal rights activist with records on primates involved in research.

Camille Marino of Wildwood, who founded the group Negotiation is Over, received the records last week. She said she plans to use them to continue a campaign against animal research at UF, which recently included the online posting of the layout of UF laboratoriesand university spokeswoman Janine Sikes’s cellphone number

“They could not do what they do if they didn’t do it behind a wall of secrecy,” Marino said. “This is about tearing down that wall.”

Sikes received more than a dozen calls, including a death threat that UF police are investigating. She said UF resisted releasing the records out of concern about the safety of researchers.

“This is no longer a free-speech issue. She’s an animal terrorist,” Sikes said of Marino.

The Negotiation is Over website has posted contact information of UF researchers, with group members distributing fliers in one researcher’s neighborhood, and an offer of a $100 reward for information on students involved in research. In 2010, a California researcher whose car had been set on fire obtained an injunction ordering Marino to remove his address from the site.

The site describes imparting a vision of “car bombs, 24/7 security cameras, embarrassing home demonstrations, threats, injuries, and fear” on researchers. UF Police Chief Linda Stump said her department is monitoring the site for threats and talking with state and federal prosecutors to see if anything goes beyond free speech to being a criminal act.

“We’ll be all over it when it does,” she said.

Last fall, Marino requested records from UF on 33 primates used in research. UF initially billed her $566.54 before refunding the money and providing just one redacted purchasing report, removing information from it on the location of monkeys. UF cited a state law protecting the confidentiality of veterinary patient records in denying the request for other records.

Marino sued UF in October. In ordering the records to be released last week, Circuit Judge Martha Ann Lott found that the public records exemption applies only to the confidentiality of pet records held by a private veterinarian. But Lott refrained from ordering the disclosure of the location of monkeys based on “substantial concern for the personal safety of individuals.”

Under Lott’s order, UF will have the opportunity at a later hearing to show that the information falls under another public records exemption covering security plan information. Gainesville attorney Marcy LaHart, who is representing Marino, said the law isn’t intended to shield the location of university research facilities and animals.

“The University of Florida is reading the law to say something that it does not because they wish it did,” she said.

The records released to Marino, also obtained by The Sun, include hundreds of pages of progress reports on the health of cebus and rhesus monkeys. The records also include purchase reports suggesting that monkeys were obtained from the wild in South America.

“They were stripped from their families to be sent to the U.S. (and) put in a prison their entire lives,” Marino said. “It’s horrific. I don’t care if it’s legal.”

The Florida Board of Governors is asking state lawmakers, as part of its legislative budget request, to create a public records exemption for the addresses of university faculty and staff who conduct research involving animals. Stump said UF police are reviewing security measures and raising awareness of Negotiation is Over’s tactics with university employees.

“Whether it’s real or perceived, some of these folks feel threatened by this group,” she said.

Please download this detailed Site Analysis to understand the significance of the diagrams that follow. The renovations made to the Communicore Animal Care Facility (CAF) are spelled out in their entirety. Everything from the bulbs used in the torture rooms to the Infectious Disease units to procedures for “carcass removal” are now public domain.

communicore basement animal rooms_partialThe Communicore Animal Facility project is a 16,500 square foot facility located in the basement of the Health Science Center at the University of Florida. This college operates a BSL-3 suite containing 300 square foot and 600 square foot laboratories, each of which is fully equipped for research of infectious agents. The facility utilizes a clean to dirty corridor concept and provides six laboratories with adjacent animal rooms. (See Source Document)

by NIO Florida

Subsequent to winning our lawsuit against the University of Florida on December 30, 2011, we are now in possession of thousands of veterinary records documenting the horrors to which non-human primates are subjected within this institution. We have definitive proof that monkeys have been locked away in their underground dungeons, in some cases for decades, in cages the size of a dishwasher. They’ve been captured from their homes in the wild or bought from the likes of Charles River and Alpha Genesis. All have been tormented relentlessly. Many have died at the gloved hands of their terrorists.

On Friday, January 13 (and continuing throughout 2012), we will begin to make these veterinary records public. We have already begun to disseminate them privately to students, activists, and the media. The following security-sensitive floor plans have been leaked to us from a sympathetic lab tech at UF. The veterinary records document how monkeys are consistently “knocked down” with Ketamine and other controlled substances to be transported from their “holding cages” to “experimental cages” within the “Communicore Building (CB).”

These are the CB floor plans and will serve as a point of reference for all of the veterinary records that will be published from Friday the 13th on. Please note, there are other buildings through which UF transports their primate prisoners. But these floor plans are critical because this is where vivisectors enter, exit, and commit the majority of their crimes as documented in the forthcoming records.

Please bookmark this permanent page: ViviLeaks UF. It will carry all of the monkey torture chronicles.

