Month: October 2011

Negotiation is Over - Florida

Canadian med schools end use of live animals

The University of Florida tortures tens of thousands of animals to death in their labs, resists transparency at every level, and, by refusing to disclose public records about their prisoners, they currently stand in contempt of Florida state law from which they seem to believe they are exempt. In contrast, we see a growing trend around the world — everywhere but in the blood-money capitalist US — to make sweeping strides toward ending vivisection. Canada has just ended this obscene practice in its medical schools. Vivisection will end here when the detriments of sadism outweigh the benefits… read more

Vivisection Students at the University of Florida Torture Shelter Dogs to Death

“E6993” – Victim of UF Animal Torture Student

Posted by Advocate for Saving Dogs

Every year, millions of animals in need of sanctuary enter animal shelters across the country. While many are lucky enough to find new homes, hundreds become victims of pound seizure, as they are purchased by class B dealers who then sell the animals at an enormous profit to research and education facilities, where they are used in invasive and oftentimes painful experimental procedures.

Such was the case with Cruella, a shepherd cross who was found in Carson City, Michigan, wearing a purple collar and chain, indicating that she was once someone’s companion animal. Considered a stray at the time, Cruella was housed in pen 20 at Montcalm County Animal Control until she was relinquished to R&R Research, a class B animal dealer, and became known simply as E6993. She remained at R&R for 6 months, likely spending most of her time alone, confined in a cage with limited human companionship. read more

Animal rights activist sues UF over public records

by Nathan Crabbe (Gainesville Sun)

An animal rights activist has sued the University of Florida for denying a public records request for information on research involving primates.

Camille Marino, a Wildwood-based activist with the group Negotiation is Over, sued the university last week in an Alachua County circuit court. She made a request last fall for records on 33 non-human primates mentioned in a federal inspection report of UF research facilities.

She was asked to pay $566.54 for the records, but UF later provided just one redacted purchasing report for six primates and refunded the money. read more

NIO sues UF for withholding public information about their captive primates

In late December of 2010, the University of Florida refused a request from NIO activists to produce public records regarding primates imprisoned in their labs, citing an alleged veterinary-client privilege from which the law specifically exempts public institutions engaged in vivisection.

Having gained no relief over the last several months from directly engaging university officials, the Florida legislature, or local media, his morning, Camille Marino [on behalf of Negotiation is Over] filed suit with the Alachua County Clerk to compel disclosure of the public records in question: read more


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