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A student wrote to NIO to express his/her concerns about our campaign geared toward dissuading students from considering entering fields that involve animal torture. In the following exchange, Lisa Grossman responds and dispels several misconceptions:


“Why not target the institution? Thats what I dont understand about your campaign… I know people just trying to get degrees in science. These students usually are poor and just trying to get a degree. Why not go to the level where they actually make decisions? These kids are just trying to get a degree, they don’t choose the cirrriculum in their given major. I’m a ________ student and you have made me fear for my friends’ safety.. what do you plan to do with this info?”


It’s a good question you ask- I wish more people would do the same. First of all you’re correct to fear for your friends. We’re 3000 strong globally at Negotiation Is Over- some more angry than others. I have attached some pics because it’s likely you don’t understand what’s happening and what’s about to happen. We do what’s right and we are showing students the truth for the first time.

First of all the animal holocaust is not an exaggeration. Just today the current number of animals killed for research has risen to 3.7 million PER YEAR. There’s never a year where the numbers go down. It’s not just mice in mazes anymore Pat, look at the pics- this is what’s being done to animals hourly. And the Universities are responsible for huge amounts of torture, fear and mutilation. We are moved by this horror as many have been in the last 2 centuries. BUT nothing has changed and more animals suffer and get thrown in the college incinerators. We are not going to do the same polite peaceful things, I mean only a moron would think that way!

We have many elements to this fight. Some have stopped several airlines and ferries just this year from transporting lab animals to prisons. We petition congress to stop giving money. We tell alumni at colleges the same and show them the TRUTH. In California there have been fire bombings on vivisectors and the torture still continues!! Now its time to stop vivisection from getting started. That would mean showing students what will actually be expected of them. It’s wrong. We’re good and right and only showing the truth. We will fight for the animals if this doesn’t work. Seriously, No more “chatting” about a holocaust.


Anyone who receives this knowledge and doesn’t change their paths and attitudes is guilty of the same. You’re students and we’ll try to teach you first with real, current information. But I seriously doubt all will listen so we have plans for them too. Dreams and goals and degrees can stay the same. We simply insists that no more animals be used to achieve them as its not necessary. See attached word doc and pics. Any decent young person would join us.

Lisa Grossman
Animal Rights Activist
Negotiation Is Over
The time for civil discourse has expired….


You’re saying I should fear for my friends. And yeah, I understand your point but many of them are years into the major they chose and did not know that it would result in them having to do different sorts of things. Actually one of them refuses to participate in things like dissections. Why should I fear for them, are you guys planning on harming people?”



We will however expose the truth about animals being tortured in labs for research. Its a sickness based in greed since there are alternatives. And people who do this will be exposed for their addiction. We know even if it all comes to an abrupt halt, greedy people won’t miss a beat in making profit on using the alternatives. Thats why we work to abolish all animal testing immediately- its the fastest way to alternatives being developed and used. So theres no need for us to cause harm- and it’s totally against our world view! We have proof that people who know the truth about how innocent animals are used, they do not accept it on any level. Look at all the south florida businesses and workers who will no longer associate with primate products! No one was harmed for this! The truth was simply shown.

And PS — any students who continue their studies by refusing all dissections and all animal use ARE OUR HEROES!!

In response to a recent Security Advisory about NIO issued by the AMP, several students responded seeking guidance on how to deal with animal rights activists on campus. Here is the form letter they received:

From: Jacquie Calnan – Americans for Medical Progress []

Dear ______,

I can understand how such protests may be upsetting to you, but as long as they are conducted legally, there is little one can do, beyond refusing to accept the leaflets that are being handed out and simply walking past the protestors.

One of the great strengths of America, and of the academic community, is reverence for the principle of freedom of speech. Individuals opposed to animal research have every right to express their views via legal means, as you and your fellow students also have an absolute right to express your own opinions about animal research – or any other topic.

It is only when the expression of a belief is carried out in a way that threatens the welfare and safety of others that the protests become problematic.

My advice is to reach out to your school’s administration, or a trusted professor, and express your concerns. If you feel threatened, let them know. It is incumbent upon the school to provide a safe and secure learning environment for its students.

All best,


Jacquie Calnan, MPA
Americans for Medical Progress

a biomed student leaving a torture session on july 9 is leafleted by nio activist: "you're putting a bounty on my head???"

by Nathan Crabbe (Gainesville Sun)

University of Florida Health Science Center employees are being warned to take precautions in light of the actions of animal rights activists.

As I reported last week, the animal rights group Negotiation is Over has been distributing fliers on the UF campus offering cash rewards for personal information about students experimenting on animals. Group member Lisa Grossman may face a criminal charge over UF police allegations that she violated a trespass warning to distribute the fliers.

