Month: March 2011

Negotiation is Over - Florida

April 16: Laboratory Animal Liberation Week – Alpha Genesis & UF War Crimes

Invoices in our possession document the trail of the slave trade from Alpha Genesis in South Carolina where monkeys are sold to sadists and mercenaries at the University of Florida for $21,000 each. This is where the wholesale torture and mutilation of their newly-acquired prisoners begins in nondescript labs on the Gainesville campus.

On April 16, we are kicking off Laboratory Animal Liberation Week with a demo at Alpha Genesis where activists will publicly find UF guilty of war crimes at ground zero in the holocaust they preside over. read more

Gainesville Crowds Sign on to Fight Animal Abuse & Exploitation at Eco Fest

Today we enjoyed meeting throngs of people who were ready and willing to engage and take a stand.


Many signed on with the COAV to address abuses surrounding NIH funding at UF.

Others are fighting for the Paynes Prairie residents who are about to be ripped from the home into which they were born to be slaughtered and sold as bison burgers.

And many children took specially-designed flyers to distribute among their classmates. This information was designed to allow children to color in the pictures of issues that are important to them, check the boxes next to five simple statements designed to give them a voice, and mail their finished work to their representatives. read more

Eco-Fest 2011: Educating the Community About Vivisection & Tax Abuses at UF

Tomorrow, Saturday, March 19, in Gainesville we’ll have a table at the Eco Fest in Bo Diddley Plaza to educate the crowds about our two major campaigns.

We have volunteers scheduled to discuss taxpayer abuses and vivisection atrocities at UF as well as the proposed sale and slaughter of prairie animals throughout the day, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

According to event organizers:

“Things are going great. We are very excited and keep getting calls for more participants. We have an ad and an article coming out in the Scene Magazine tomorrow; plus an ad in the Saturday Gainesville Sun. Ads are also running in Williston, Cedar Key, Ocala, St. Augustine, and Lake City papers.” read more

COAV Demands a Moritorium on NIH Funding at UF Pending Comprehensive Audit

With campaigning for the 2012 elections beginning in earnest this summer, it’s time to introduce a new tactic to anti-viv campaigning.

We believe we’ve laid a solid and cohesive foundation upon which to hold our elected officials responsible for the systemic abuses inherent in NIH funding protocols. We intend to identify every politician who fails to champion taxpayer interests, publicly “name & shame” them, and hold them accountable.

The Florida legislature is currently in session through May 6 and the Coalition of American Voters (COAV) will engage each elected official on issues surrounding taxpayer exploitation. read more


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