Month: January 2012

Negotiation is Over - Florida

February 4: Funeral for Monkeys Murdered by UF will be held at “Gator Gala”

On Saturday evening, alumni will gather in Gainesville to celebrate “Gator Gala.” Simultaneously, a funeral will be held for 2A4 & Louis, two monkeys tortured to death by UF vivisectors. Activists are encouraged to wear black and dress appropriately. This will be a peaceful demonstration with a closed-casket ceremony. A somber eulogy will be delivered.

Cyber Action Monday: Stop the Flow of Money to UF – Week 8

The University of Florida Gators Clubs around the world support and fund animal torture at UF, even though non-animal alternatives are available and used world wide. Primates are imprisoned in their labs, routinely terrorized, poisoned, sickened, and killed. by NIO Florida This week’s target is the Central Florida Gator Club. Last week this club published…
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Bergeron & Roberts forcefed monkeys toxic waste, gave okay for children to play in toxic dirt

by NIO Florida The state of Georgia wanted to turn an arsenic-poisoned waste site into a little league baseball field so they commissioned the University of Florida to conduct bioavailability studies. Always eager to profit from animal suffering, UF dispatched Raymond J. Bergeron and Stephen Robertsto conduct the torture sessions in which they forcefed monkeys…
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UF “encourages” its “alumni” to spam activists!

by NIO Florida Profiting from monkey torture appears to have become a public relations nightmare for the University of Florida. Now that their secrets are out, they are squirming and writhing trying to keep their benefactors and the public from hearing them. One after another, their Gator Nation networks are disabling the emails of entire…
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Cyber Action Monday: Stop the Flow of Money to UF – Week 7

This week’s target is the Windy City Gator Club. This Chicago club boasts 4200 Gators in Chicago. That’s $210,000 per year, just from paying basic dues, going straight into UF’s prison camp coffers. There’s no telling how much more comes from donations or lifetime memberships from Windy City Gator Club members. We need to make…
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Cleveland Students Discouraged from Applying to the University of Florida

by Linda Beane (The Examiner, Original Title: “His Name Was Louis”) Today I am writing about the future of our cities youth and their exposure to a compassionate and empathic world where animals are treated as respected beings not as commodities. We all want great happiness and success for our children, this starts with their…
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A Monkey named Louis: UF gave him no pain relief for broken hip, made him suffer and deteriorate for a full year

In August of 2010, we learned about a monkey named Louis. A lab tech pleaded with UF to release him to a sanctuary and stop his suffering. While the lab tech was on vacation, Louis was murdered and incinerated on July 9, 2010. UF wanted to ensure that the world would never see his deteriorated…
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Members of the Gator Nation Denounce the University of Florida

by NIO Florida The following members of the Alumni Association and Deep South Gator Clubs have been persuaded by this week’s outreach exercise to issue the public denunciations of the University of Florida that follow below. Because they have adopted an ethical and compassionate position, their names have been removed from this week’s cyber action.…
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Vivisector Stephen Roberts: Poisons & Murders Monkeys… but is he a Pedophile???

The picture below is of Stephen’s brother and his family: Mike Roberts, his wife Yhormith, and Stephen Roberts’ cute little nephew, Aiden. They live in Jacksonville.

Monkey 2A4: Tortured in UF’s Labs for 17 Years, Died at the Gloved Hands of his Tormentors

The University of Florida fought for 14 months to keep these and thousands of other documents out of the hands of the public. Subsequent to winning our lawsuit, they were delivered to us on January 4, 2012. Please note that all of the cruelty and torture documented below is in full compliance with the “strict…
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