Dr. David Guzick, UF’s senior vice president of health affairs and president of the Shands system, sent an email to Health Science Center employees condemning the group’s tactics. He reminded them to “be aware of your surroundings and employ appropriate security precautions,” such as not admitting strangers to locked facilities and contacting law enforcement to report suspicious persons.

“Finally, I want to reassure you that we are concerned and involved. We’ll monitor UPD’s findings and activities, and we’ll take all the necessary steps to help safeguard HSC personnel, students and facilities,” he wrote. “With your help, we’ll meet this challenge with vigilance and professionalism.”

Negotiation is Over previously posted personal information of UF faculty on its website over claims that they conduct experiments on animals. Last week, group founder Camille Marino told me that the new tactic involving students is being employed because they represent the “ground floor” of animal research.

“If we eliminate the group floor, the complex implodes on itself,” she said.

She defended information on the group’s website that said students need to aware that animal researchers face “a lifetime of grief” including “car bombs, 24/7 security cameras, embarrassing home demonstrations, threats, injuries, and fear.” She said it was not a threat, but simply information on what has happened to animal researchers.

“If you’re learning about torturing animals now, you might as well be learning about the consequences that face you in the future,” she said.

Click image to see TV20 news report in Gainesville.

by Erin Jester (Independent Alligator)

A member of the extremist animal rights group Negotiation is Over may face criminal charges for violating a trespass order by distributing fliers on campus offering $100 for personal information about UF researchers who use animals in experiments.

UF police confirmed that Lisa Grossman, 50, of Jacksonville, entered the Cancer and Genetics Research Building July 9 to distribute the fliers.

Grossman, along with fellow NIO member Camille Marino, was issued a trespass warning Dec. 18 after staging a protest during a fundraiser inside the Curtis M. Phillips Center.

University Police Department Maj. Brad Barber said campus police are taking all necessary steps to secure campus research facilities.

“We are reminding all staff, faculty and students to be aware of their surroundings and circumstances, report suspicious activity to us and allow us to investigate,” Barber said.

UF spokeswoman Janine Sikes said the university filed a complaint with the state attorney’s office Friday.

On Thursday, Sikes, UPD Lt. Scott Summers and professor Henry Baker of the genetics department held an informational meeting in the Cancer and Genetics Research building for those who wanted to know more about the incident and NIO. Sikes said UPD believes someone let Grossman into the building on July 9, since students and faculty are required to scan their Gator 1 cards for entry.

“The University of Florida strongly condemns the tactics used by this particular group,” Sikes said. “They have used mischaracterizations and inaccuracies, and their rhetoric is extremely strong. Their only intent is to intimidate and harass.”

Claiming members of UF’s faculty have participated in animal torture, NIO has posted personal information of faculty members.

The website now includes a section titled “Activism Tools,” with links to other pages training activists to expand their computer-hacking skills or even “F*** With Vivisectors” from home by making prank phone calls and spamming their email.

On the “War on Vivisection Students” page of the site is an image of the flier Grossman distributed, asking for pictures and personal information of researchers in exchange for money.

Under the image is this warning: “Students also need to understand that making the wrong choice will result in a lifetime of grief. Aspiring scientists envision curing cancer at the Mayo Clinic. We need to impart a new vision: car bombs, 24/7 security cameras, embarrassing home demonstrations, threats, injuries, and fear. And, of course, these students need to realize that any personal risk they are willing to assume will also be visited upon their parents, children, and nearest & dearest loved ones. The time to reconsider is now.”

Sikes has been dealing with NIO since October, when it launched its campaign against animal researchers at UF.

NIO has since posted a picture on its anti-UF blog of Sikes holding a sign which has been doctored to read, “Defending Our Right to Torture Animals Since 2007.”

According to the UF Office of Research’s handbook on using animals in research, all experiments involving vertebrate animals must first be approved by the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee.

IACUC approval meetings, which establish the necessity of using animals in research and provisions for their welfare, are open to researchers and the public.

According to the animal use handbook, researchers must avoid or minimize animals’ distress and pain, use sedation, analgesia or anesthesia and practice appropriate animal husbandry at all times.

“Anyone you know who has had a heart transplant … Anyone who has had a medical procedure, it’s likely that it was successful because of animal research,” Sikes said. “Every medical advancement we have around the world, we have because of biomedical research.”

Camille Marino is the founder of Negotiation is Over, which she said is not an organization but consists of 3,000 independent, decentralized activists.

NIO has targeted other research institutions in the past, but its website now features a link to a dedicated blog about UF. Marino said she is currently targeting UF because she lives in Gainesville.

“What you euphemistically call a researcher I call animal torturers, so if you’re an animal abuser, we intend to collect as much information on you as we can,” Marino said.

Marino said she and other NIO activists were gathering information about animal researchers to “expose atrocities that occur behind closed doors at UF.” “I do believe that animal research, as you call it, is a war crime, nothing less,” she said.

