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Negotiation is Over - Florida

The enemy is us

by Paul Pinfield ~ I’m beset with the desire to express strongly felt beliefs and feelings relating to veganism, Animals, the human condition and life in general, but lacking the infrastructure, I am currently frustrated at not being able to do so, or to counter, or share with others, views on these topics. So, given…
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How Greystoke Commandos liberated baboons from vivisection dungeon

Translated by Armelle Demmerle Thirty-four years ago, a “commando” group named Greystoke, headed by Patrick Sacco, liberated 17 baboons from an animal testing laboratory in Gif-sur-Yvette, France. (The primates then are used for epilepsy research.) Sacco, a professor of mathematics, and his team, observed every movement in those labs for four months. Activists compiled the…
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This Place I Call Home

by Danielle Wolfe This place I call home its cold and darkI’m in these barsNo room to walkI’m covered in scars I’ve never known light as a friendWhen I see it come, the terror beginsAnd it feels like the end

“Animal terrorist” exposes animal torture and corruption inside UF

Camille MarinoJanuary 9, 2019 On February 4, 2012, I was arrested for the first time in my life at a demonstration on the University of Florida campus. Several weeks earlier, I had won my first lawsuit against them, blowing the doors open to the labs inside which they earned hundreds of millions of dollars torturing…
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Animal Lovers Unite! In response to former Lieutenant Gov. Jeff Kottcamp

This OpEd was submitted to Florida News Online on October 4. As it’s unlikely to be published in their forum, I am publishing it here in the hope of reaching voters. -Camille Simulposted with camillemarino.com This opinion is in response to former Lieutenant Governor Jeff Kottcamp’s opinion entitled “Voters Beware! Extreme Animal Rights Groups are…
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Greyhound Abuse: Industry Group Actively Sabotaging Amend 13 in Florida

On November 6, 2018, Florida residents will vote on Amendment 13, which, if passed, will phase out commercial dog racing in Florida by 2020. Over 40 states and territories have already banned greyhound racing . In Florida, Republican senator Tom Lee argues that this is an issue of “humanity,” not economics: “These animals are kept…
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Victory – Eleventh Hour shut down the monkey labs

Camille A. Marino May 2, 2018 As the above image demonstrates, according to the USDA, as of July 2017, there are no monkeys left inside UF’s vivisection labs. This represents the culmination of the forced phasing out of the primate experimentation program put in place in 2013. Since they are still getting NIH funding for…
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Freedom’s Journey: Liberated Pig Takes First Steps into His New Life

In the early morning hours of January 6, 2018, NIO Florida activists liberated a pig who was left out in the freezing cold, locked in a filthy cage with no food & water. We never intended to take off our masks and go public, but we needed to raise money to place him in a…
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Urgent: Directory of Abusers with Addresses, Contact Info, Maps & More

Those who harm their innocent need to be exposed. And the state has provided us with a database that gives us the addresses, maps, contact information, names and addresses of their neighbors, as well as family relations — and it’s all public information. Before the state removes this information, please share it widely so that…
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UF withholding animal experimentation records – Help Eleventh Hour for Animals Sue

Image of a a monkey being tortured inside the University of Florida (awarded by the court on 12/30/11, Camille Marino v. UF) Camille Marino November 21, 2017 Since I got back online four months ago, I filed numerous records requests with the University of Florida — not a single request has been honored and their…
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