Month: January 2011

Negotiation is Over - Florida

NIO Welcomes Gators Clubs Leaders

Gators Clubs from all over the country began gathering early this morning at Emerson Hall where each representative received literature to take back with them. Informational packets may be viewed HERE. Members of NIO Florida will be greeting them throughout the day leading up to a grand finale demo planned for this evening’s festivities. Some…
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UF: The Ethics of Deception, Lies, and, quite posssibly, Criminal Activity

Subject: University of Florida: The Ethics of Deception, Lies, and, quite possibly, Criminal Activity From: “Camille Marino” <> (Add as Preferred Sender) Date: Tue, Jan 18, 2011 12:16 am To: “Janine Sikes” <> Cc: “Bernie Machen” <>, “Chris Machen” <>, “Board of Governors of the State University System ” <>, “Lisa Grossman” <>,,,…
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Mingzhou Ding: Is he complicit in animal torture or tax fraud?

Subject: PI: Dr. Ding – Project Number: R01MH079388-04: $259,528 (FY 2010) From: “Camille Marino” <> (Add as Preferred Sender) Date: Sat, Jan 15, 2011 4:55 pm To: “Janine Sikes” <> Cc: “Lisa Grossman” <>,, Janine SikesDirector of Public Affairs University RelationsUniversity of Florida101 Tigert HallOffice: 352-846-3903/06Cell: 352-214-6807email: jysikes@UFL.EDU Dear Ms. Sikes: I am…
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The Spirit of Der Fuhrer & Dr. Mengele are Alive & Well at UF

There are hundreds of thousands of federal dollars being funneled into UF for primate-related research, much of which will be discussed in the future. Looking only at the irrefutable public information that demonstrates invasive and horrific experimentation on primates currently underway, one is left to wonder exactly what else is going on behind the walls…
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UF Denies Public Information Request

by Camille Marino In accordance with Florida state “sunshine laws,” on October 22, I submitted a public information request to the University of Florida concerning 33 nonhuman primates imprisoned in their labs. They responded with a breakdown of the records and costs involved and payment was promptly remitted. Nearly two months after this exercise began,…
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