Month: July 2011

Negotiation is Over - Florida

A Student’s Questions

A student wrote to NIO to express his/her concerns about our campaign geared toward dissuading students from considering entering fields that involve animal torture. In the following exchange, Lisa Grossman responds and dispels several misconceptions: Student “Why not target the institution? Thats what I dont understand about your campaign… I know people just trying to…
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AMP’s Official Advice to deal with activists: “there is little one can do”

In response to a recent Security Advisory about NIO issued by the AMP, several students responded seeking guidance on how to deal with animal rights activists on campus. Here is the form letter they received: From: Jacquie Calnan – Americans for Medical Progress [] Dear ______, I can understand how such protests may be upsetting…
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UF calls for precautions against animal activists

by Nathan Crabbe (Gainesville Sun) University of Florida Health Science Center employees are being warned to take precautions in light of the actions of animal rights activists. As I reported last week, the animal rights group Negotiation is Over has been distributing fliers on the UF campus offering cash rewards for personal information about students…
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What UF calls “research” is actually “torture”

by Erin Jester (Independent Alligator) A member of the extremist animal rights group Negotiation is Over may face criminal charges for violating a trespass order by distributing fliers on campus offering $100 for personal information about UF researchers who use animals in experiments. UF police confirmed that Lisa Grossman, 50, of Jacksonville, entered the Cancer…
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UF Security Alert: If you see an NIO extremist, call police immediately

The following email was received by NIO early this morning and we have just been given the express permission of our embedded colleague, Dr. X, to publish this portion of his/her commentary: “… [UF] has never encountered such a threat of public exposure as the NIO activists currently present… Dr. Guzick’s directive to ‘avoid contact…
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Activist asks students to snitch on researchers, may face trespass charge

by Nathan Crabbe (Gainesville Sun) An animal rights activist may face a criminal charge after University of Florida police alleged she violated a trespass warning to distribute fliers on campus offering a $100 reward for personal information about students who experiment on animals. Lisa Ann Grossman, 50, of Jacksonville, was issued the warning in December…
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AMP Issues Security Alert: If you see NIO, call the Joint Terrorism Task Force immediately!

Security Advisory Wednesday, July 13, 2011 TO: AMP Academic, Security and Law Enforcement Contacts As many of you have heard by now, a few academic institutions in New York City, Florida and Michigan were leafleted over the weekend by a very small, militant animal rights group, Negotiation is Over (NIO). The leaflets sought information and…
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Special thanks to our comrades embedded in enemy camps

Thank you to all students/faculty members that have forwarded to us the “warnings,” “procedures,” and “alerts” being issued in your universities to deal with activist “threats” thus far. We especially want notes from the private faculty meetings that have been scheduled. We guarantee your anonymity and that nothing reported will be published without your express…
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Vivisection Students: Welcome to your new curriculum!

On July 8 & 9, 2011, NIO activists in New York and Florida began to place bounties on the heads of biomed students & aspiring animal torturers. Our infiltrations were coordinated with several orientation events and festivities. Since NIO FL is banned from UF, some of us choose to not reveal ourselves in disguise nor…
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