Month: November 2011

Negotiation is Over - Florida

Gary Yourofsky visits UF: “There’s no middle ground”

by Jackie Alexander (Gainesville Sun) The way to describe livestock raised to produce food for humans is slavery, rape and murder, said longtime animal rights activist Gary Yourofsky. “I want you to think about if the moment you were born someone had planned the day of your execution,” he said, “because that’s what it’s like…
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Prosecutor tries to force activist to sign rights away

by Lisa Grossman It was a good day in court today for the innocent prisoners in the University of Florida’s animal experimentation labs. I know this because the state attorney’s office (on behalf of UF) not only changed their deal agreement with me after my deciding to do community service for trespassing instead of going…
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Breaking: UF Tried & FAILED to have Activist’s First Amendment Rights Suspended

by Camille Marino NIO Florida co-founder, Lisa Grossman, appeared in Alachua Criminal Court this morning to accept a plea agreement of six months probation for violating a trespass order at the University of Florida earlier this year. UF’s lawyers approached the bench and had the terms of the agreement changed to one full year probation…
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Security Management November Highlights Warn of New Animal Rights Threat

Based on a lengthy email exchange with Editor of Homeland Security, Matthew Harwood, several months ago, neither of us is under any illusion that he is anything but an industry-paid hack. “Security Management” exists to advance their clients’ interests. Following is the portion of their November 2011 report discussing the threat posed by NIO. The…
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Animal-rights activist suing UF

Posted by The Daily Commercial (Leesburg) A Wildwood-based animal-rights activist is suing the University of Florida over primate research records. Camille Marino, founder of the group Negotiation is Over (NIO), made a request last fall for records on 33 primates at UF research facilities. The university denied the request and Marino sued the university last…
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