Month: June 2011

Negotiation is Over - Florida

The beginning of the end of vivisection… donate NOW!


Tactics, Strategies & Approaches for Back-to-School

Following is an outline that will be addressed at “Session 1” on Saturday. In our continuing efforts to organize ourselves, we strongly advise all NIO activists engaged in the War on Students to familiarize yourselves with our training tools and ideas for practical implementation of this campaign. We welcome questions and ideas and, we hope,…
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Bounties by NIO

Invitation to Session I: Organizing a Back-to-School Assault

As long as animal torture is considered higher education, animal rights extremists are taking our place in their curriculum! Session I: Organizing a Back-to-School Assault was cancelled last Saturday due to technical difficulties and is now rescheduled for Saturday, June 11. Please check HERE for your local time. As only 24 people are able to…
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Have you chosen a university to target for back-to-school yet?

Due to technical difficulties, Session I: Organizing for the War on Vivisection Students was cancelled on Saturday, June 4. It is being rescheduled for this coming Saturday, June 11 at 5 pm EST. We will, therefore, be making training materials available throughout the coming week which will serve as our uniform tools to go into…
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Sat, June 4: War on Vivisection Students – Session I

by NIO Florida The War on Vivisection Students (WOS) is underway. It’s time to COMPLETELY subvert, disrupt, and, eventually, ELIMINATE! vivisection training in universities!!! Animal torture will not be tolerated because they classify it as “higher ed.” Remember, together we can smash the foundations that will force the vivisection complex to implode. We need YOU!…
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