Although she said she believes animal cruelty must be stopped by any means necessary, Marino said she does not plan to use violence herself.

“I do not advocate violence, nor do I encourage it,” Marino said. “If I provide information about somebody who is doing violent experiments on animals and they are justifiably retaliated upon with violence, this has nothing to do with me. I am simply reporting facts.”

When Derek Jacobs, a graduate research assistant in molecular genetics, heard an NIO member had trespassed on university property, he said he became curious about NIO’s objective and checked out its website.

He said he didn’t find a direct description of NIO’s beliefs and that it seemed activists were more comfortable with scare tactics than reasonable arguments.

“As a researcher, I didn’t feel that was the right way to frame the argument in the first place,” Jacobs said.

The following email was received by NIO early this morning and we have just been given the express permission of our embedded colleague, Dr. X, to publish this portion of his/her commentary:

“… [UF] has never encountered such a threat of public exposure as the NIO activists currently present… Dr. Guzick’s directive to ‘avoid contact with suspicious persons’ is eerily reminiscent of one of the most tragically-failed campaigns in U.S. history which was designed to protect children from sexual predators in the early 1970s… the flawed advice was responsible for grooming an entire generation victims… The university does not know how to respond either, but fears students may panic… Additionally, your ‘unpublished’ interview with the Gainesville Sun reporter was shared with his UF associates. Dr. Guzick’s statement follows.” -X

Subject: extremists in our midst…
Date: Sat, July 16, 2011 2:54 am

As you may be aware, an extremist animal-rights group known as Negotiation Is Over has focused its attention on the University of Florida since fall 2010.

This group is very small but its members have made many attempts to attract attention by criticizing UF, often using inaccurate information and confrontational tactics.

The University Police Department is involved in the situation and has stepped up its efforts in response to an incident last week, when an NIO leader violated a no-trespass order and came on campus to post flyers.

So far, the NIO has focused most of its attention on a few UF faculty members that the group believes are involved in non-human primate research. Now it is offering rewards to those who provide contact information for students involved in biomedical research.

We strongly condemn the tactics of this anti–animal research extremist group.

I’m taking this opportunity to remind you to be aware of your surroundings and employ appropriate security precautions.

Lt. Scott Summers of UPD has asked that all UF personnel follow these guidelines:

*Do not admit any strangers to locked facilities.
*Make sure that security devices at your facility are being used appropriately. For example, self-locking doors should not be blocked open.
*If you notice any suspicious activity around your facility, such as strangers loitering, contact UPD at 392-1111 if you’re on the UF campus, or contact the appropriate local law-enforcement agency if you’re elsewhere.
*Avoid direct contact with suspicious persons whenever possible. Instead, notify law enforcement.
*Notify your supervisor if you receive any communications or harassment from animal-rights activists. These could include e-mails, phone calls, letters, etc.
*Be aware that you are not required to discuss animal-rights issues with reporters or anyone else who may inquire. You can refer inquiries to Janine Sikes, UF public affairs director, at (352) 846-3903
*Please notify your supervisor of any potential security issues at your facility, and any past incidents that may have been the work of animal-rights activists.

Finally, I want to reassure you that we are concerned and involved. We’ll monitor UPD’s findings and activities, and we’ll take all the necessary steps to help safeguard HSC personnel, students and facilities.

With your help, we’ll meet this challenge with vigilance and professionalism.


David S. Guzick, M.D., Ph.D.,
Senior Vice President, Health Affairs,
President, UF&Shands Health System

Lisa Grossman

by Nathan Crabbe (Gainesville Sun)

An animal rights activist may face a criminal charge after University of Florida police alleged she violated a trespass warning to distribute fliers on campus offering a $100 reward for personal information about students who experiment on animals.

Lisa Ann Grossman, 50, of Jacksonville, was issued the warning in December for a protest inside a fundraiser at UF’s Phillips Center for the Performing Arts. UF police say that Grossman, a member of the animal rights group Negotiation is Over, violated the order Saturday by entering the Cancer and Genetics Research Building on campus to distribute the fliers.

The State Attorney’s Office is reviewing a possible trespassing charge, a second-degree misdemeanor punishable by up to 60 days in jail and a $500 fine. Grossman said members of Negotiation is Over were in Gainesville for the group’s campaign against animal research Saturday, but she declined comment on whether she entered the building.

She disputed the original trespass warning, saying that she paid $75 to attend the fundraiser and shouldn’t have been issued it. She said there was nothing wrong about conducting a campaign aimed at stopping animals from being “tortured in labs” by researchers and students alike.

“This is a holocaust and new ways have to be used to stop them,” she said.

The flier reads “STUDENTS EARN EA$Y MONEY” and offers $100 cash for information about each student learning to experiment with animals. The flier pledges that students who provide the information can “quit (their) part time job” if they give the name, picture, address, phone number and other contact information of other students involved in experiments.

