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DANB & Future Collaboration with the University of Florida

“Camille Marino” <> (Add as Preferred Sender)
Date: Sun, Dec 19, 2010 8:25 pm
To: “Sally McDonell – Office Mgr, Dance Alive National Ballet” <>, “Dara Schmoyer, Siegel Artistic Management” <>, “Jennifer Morris, Siegel Artistic Management” <>, “Liz Silverstein, Siegel Artistic Management” <>

I am the founder of NIO Florida, a group of grassroots activists who are dedicated to exposing the horrific animal abuse and taxpayer fraud of which the University of Florida is guilty by virtue of their torture-research business.

Over the past month, our members tried to contact DANB several times and were repeatedly told that your ballet company was not involved with the “Chocolate & Champagne Gala” held on UF’s campus last evening. Oddly enough, I was told repeatedly last night that the festivities were to benefit DANB and not UF. Irrespective of your motivations for evading this issue, please understand that, by holding any cultural event or celebration on their property, you are responsible for supporting their crimes.

Last night’s disruption of your gala was minor.

At this point, I must strongly urge you to re-consider your association with UF and begin looking toward a new venue for next year’s traditional event. We hope that we will not need to protest your performances and events wherever they may be held. And, certainly, any further celebrations held on UF’s campus would likely be less-than-festive for your patrons.

I hope that you will consider severing your association with the University of Florida.

Thank you for your consideration and attention to this matter.

I look forward to your response.


Camille Marino
NIO Florida

Simulposted with Negotiation Is Over!

by NIO Florida (more pictures and other information HERE)

NIO Florida extends our sincere appreciation to the University of Florida for hiring all of the extra Gainesville police, University police, security guards, and assorted undercover thugs who helped us disrupt their event last night. But we need to give a special “shout out” to Matthew, the guard who was hired as Marino’s personal chaperon. He was instrumental in piquing the revelers’ curiosity who, otherwise, would have had no clue about what we were doing. Thank you, Matthew. You are now an honorary member of NIO Florida! And thanks to the University as well. We could never have afforded to pay for all the extra intrigue. We look forward to having you fund many more of our disruptions in the future.
Every single guest was “educated” with an elegant little party favor.
Our newest admin, Divine Destiny (Stephanie), led an effective and coordinated demonstration outside UF’s “Chocolate & Champagne” holiday gala while Lisa Grossman & Camille Marino infiltrated the event. Although we have no pictures of the outside action, Stephanie and our comrades intercepted every single guest before Lisa & Camille took over inside.
Two of our escorts

UF was prepared and waiting for us. Lisa and Camille entered the event separately and, just coincidentally, they were the only two guests who were taken aside and searched. We have a sneaking suspicion that they knew who we were… especially since they set up a special table by the stairs that was “Reserved for Lisa Grossman & Camille Marino.” Advised that they could not enter the event with their terroristic paper party favors, the NIO Florida admins went outside and made an obvious showing of passing the contraband off to Stephanie while tearing the lining of Marino’s bag to smuggle half back inside.

Having gained entrance, waitresses dutifully followed Lisa & Camille into the ladies room and thugs glared at them from their posts in the lobby and inside the theater. Simultaneously, the protesters outside sprung into action.

The only uncontaminated food at the smorgasbord of steaming animal carcasses was the asparagus and olives. Marino and another vegan happened to have struck up a conversation over the two palatable veggies which seemed to frighten Matthew. He ran over to intercept the conversation asking the reveler “is everything alright here?” Marino walked away laughing. Seeming to tire of following her around the room, Matthew sat down with Lisa and Camille and asked to check their purses again. Lisa dutifully complied and allowed Matthew to shine a light in her bag and remove two or three favors. What were the other guests thinking? His attention then turned to Camille who responded “NO” and, while Lisa slipped away, proceeded to walk around the crowded room wishing everyone “happy holidays” while handing them a scary little sheet of rolled up paper. In a singularly comical turn of events, Matthew followed her around the room, frantically grabbing the scrolls out of the hands of the guests who had already received one upon entering the building. But we suspect everyone was far more curious about the information that the agents of repression were desperately trying to censor.

