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Negotiation is Over - Florida

NIO Florida Invites You to Threaten Vivisection Students….

with the Truth!!!

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They call us terrorists. They say our stock-in-trade is threats & intimidation…

We say, why fight it?. Let’s own it. Let’s re-frame their own delusional rhetoric and get to work.

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NIO Florida is encouraging an all-out war to Threaten Students With the Truth. If this intimidates the enemy, if this constitutes terrorism, then sign us up….

May 2 – May 6, 2011 (Round One)

The War on Vivisection Students is commencing at universities around the country next week and, as requested, we are publishing our initial leaflets to be used freely by every single activist going into universities to intercept the enemy’s indoctrination program before it’s too late… read more

Critical Animal Studies Presentation at Brock University: NIO Florida’s Campaign at UF

The following presentation in Critical Animal Studies (CAS) was given by Ian Purdy at Brock University on April 20, 2011. The presentation prompted a lively discussion about tactics, strategies, creative activism and the need for activists to adapt their approach as is warranted by the enemy target and the environment. Ian is working toward his Master’s Degree in CAS.


This evening I’d like to share details of a very creative anti-vivisection campaign going on at the UF.

I. Background

The University of Florida (UF) and vivisection

UF, located in Gainesville, is one of the largest research universities in the U.S. It was awarded $574 million in research expenditures in 2009.[1] Numbers aren’t available yet for 2010. A portion of this research money goes to animal experimentation, of course. The estimated tens of thousands of animals used at UF  include dogs, cats, horses, sheep, cows, alligators, rabbits, birds, rats, mice, fish. There are also at least 33 primates, some of whom are macaque and capuchin monkeys.[2]

UF made the list of Stop Animal Exploitation Now! (SAEN)’s top lethal labs of 2010. It was number 3 on a list of 20 labs that have killed animals through negligence and have been cited for violating the Animal Welfare Act (AWA) (an act federally-regulated protocols) by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). The animals were 1 rabbit 6 rats; the cause of death was broken back and being boiled alive.[3]

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[2] (animals used:
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The ongoing anti-vivisection campaign

Being run by Negotiation is Over Florida. Uncompromising position statement:

“We unequivocally oppose any and all research conducted upon animals. They exist to enjoy their own lives. Animals are not a resource to be used by humans.”

They also have a uncompromising definition of vivisection:

“The practice of experimenting on living animals to garner money and professional accolades.”

In terms of inception

The campaign began in Sept. 2010. The decision to target UF was made after a lecture was given by a member Stop Animal Exploitation Now! (SAEN) which covered some of the experiments that were going on at UF, among them brain mapping in monkeys, and covered the deaths of several animals from neglect. (More on brain mapping later.)

[Saen is a signatory of the newly formed Canadian Coalition Against Animal Research and Experimentation (CCAARE).]

In terms of laying the foundation

NIO Fla started researching the goings on in the labs at UF using the National Institute of Health (NIH) database. The NIH reveals the amounts of U.S. federal dollars being funneled into universities and for which experiments they are to be used. However, as the activists have discovered, what the NIH grant is supposed to be earmarked for and what it is actually used for may be two different things entirely.

Finally, after identifying specific UF vivisectors, NIO Fla turned to PubMed to determine the extent and nature of their research. For example, activists were able to determine that Mingzhou Ding had authored 781 articles dating from 1975 in which he’d used every animal from rodents to non-human primates in his research experiments.

II. Approaches

Exposing the Experimenters & the Suffering

NIO Fla was guided by the premise that animal experimentation depends on a solid wall of secrecy that the public can’t penetrate to flourish. Public exposure is what experimenters fear most.

Therefore, exposing individual experimenters and the details of their work was a central tenet of their campaign.

There are other reasons for focusing on individuals, however:

  • First, the vivisection complex so too big to tackle as a whole; concentrating on specific individuals makes it manangeable.
  • Secondly, activists wanted to isolate vivisectors who used monkeys. The focus on monkeys was strategic: both in terms of engaging public support for the campaign, but also because ending the use of monkeys in research was deemed “winnable” strategy.

This played on initiatives like The Great Apes Project, which has garnered a lot of support in its bid to grant legal personhood to chimpanzees & bonobos.

Vivisectors are clearly aware of public sentiment on this issue, and frequently stress that most animal experimentation is done using the more socially devalued rats & mice.

Thus the activists chose to focus on:

Marco Salemi

Marco Salemi, a Medical Pathologist. They publicized that he used $700,000 in tax-payer funded grants to sicken dozens of macaque monkeys with neuroAIDS, a designer-strain of the AIDS virus that causes damage to the organs. His claim to fame is driving primates insane by inducing dementia.

Mingzhou Ding

Mingzhou Ding, a Neuroscientist who was bringing in $260,000 a year to do so called “brain mapping” experiments on primates.

Report Details Primate Torture at Alpha Genesis (where UF buys their monkeys)

by Masha Hargreaves

Although Alpha Genesis boasts of providing the most physically and psychologically healthy primates on the market, medical records and necropsy reports paint a different picture. Chronic stress has a profound effect on the physical and psychological health of captive primates and the monkeys at Alpha Genisis demonstrate many stress related disorders.

Hundreds of monkeys at the facility are reported to have hair loss due to over grooming, a stereotypic behavior generally caused by stress. Colitis and enteritis, also common stress indicators, account for over 30 deaths reported in 2009-2010. These chronic inflammations of the GI tract cause diarrhea, poor weight gain and muscle wasting. The health effects of long term stress not only degrade the health of these animals, they also waste valuable research dollars by interfering with experimental results. read more

UF’s Silver Society welcomes the class of 1985….and NIO Florida!

Camille: Did you remember to bring that list of attendees?L
isa: Yes….it’s 24×36, lol!

“Welcome to NIO, you’ve made our list of murderers!”

Simulposted with Negotiation Is Over Every year UF’s Silver Society recognizes the 25th reunion of alumni. As we work to stop the flow of money into UF, this demographic is very important in that lumni drive finance and drive policy in universities. As we know, the less money UF gets the fewer primates they can torture. NIO Florida is committed to removing as many tools of oppression as possible from the hands of UF’s mutilators and closing their heinous prison camps…until every cage is empty and all are free. As the attendees arrived they were led down a carpet by a gauntlet of revelers then through a balloon arch while being cheered on for the college they graduated from. NIO met them from many angles showing vivisection pics and telling them when they write a check, this is what they are approving. Some arriving attendees tried to walk around us, others laughed, still others tried to not look as they huddled closer to each other! NIO will again be in full force when bio-students – apprentice vivisectors – arrive for the new fall semester. read more


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