Continue Reading

Subsequent to winning our lawsuit against UF, we now have definitive proof that monkeys have been locked away in their dungeons, in some cases for decades, in cages the size of a dishwasher. They’ve been captured from their homes in the wild or bought from the likes of Charles River and Alpha Genesis. All have been tormented relentlessly. Many have died at the gloved hands of their terrorists. We need to get the survivors out NOW! And we need your help to do it. Alumni & benefactors not only fund monkey torture, but they are able to significantly influence policy.  As we continue to escalate this campaign to never-before-seen degrees, the primates desperately need our voices to rise loudly and in unison. We must stop their money flow NOW to save lives! Sponsoring a sports team is fine, but until UF adopts a progressive and compassionate research policy, all club members are sponsoring the heinous suffering in UF labs when alternatives are available. Please help us by participating in this week’s cyber action…

This monkey was tortured to death at the gloved hands of vivisectors in the University Vivisection Complex. (Leaked by whistleblower, 2011)

by NIO Florida

This Week’s Target

This week we are visiting the North Florida Gator Clubs who attended last weekend’s huge Gator Bowl event. Let’s tell them what they saw online and around Florida. Tell them to stop funding cruel and archaic “science” and formally ban animal testing now!

Email Block,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Sample Letter

Dear UF Supporter,

UPDATE: Animal rights activists from NIO have won their lawsuit against UF and are now in possession of records documenting the atrocities to which monkeys have been subjected on their campus for decades. This is definitive proof that the University of Florida still performs cruel and archaic experiments on nonhuman primates.It is now undeniable that your dues and contributions, as well as taxes, are funding the torture of monkeys at UF.

Negotiation Is Over will be posting vet records delineating some of the horrific experiments twice a week at

Many people are unaware of the morally reprehensible and horrific experiments to which the University of Florida subjects sentient primates in their labs — they are poisoned, sickened, and killed. More than 200 other animals are forced to endure painful experiments with no anesthesia. They are intentionally left to languish in agony until they die. It is the responsibility of every person who supports UF to hold this institution accountable.

There are non-animal alternatives available, but they make it much more difficult to secure millions of dollars in taxpayer-funded grants that are specifically earmarked for “invasive” and “painful” animal tests. Negotiation Is Over and other animal rights activists have been working for over a year to expose UF’s horrific primate experiments as well as the misappropriation of federal grants.
Testing on innocent restrained animals is archaic, painful and scientific fraud!

I strongly urge you to consider withdrawing your support until UF chooses to adopt a policy consistent with a commitment to progressive science and respect for all animals. You can persuade UF to operate with integrity and formally ban primate testing.

Here’s an example of the myriad of technologically-advanced alternatives from the Oxford Journal:

“In 2007 researchers developed an in silico model of tuberculosis to aid in drug discovery with a prime benefit cited as being faster than real time simulated growth rates allowing phenomena of interest to be observed in minutes rather than months, injuring no animals.”


by NIO Florida

We leafleted in Jacksonville, FL at a Gator Bowl shuttle loading zone. About 50 buses prepared to transport both Gator and Buckeye fans downtown to the game from this park-and-ride lot. Regardless of who they were, activists stopped each person as they boarded buses to hand out our updated flyer.

The information leaflet not only included UF vivisection/financial fraud information, but also NIO’s precedent-setting win against UF to gain access to public records of imprisoned and tortured primates, many of whom have been murdered. This is undeniable proof for those unenlightened alumni who don’t know they directly fund horrible experiments.

All flyers were taken onto buses, shared with others and taken home. Most people don’t want animal rights leaflets but UF Alumni happily accept them when they are rolled up with shiny trinkets. A small tailgate party of Gator fans were very vocal using hand gestures and whining about “ could anyone ruin a party for this shit.”

On the way out to hold signs for the departing buses, NIO also gave leaflets to JTA officials and the Highway Patrol.

This disgusting display of animal torture at the New Year's Day Gator Rally was sponsored by the University of Florida.

by NIO Florida

New Years Day Festival at the upscale St. John’s Town Center in Jacksonville, FL.

NIO activists were aggressive with graphic vivisection signs that directly blamed UF Alumni for their role in funding the primate testing atrocities at the university.

On the day before the Bowl, the UF Gators and OS Buckeyes both held rallies. The place was packed with UF Alumni who need to take responsibility for funding primate testing when there are alternatives available.

While on their entrance/exit corner, people drove by with complete shock on their faces. The reactions were due to complete ignorance. Like many, they had no clue that UF still experiments on primates. This is why getting the information out to their alumni is so important.

While we have no misconceptions about vivisecters, we do have hope that we can get alumn to stop funding slavery and torture at UF and, once they know the truth, influence a compassionate and progressive research policy going forward.

Other reactions included thumbs down, hand against windows to block NIO out, and a traffic jam from drivers looking at signs.