Month: February 2011

Negotiation is Over - Florida

Emerson Alumni Hall Demo – Feb. 18, 2011

February 18, 2011 (7 – 9 p.m.) –  Police and guards ushered UF’s alumni from their chartered buses into the safety of Emerson Alumni Hall to avoid the loud demonstration NIO Florida staged outside their “biggest event of the year.” Simulposted with Negotiation Is Over [youtube]KvuEEtGYrHo[/youtube] “While the alumni party, animals die! Stop the torture…
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Valentine’s Day Action Alert: Reach Out & Touch a Vivisector

On Valentine’s Day, we are obliged to remember all those who’ve earned a special place in our hearts… by Just Us Below is the contact information for four individuals who make their living mutilating, torturing, and murdering primates. They each get hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayer-funded federal grants to carry out their atrocities.…
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Friday, February 18: Protest at UF’s “most attended event of the year”

Where: Corner of West University and NW 20th Street Gainesville, FL When: Friday night (2/18) –  7pm to 9pm For  complete information & to RSVP, please click HERE. On this evening, UF will be hosting a Key West party where revelers will gather for a weekend of showing off UF to potential donors, alumni, parents,…
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Gainesville Sun: Abuse of Federal Grant Money, Fraud, and Ethical Misconduct at UF

by Roka Xombie (Gainesville Sun – Comment 10) Mr. Crabbe, I thought journalists were objective. Has your former colleague and friend — UF vivisection shill Janine Sikes — recruited you to employ the SUN as an auxiliary propaganda network? Please be advised that Sikes is guilty of ethical misconduct and facilitating fraudulent federal awards. In…
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