Month: April 2011

Negotiation is Over - Florida

NIO Florida Invites You to Threaten Vivisection Students….

with the Truth!!! They call us terrorists. They say our stock-in-trade is threats & intimidation… We say, why fight it?. Let’s own it. Let’s re-frame their own delusional rhetoric and get to work. click image to download & print flyer 2 NIO Florida is encouraging an all-out war to Threaten Students With the Truth. If…
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Critical Animal Studies Presentation at Brock University: NIO Florida’s Campaign at UF

The following presentation in Critical Animal Studies (CAS) was given by Ian Purdy at Brock University on April 20, 2011. The presentation prompted a lively discussion about tactics, strategies, creative activism and the need for activists to adapt their approach as is warranted by the enemy target and the environment. Ian is working toward his…
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Report Details Primate Torture at Alpha Genesis (where UF buys their monkeys)

by Masha Hargreaves Although Alpha Genesis boasts of providing the most physically and psychologically healthy primates on the market, medical records and necropsy reports paint a different picture. Chronic stress has a profound effect on the physical and psychological health of captive primates and the monkeys at Alpha Genisis demonstrate many stress related disorders. Hundreds…
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UF’s Silver Society welcomes the class of 1985….and NIO Florida!

Camille: Did you remember to bring that list of attendees?L isa: Yes….it’s 24×36, lol! “Welcome to NIO, you’ve made our list of murderers!” Simulposted with Negotiation Is Over Every year UF’s Silver Society recognizes the 25th reunion of alumni. As we work to stop the flow of money into UF, this demographic is very important…
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