Win Phillips, UF’s vice president for research, said the federal government requires research involving animals in the testing drugs and other medical breakthroughs that save lives. He said it was unfair to target students involved in “work that’s legal and approved by this country.” Phillips suggested activists instead focus on trying to change the law.

“That’s the American way,” he said.

The Negotiation is Over website describes the “bounties” being placed on biomedical students as a way to make them “understand that making the wrong choice will result in a lifetime of grief.

“Aspiring scientists envision curing cancer at the Mayo Clinic. We need to impart a new vision: car bombs, 24/7 security cameras, embarrassing home demonstrations, threats, injuries, and fear,” the website reads. “And, of course, these students need to realize that any personal risk they are willing to assume will also be visited upon their parents, children, and nearest & dearest loved ones. The time to reconsider is now.”

Derek Jacobs, a graduate research assistant in molecular genetics at UF, said animal research is done in a responsible, controlled way at UF under a committee that ensures federal law is followed. He said the campaign’s tactics were “outrageous” and that they could incite others to commit violence against students.

“It’s a call to arms in my opinion” he said.

Negotiation is Over previously put the addresses and phone numbers of UF faculty researchers on its website over claims that they conduct experiments on animals. After Grossman and fellow activists Camille Marino distributed fliers at the campus fundraiser in December, they were asked to leave and issued trespass warnings barring them from UF for three years.

Grossman was previously arrested for trespassing and resisting an officer without violence on Sept. 11 at the Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville. She completed a deferred prosecution agreement by paying a $50 fine, completing 12 hours of community service and not breaking the law for six months — a period that ended June 9.

On the day of her arrest, Dove World Pastor Terry Jones had planned a Koran burning that received international attention. Grossman was arrested trying to appear in media coverage with a sign that featured the scripture verse Ephesians 2:19. She said she was trying to show that Jones was preaching hate that didn’t represent the beliefs of other Christians.

“I wanted to make sure that he was not being seen as representing all Christians,” she said.

She made a distinction between Jones’ rhetoric and the language used on the Negotiation is Over website. She said the group is not responsible if someone commits acts of violence but is simply providing information of the consequences of animal research for students to take into account.

Decades of dialogue has not been able to stop such experiments, she said.

“There’s never a year when less animals die in research. … That’s why the time for civil discourse has expired,” she said.

Security Advisory

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

TO: AMP Academic, Security and Law Enforcement Contacts

As many of you have heard by now, a few academic institutions in New York City, Florida and Michigan were leafleted over the weekend by a very small, militant animal rights group, Negotiation is Over (NIO). The leaflets sought information and contact details about “biomed students.” A copy is appended below.

This is believed to be the next phase in an NIO campaign to which we alerted the academic community in April. (To receive a copy of our 4-page advisory and guidance, email AMP.)

We at AMP have been tracking NIO for the past two years, and at times have been on the receiving end of its vile tactics. We are sharing what we know of NIO with institutions directly targeted, and with law enforcement.

The resources of NIO are extremely limited, thus we believe that students most likely to be targeted are attending institutions where NIO has activists: Florida, New York and Michigan. However, independent activists in other locales may choose to adopt the tactic, so all institutions should stay alert especially as the fall semester begins, follow our guidelines as per our April advisory, and report any suspicious activity to their local Joint Terrorism Task Force immediately.

We would advise AGAINST visiting the NIO website – already the group’s leader has posted comments expressing delight that the site is getting so many views. For her, publicity is oxygen. Let’s not give more to her. If you need to see a sample of recent posts about the student targeting tactics, again, contact us at AMP.

Please feel free to a/forward this information to colleagues who need to know about this heinous campaign, and b/contact us with any questions, concerns or comments. We’re here to help.

All best,

Jacquie Calnan, MPA

President, Americans for Medical Progress

simply click this image for printable flyers that may distributed at your university

Thank you to all students/faculty members that have forwarded to us the “warnings,” “procedures,” and “alerts” being issued in your universities to deal with activist “threats” thus far. We especially want notes from the private faculty meetings that have been scheduled.

We guarantee your anonymity and that nothing reported will be published without your express permission to the contrary. Your information from behind enemy lines is invaluable in advancing our agenda.

Our PGP key is available HERE.

On July 8 & 9, 2011, NIO activists in New York and Florida began to place bounties on the heads of biomed students & aspiring animal torturers. Our infiltrations were coordinated with several orientation events and festivities. Since NIO FL is banned from UF, some of us choose to not reveal ourselves in disguise nor will we reveal the identities of any of our comrades in other states. Just know, the war has begun. We infiltrated every university area from where we were banned. We went to bus stops, christian reading rooms, taco bell, and various student hangouts. In Florida, we even gave the “reward” flyers to biomed students coming out of their torture sessions. The extremists have arrived…


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