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Negotiation is Over - Florida

An Open Letter to Harvey Levin/TMZ Regarding Janine Sikes

Janine Sikes Public Relations Director, UF

Dear Harvey Levin:

We’ve been watching the celebrity scandal unfold with the University of Florida Director of Public Relations, Janine Sikes, and we could not be more amused by her stellar display of national buffoonery… wait, no, actually we could be more amused… that’s why we’re writing to you… We’d like share our gossip where we know it will be appreciated! 😀

Allow us first to introduce ourselves. We are NIO Florida and we are “animal right extremists.” We need to get this out of the way because that word “extremists” is generally tossed around to discredit activists. However, we are extremely opposed to rape, we are extremely opposed to child slavery, we are extremely opposed to any number of things, among them, we are EXTREMELY opposed to animal abuse. So we are proud and admitted extremists. read more

UF Drowned Horse In Accordance with IACUC Strict Animal Torture Guidelines

Posted by EquiMed

The University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine Large Animal Technical Rescue Team was conducting training exercises designed for water rescue.

University spokeswoman Janine Sikes said the horse was owned by the team leader, UF veterinary college administrator John Haven.

“It is a heartbreaking accident and it occurred only moments after successfully demonstrating the same training with a different horse,” Sikes said.

The team was created to help save horses, livestock and other large animals in crisis situations. It also trains veterinarians and other emergency responders on moving injured animals and rescuing large animals in water and other emergencies. read more

Friday the 13th: Demo Held to Honor Horse Murdered by UF

by NIO Florida

In response to yet another torture and murder session at the University of Florida, NIO members took to the streets to shed light on their atrocities that have remained hidden from the people of Gainesville for far too long. Add the Paynes Prairie bison killings, and it’s beginning to look like UF is poisoning the whole city. A new addition to our protests is the “schedule of rewards” offered to any person who provides NIO with pictures or videos of the horrific animal abuse that is the normal curriculum inside UF. read more

$5,000 REWARD for videotape of Marco Salemi’s Monkey Torture Sessions at UF

All of our new flyers will contain our new “Schedule of Rewards” printed below

"Giant Salemi" accompanied NIO Florida as we leafleted Mercenary Marco's neighbors door-to-door in Gainesville.

by NIO Florida

Students and teachers need money. And we need concrete evidence of the murder and crimes taking place inside the University of Florida. So we are proposing a mutually beneficial relationship.

We want animal abusers to live in fear — not of activists or the ALF…. IT’S TIME TO START LIVING IN FEAR OF YOUR ACCOMPLICES.

You know how the Hillside Stranglers were caught? Kenny Bianchi got himself and his cousin Angelo Bueno lifetime reservations in Maximum Security. read more

Insider describes how “panic intensified” as UF drowned horse to death

harnesses used to raise horses in the air with a crane and submerge them under water in river

by Camille Marino

Outrage surrounding the recent death of a horse that died during a torture session at the University of Florida on April 29 has prompted an insider who witnessed the horror to contact NIO. Our source tells us that during this particular “training exercise,” the horse was lowered into Lake Wauberg and, as his body was submerged, “his panic intensified as he began to drown.” The training is designed to teach rescuers how to approach horses that are struggling and fighting for their life. “They must contain the animal despite its panic and fear to rescue it successfully.” The source went on to say that, having witnessed the torture sessions of many different species at the Veterinary School at the University of Florida, “the people inflicting the stress and pain on the animals, in this case a horse, have clearly developed a callousness and disregard for the animals’ suffering. Their only concern is their careers and reputations.” read more

Horse accidentally dies while being waterboarded at the University of Florida

How many freaking horses has anyone ever seen swimming in their lifetime? These people need to be stopped!

Janine Sikes - UF's Professional Animal Torture Apologist

by Nathan Crabbe (Gainesville Sun)

A horse died recently during a training exercise for a University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine team created to save large animals in emergency situations.

The horse drowned April 29 at Lake Wauburg during a water-rescue training exercise conducted by the UF Large Animal Technical Rescue Team, university spokeswoman Janine Sikes said Thursday. She said the horse was owned by the team leader, UF veterinary college administrator John Haven. read more

NIO Florida Visits Kindergarten for Vivisectors… and they PANICKED!

What does an abuser do when confronted with the truth? Dial 9-1-1 of course!

click to download & print flyer

On Tuesday evening, May 2, Santa Fe Community College (SFCC) in Gainesville held a biotech event for students looking toward further education and future careers as, among other things, biomed students, animal lab technicians, or those who simply maintain the torture apparatus in laboratories. NIO Florida was pleased to have all of these potential abusers in one venue.

This was Kindergarten for Vivisectors!

Upon graduation from their two-year college, many of these individuals will compose the new crop of animal-abusing juniors at the University of Florida in the fall as well as become participants in SFCC’s new 4-year laboratory sciences program scheduled to open in Progress Park. We need to note that we took pictures of students and vivisectors entering the event for identification purposes and reference material in the future. All images were captured in public where, according to the Supreme Court, no one is afforded a right to privacy. These pictures will only be published in the fall if the students make an incorrect decision to pursue careers as professional animal torturers. read more


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