Month: January 2012

Negotiation is Over - Florida

Cyber Action Monday: Stop the Flow of Money to UF – Week 6

The University of Florida Gators Clubs around the world support and fund animal torture at UF, even though non-animal alternatives are available and used world wide. After winning our lawsuit on Dec. 30, 2011, we arfe now in receipt of thousands of records documenting the torture to which monkeys are subjected in their labs. We…
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Monkey 2A4: Tortured in UF’s Labs for 17 Years, Died at the Gloved Hands of his Tormentors

The University of Florida fought for 14 months to keep these and thousands of other documents out of the hands of the public. Subsequent to winning our lawsuit, they were delivered to us on January 4, 2012. Please note that all of the cruelty and torture documented below is in full compliance with the “strict…
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February 4: UF Alumni Demo at “Gator Gala”

Saturday, February 4 (5:30 – 7:30 pm) Emerson Alumni Hall 1938 West University Hall Gainesville, Florida by NIO Florida The University of Florida fought to keep their monkey experiment records secret for 14 months. On Dec. 30, 2011, we won our lawsuit and are now in possession of thousands of documents confirming daily torment and…
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Introducing Vivisector Raymond J. Bergeron

“…he’s a bastard. Bergeron himself barely ever even looks at the poor creatures, much less ever touches them. He keeps his distance at all times. He hates the animal facilities.” -Bergeron’s anonymous colleague Office phone is answered by “Miranda”: 352-273-7725 Email is: Bergeron is a Professor of Drug Development Department of Medicinal Chemistry OFFICE:…
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Who the fuck are the terrorists?!

Janine Sykes Professional Animal Torture Apologist for the University of Florida Email: Office Phone: 352-846-3903 by Camille Marino NIO Florida has begun to systematically tear down the wall of secrecy behind which the Vivisectors of UF used to feel safe to commit their unspeakable atrocities against innocent animals. For my deliberate acts of compassion,…
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Judge orders UF to give animal rights activist records on primates

Blueprints of UF’s Communicore Animal Lab Facilities Available HERE by Nathan Crabbe (Gainesville Sun) An Alachua County Circuit Court judge has ordered the University of Florida to provide an animal rights activist with records on primates involved in research. Camille Marino of Wildwood, who founded the group Negotiation is Over, received the records last week.…
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Leaked Documents: Floor Plans of UF Vivisection Labs

Please download this detailed Site Analysis to understand the significance of the diagrams that follow. The renovations made to the Communicore Animal Care Facility (CAF) are spelled out in their entirety. Everything from the bulbs used in the torture rooms to the Infectious Disease units to procedures for “carcass removal” are now public domain. The…
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NIO Cyber Action Monday: Stop the Flow of Money to UF – Week 5

Subsequent to winning our lawsuit against UF, we now have definitive proof that monkeys have been locked away in their dungeons, in some cases for decades, in cages the size of a dishwasher. They’ve been captured from their homes in the wild or bought from the likes of Charles River and Alpha Genesis. All have…
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Jan. 2 Gator Bowl Report – Alumni Party, Jacksonville

by NIO Florida We leafleted in Jacksonville, FL at a Gator Bowl shuttle loading zone. About 50 buses prepared to transport both Gator and Buckeye fans downtown to the game from this park-and-ride lot. Regardless of who they were, activists stopped each person as they boarded buses to hand out our updated flyer. The information…
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Jan. 1 Gator Bowl Report – New Year’s Day Festival, Jacksonville

by NIO Florida New Years Day Festival at the upscale St. John’s Town Center in Jacksonville, FL. NIO activists were aggressive with graphic vivisection signs that directly blamed UF Alumni for their role in funding the primate testing atrocities at the university. On the day before the Bowl, the UF Gators and OS Buckeyes both…
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