Camille is banned from UF property. Both the university police officer and she appear amused.
Matthew scolded Camille for her “inappropriate behavior” and, fortunately, as the music stopped, the guests only heard her retort that the inappropriate behavior was on the part of UF who was imprisoning and torturing animals only yards away. She then invited him to subdue her in the middle of the dance floor and drag her out. He didn’t like that option so Marino continued passing out favors, Matthew followed her retrieving them, and, finally, the police and undercover thugs converged — around 6 or 7 of them we think (we’re not sure) — and escorted Marino outside. While she was being trespassed and banned from the University, Lisa re-entered the affair and, with skill and ease, continued where Camille had left off, making her way around the room, smiling and wishing everyone “happy holidays,” and passing out party favors. Eventually, the repressive forces realized that they had lost track of Lisa and returned to escort her out of the event.
Lisa being banned from UF property.

As of last night, they were both banned from the campus and all UF property. Camille is now officially banned from both UCLA & UF. Animal-abusing parasites seem to think that bans, citations, injunctions, and arrests deter us. But the agents of repression only deepen our resolve and militancy. The laws that demand the enslavement and torture of sentient beings also demand our silence and complicity. The sadists fear exposure. We’re here to provide it.

We will demonstrate in the streets, we will infiltrate UF events, we will visit the abusers at their homes and churches, and we will galvanize an outraged community that demands an end to atrocity.

We will never back down until UF stops the killing.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Janine Sikes, Public Relations Director for UF, confirmed to Camille Marino that she was in receipt of $566.64. This was the price Sikes put on Marino’s request to release public information — approximately 1,600 veterinary records from 2009 documenting the torture of 33 nonhuman primates in UF’s laboratories. Through the course of several email exchanges, Sikes revealed that Marino was not paying for public records but, rather, for UF’s counsel to sift through the “public” records to determine what “public” information would be redacted, deleted, or otherwise obscured before it was released into the “public” domain.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

At the close of two weeks, Marino wrote Sikes to inquire about the status of the records. Sikes responded:

“We are working to produce the records you seek. I will contact you when they are ready.”

Given that Florida is one of 15 states with no stipulated time frame in which public agencies are to fulfill their obligations under “sunshine law” legislation, NIO Florida has stipulated our own time frame in which we deem compliance with our demand for public information fair and appropriate.  However, as we approach that date and further action will be required, we see no evidence of compliance on the part of UF.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Lisa Grossman phoned Janine Sikes to follow-up on the status of the records documenting the torture of the 33 primates in 2009:

“I told her somewhere in the call that I was the ‘calm one’ in NIO  Florida but, after 30 days, ‘who knows’ what she might want to expect. Janine is a cooool cucumber and her voice only broke once. I told her that I really didn’t like the way she was prolonging the records being delivered and in 30 days from 11/17, we would be exposing her as complicit in UF hiding the truth about what they spend taxpayer money on. The only time she seemed upset, which was the right time, was when she stopped me to say ‘now wait a minute! Have you read my emails?’ I said ‘yes’ and that none of us like her only reply of ‘I will contact you when they are ready.’ She says, ‘No, I said we are working on it and we are.’ I said ‘well keep working and I hope you don’t embarrass easily’ because we will do a background check on you and expose all that it brings up: divorce, being fired, etc. She snapped ‘well you just do what you have to do!'”

Rest assured, Janine, that while your lawyers are doctoring the records, we are certainly doing what we have to!

Please join Friends of Animals and NIO Florida in a demonstration against experiments on capuchin monkeys, macaques, and other animals at the University of Florida (UF) on Saturday, December 18, 2010 at 7:30 pm.

On this evening, UF will be hosting a holiday gala where revelers will gather for champagne and chocolate at the Curtis M. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts.

Join us to make certain that the specter of tortured lab prisoners is raised for the festivities.

Partygoers will hear all about the secret world of taxpayer-funded animal torture inside UF’s labs. So far in 2010, one of UF’s experimenters has received more than $700,000 to infect monkeys with neuroAIDS, induce dementia, chart their deterioration as their organs shut down, as they become incapacitated, and finally succumb to their designer deaths… let’s not forget that monkeys don’t get AIDS.  Last year alone, UF was awarded over $338 million in public money to abuse the innocent. For more information, see “The Science of Public Deception.”


Date:    Saturday, December 18, 2010
Time:    7:30 p.m.
Place:    Univ. of Florida’s Curtis M. Phillips Center for Performing Arts, 315 Hull Road, Gainesville, FL

For further information or questions about carpooling, call Camille Marino at 352-396-4132.

Please bring a placard, if desired, but signs and props will be provided Thanks for your support.

Priscilla Feral
President, FOA