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Negotiation is Over - Florida

Emerson Alumni Hall Demo – Feb. 18, 2011

February 18, 2011 (7 – 9 p.m.) –  Police and guards ushered UF’s alumni from their chartered buses into the safety of Emerson Alumni Hall to avoid the loud demonstration NIO Florida staged outside their “biggest event of the year.”

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“While the alumni party, animals die!

Stop the torture now!”

NIO Florida Welcomes UF’s Benefactors as They Register at Cabot Lodge for “Biggest Event of the Year”

Click Image to Open Envelopes

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Guests register at UF's table in the Cabot Lodge and then walk toward us so we can welcome them from either side of the lobby

Valentine’s Day Action Alert: Reach Out & Touch a Vivisector

On Valentine’s Day, we are obliged to remember all those who’ve earned a special place in our hearts…

by Just Us

Below is the contact information for four individuals who make their living mutilating, torturing, and murdering primates. They each get hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayer-funded federal grants to carry out their atrocities. This is your tax money. They need to hear your voice. Please make as many calls as possible to the phone numbers that follow. In addition, if you click on the above picture, you can print out this lovely Valentine’s Day greeting and fax it to each vivisector… over and over and over again…. all day long! read more

Friday, February 18: Protest at UF’s “most attended event of the year”

Where: Corner of West University and NW 20th Street Gainesville, FL

When: Friday night (2/18) –  7pm to 9pm

For  complete information & to RSVP, please click HERE.

On this evening, UF will be hosting a Key West party where revelers will gather for a weekend of showing off UF to potential donors, alumni, parents, etc. As the cocktails flow, the nonhuman victims who’ve succumbed to cruel and barbaric experiments at the hands of UF’s professional sadists will be languishing in torment and misery only buildings away. Apparently this weekend is UF’s “most attended event of the year” and these p…articular people are responsible for fueling the atrocities with very large amounts of money. read more

Send a Valentine’s Day Greeting to Monkey Murderer Marco Salemi

Marco Salemi
2721 NW 10th Court
Apartment 2
Gainesville, FL 32606-5161

This is Marco Salemi. He collects $700,000+ in federal grants annually to torture and murder monkeys in laboratories at the University of Florida.

Please send him an appropriate Bloody Valentine’s Day greeting to express how you feel about his barbarism!




A Valentine should be special- something he could share with his friends…all of them! So Lovely Valentine cards to the office first of all. Then faxes to his office and the main Pathology office. And if you just want to send him an email card you can personalize, go to read more

University of Fraud… professor arrested…

Originally Posted by the Independent Florida Alligator

A UF professor was arrested Jan. 27 by University Police on charges of funding trips to Malaysia on a UF credit card as far back as 2008, according to the police report.

Dov Borovsky, 67, worked in the Florida Medical Entomology Lab in Vero Beach, a division of the UF Institute of Food and Agricultural Science.

According to the UPD report, Borovsky used his university card to pay for three separate trips to Malaysia for a total of $7,071.28 over the course of two years. read more

Janine Sikes: UF’s Vivisection Mascot is Still Silent, but She’s Gotten a Makeover

Janine Sikes - UF Public Relations Director

since she let it slip that UF abuses federal grants, that Dr Ding defrauds the govt, and they withhold public information

they now make her sport this buffoonish muzzle

Agatha Maksymiak <> (Add as Preferred Sender)
Date: Thu, Feb 03, 2011 10:23 pm To: Cc: Camille Marino <>

Dear Ms. Sikes,

I write this evening irritated with your avoidance of my correspondence. I have now contacted you a number of times by email and have yet to receive any response or even basic acknowledgment. I have not been successful with getting into telephone communication with you and members of your department, if not yourself, have hung up on me numerous times. read more

Gainesville Sun: Abuse of Federal Grant Money, Fraud, and Ethical Misconduct at UF

by Roka Xombie (Gainesville Sun – Comment 10)

Mr. Crabbe,

I thought journalists were objective. Has your former colleague and friend — UF vivisection shill Janine Sikes — recruited you to employ the SUN as an auxiliary propaganda network? Please be advised that Sikes is guilty of ethical misconduct and facilitating fraudulent federal awards. In case you’re still unclear:

  • Dr. Minzhou Ding is a researcher who received $260,000 in 2009 to murder monkeys after sawing of their skulls and mutilating their brains.
  • But as Ms. Sikes said in your column as well as various media, Ding had nothing to do with these experiments. They were done in NY. And your friend is quoted in several places saying Ding was a disinterested befuddled nerdy professor only accessing “public information.”
  • Yet, in 2010, Ding applied for and received another $260,000 for the exact experiment for which they deny he is involved. I was fooled by the fact that he is the Principal Investigator and assumed that meant was a researcher. But now that I know he is once again applying for money for experiments that are done in New York and that he only uses public information, I understand that he is not a scientist, but a criminal who defrauds the government to pocket our tax money.

Do you not think this is newsworthy, Mr. Crabbe?

One sadistic experiment to which monkeys were subjected in New York is responsible for 2 grants, or over $500,000, that inexplicably went to UF. read more


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