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by NIO Florida

The University of Florida must be persuaded to abandon the archaic and torturous animal experiments from which they reap hundreds of millions of dollars annually. Therefore, we must begin to apply systematic and sustained pressure on them, their benefactors, their sponsors and the UF community worldwide. Sadly, we’ve found that many people believe primate experimentation is a thing of the past and they are horrified when they learn of primate torture currently underway in their labs. Additionally, unbeknownst to the public, hundreds of other animals are subjected to painful experiments without anesthesia and left to intentionally languish in agony. A formal lawsuit is now pending to compel the university to disclose records to taxpayers documenting the abuses visited on primates in their labs… We encourage activists to consider joining a global campaign against UF by protesting their alum and benefactors in your area.


The Washington, DC Gator Club. There are 100 Gator Clubs around the world whose members are UF alumni and friends. They all need to know the truth about the atrocities they fund! Sponsoring a sports team is fine but until UF bans animal testing, club members are sponsoring the heinous suffering in UF labs… and now we are telling the world about their CHOICE.

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Dear UF Alum & Friends,

Gators Clubs around the world are unknowingly supporting and funding animal torture at UF. Primates are imprisoned in their labs, poisoned, sickened, and killed. More than 200 other animals are forced to endure painful experiments with no anesthesia. They are intentionally left to languish in agony until they die. In addition to being unresponsive for over a year about apparently-fraudulent grants, a formal lawsuit is now pending to compel disclosure of public primate vivisection records for taxpayers’ scrutiny.

There are non-animal alternatives available, but they make it much more difficult to secure millions of dollars in taxpayer-funded grants that are specifically earmarked for “invasive” and “painful” animal tests. Negotiation Is Over and other animal rights activists have been working for over a year to expose UF’s horrific primate experiments as well as the misappropriation of federal grants. (For further information, see:

Testing on innocent restrained animals is archaic, painful and scientific fraud!

Here’s an example of the myriad of technologically-advanced alternatives available:

“VaxDesign’s groundbreaking Modular IMmune In vitro Construct (MIMIC) system uses human cells to create a working dime-sized human immune system for testing the safety and effectiveness of HIV/AIDS vaccines.”

I strongly urge you to consider withdrawing your support until UF chooses to adopt a policy consistent with a commitment to progressive science and respect for all animals. You can persuade UF to operate with integrity.

Your Name


Washington DC Gator Club
Club President: Mr. Sean A. Taylor
(202) 557-8236
TWITTER: @DCgatorclub

Pour House
319 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE
Washington, DC 20003
PHONE: 202-546-0779
TWITTER @pourhousedc

Bailey’s Pub/Fox and Hound
4238 Wilson Blvd.
Arlington, VA 22203
PHONE: Corporate Office 800-22-2118
TWITTER: @The_FoxandHound

UF Medical School Dr. James Phillips

Posted by News4Jax

A University of Florida College of Medicine-Jacksonville faculty member has been arrested on charges of lewd and lascivious molestation on a child younger than 12.

James Phillips, 45, has been placed on administrative leave pending the investigation. He is being held in the Duval County jail with bail set at $100,003.

According to a police report, the molestation was reported on Nov. 25. “Potential evidence” was collected during a search, according to the report.

Police said Phillips denied any wrongdoing. Other details of the arrest were redacted from the police report.

Administrators with the Jacksonville UF College of Medicine campus said they were notified Thursday of the investigation and immediately took Phillips out of a patient care setting.

“These charges against a member of our faculty are deeply troubling. This conduct, if true, is intolerable,” said Dr. Bernie Machen, president of the University of Florida. “We extend to the child and family our most sincere concern during this difficult time.”

Phillips has been an employee with the UF College of Medicine-Jacksonville since July 2002, first as a resident and currently as an assistant professor of adult internal medicine in the Department of Medicine. The allegations do not involve patient care and did not occur on Shands Jacksonville Medical Center or UF property, officials said.

“We are cooperating fully with police as they gather facts,” said Dr. David S. Guzick, senior vice president for health affairs at UF and president of the UF&Shands Health System. “As always, the goal of UF&Shands is to provide a safe, secure and caring environment for our patients, their families and the community. These allegations have shocked and saddened us, and the police investigation is critical.”

Update: As of December 1, UF has officially defied a court order to turn over records documenting experiments on primates performed in their labs.

by Nathan Crabbe (Gainesville Sun)

A Gainesville judge has ordered the University of Florida to comply with an animal rights activist’s public records request or explain its reason for withholding the records.

Camille Marino of Wildwood, founder of the animal rights group Negotiation is Over, sued UF last month for failing to produce records on 33 primates involved in research. Marino had initially been asked to pay $566.54 for the records, but the university later provided only one redacted purchasing report and refunded the money.

Eighth Judicial Circuit Chief Judge Martha Ann Lott issued the order to UF on Nov. 3 and the university was served last week, starting a 20-day clock for its response. Gainesville attorney Marcy LaHart, who is representing Marino, said UF officials were disingenuous in rejecting the request and provided an invalid explanation to Marino.

“They thought she would just go away,” LaHart said. “They thought they could get away with claiming an exemption that doesn’t really apply. It doesn’t even pass the laugh test.”

Marino requested information on the primates that includes their veterinary records and details about their deaths. UF cited a state law protecting the confidentiality of veterinary patient records in denying the request.

Negotiation is Over has campaigned against animal research at UF, including an effort to identify faculty and student researchers on its website. The effort led UF to warn students at the start of the semester.